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Answers to the most frequent questions

General Questions

  • What is unique about Billi-Bolli?
    Visit the home page to find out what makes Billi-Bolli incomparable and distinguishes us from all other providers.
  • Where can we have a look at your furniture?

    You are welcome to visit us and take a close look at the kids’ furniture in Pastetten (A94 motorway, 20 minutes east of Munich) and also to receive a consultation in person. Please make an appointment before your visit!

    If you live too far away, we can establish contact with customers in your area where you can have a look at our kids’ furniture. We are always glad to provide additional consultation by phone.

  • Can we have a look at your kids’ beds in furniture stores?

    No, we do the consulting and sales for our beds ourselves. We know our beds and their many possibilities best, therefore we can also respond best to your ideas and personal wishes. Aside from that, you have a price advantage through our direct sales.

    If you live too far away, we can establish contact with customers in your area where you can have a look at our kids’ furniture. We are always glad to provide additional consultation by phone.

  • I would like to visit, how do I find Billi-Bolli?

    We are happy to give you Directions. Please make an appointment before your visit.

  • Do you also sell pre-owned loft beds and bunk beds?

    We do not sell pre-owned kids’ furniture ourselves, but we offer a second hand platform where our customers can sell their Billi-Bolli kids’ furniture, see Second Hand. You’ll need a bit of luck because the second hand beds sell quickly.

  • Are you affiliated with the company Gullibo (Gulibo)?

    We are in close, friendly contact with the developer of the Gullibo beds, Mr. Ulrich David. The company Gullibo itself no longer exists. The basic construction of our beds is similar to Gullibo, but they differ in details (e.g. height of the fall guard , screws, slatted bed bases, Bed Drawers, handles are slightly different). Our accessories are therefore not compatible with Gullibo beds.

    On our Second hand page, you can also put up your pre-owned Gullibo bed for resale.

    We offer beams without drillings that are cut according to your specifications if you intend to extend your Gullibo bed. You need to make the necessary drillings.

    Unfortunately, we cannot offer consulting for Gullibo beds.


  • Do you recommend an oil-wax finish or leaving the wood untreated?

    In general, we recommend the oil-wax treatment. The oil-wax we use saturates the wood fibres and prevents dirt from entering. The surface is slightly smoother and any dirt can be easily wiped off with a damp cloth. Those who have time and would like to cut costs can also apply the treatment on their own.

  • What oil-wax do you use?

    For a naturally-oiled bed, we use the oil-wax “Gormos” by the manufacturer Livos. It contains only pollutant-free substances and loses its smell shortly after application. If you opt for a honey colour oil-treatment, we use a product from Leinos.

  • Would you recommend wood with oil-finish for those affected by neurodermatitis?

    We can send you the technical information sheet of the oil-wax we use. The ingredients are listed, so you can discuss them with your doctor and then decide.

  • Which wood is best suited for a colour varnish?

    Beech is the best wood for a colour varnish. In rare cases, small spots of discolouration can occur with pine, even several years later. The resin content of this wood type can cause this. With our water-based paints, discolourations cannot safely be ruled out and this does not constitute a reason for complaint. However, a discoloured spot can be easily painted over if necessary.

  • Are your beds also suitable for children with disabilities?

    Yes, we can customise our beds according to your child’s needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us. Then we can discuss necessary adaptations (such as stronger and/or higher gates, for example).

  • Why is the Billi-Bolli fall guard not continuous in the entry area?

    For safety reasons. An uninterrupted beam in the area of the ladder may look safer, but in our opinion, it is exactly the opposite. The very moment the kids reach the sleeping level, they still have to stoop under the beam. Getting out of the bed is also uncomfortable. You as a parent will also find it difficult to get into the bed, e.g. if you want to visit your child or change the sheets. Therefore, we think an unobstructed entry area is much safer.

    Original quote from a customer on this subject: “What I dislike about the bed from the manufacturer XY is that the beam in the entry area is uninterrupted. Do you know whether or not I can just saw it off? Although I am no expert, I think it’s not really necessary for safety reasons, and your beds do not have such a beam either. I think it’s very impractical (especially for parents who also have to be in the bed frequently…) and rather dangerous.”

    We think so, too. Get the saw out ;-)

    If you still would like an uninterrupted beam in the entry area, you will receive it at no extra charge.

  • What is the spacing between the slats of the slatted bed base?

    The spacing between the bars is 3 cm, making the slatted bed base suitable for any mattress.

  • Is it possible to replace the slatted bed base with a gapless Play Floor?

    Yes, visit Other Options.

  • Is the bed suitable for a water mattress?

    In our beds, you can use lightweight water mattresses of up to 200 kg. We recommend our special floor rather than a slatted bed base as a support surface (€ 125 for mattress widths 80, 90 or 100 cm, € 150 for 120 or 140 cm, oil-waxed + € 30).

  • Can we colour individual accessories ourselves?

    That’s no problem, just order the individual parts without surface treatment.

  • Can the slide also be attached to the Pitched Roof Bed?

    Yes, that’s also possible.

  • Do you accommodate special requests?

    Most of our customer requests are already met by our large variety of available default options. Drilling additional holes (e.g. to mount a helm to the short side) is no problem. If you have any additional special requests, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are happy to discuss the feasibility with you.

  • I found similar beds cheaper elsewhere. Why should I spend more on your furniture?

    The children's furniture from other manufacturers is similar to ours only at first glance. However, they differ greatly in the details. For example, our cots are second to none in terms of safety and high fall protection. Many of our models have been awarded the GS seal (tested safety) by TÜV Süd. See Safety and Spacings for details.

    But there are many other differences, e.g. in terms of stability, versatility and sustainability in our children's furniture. With our workshop in Germany, we also support local jobs. Also our beds have a very high resale value. And and and ... – visit the home page to find out what makes Billi-Bolli incomparable and distinguishes us from all other providers.


  • How can I order?

    You can either order online by placing the desired products in the shopping cart via the corresponding button on the product pages. Or you can send us your order by e-mail.

    We are also happy to put together an individual offer if you give us your ideas without obligation. Just give us a call: 📞 +49 8124 / 907 888 0

  • Why is the thickness of our skirting board important for the order?

    Please visit Safety and Spacings.

  • Do we get a discount if we order multiple beds or if our friends order a bed as well?

    If you order more than one bed or if you order together with friends, you receive the following discounts: 3 % for 2 beds or 5 % for 3 beds. Ordering multiple bed types and choosing multiple delivery addresses is possible. The desired delivery dates can also be up to 6 months apart. Simply specify the names and places of residence of the other buyers.

  • Do you offer money-saving deals?

    We know that bargain hunting is very popular. Every season has its own discount period, there are winter savings, spring discounts etc. and they always follow the same approach: “If you order before …, …”. With a little reflection, however, one discovers that companies can only afford permanent bargains if they pre-planned them in advance. We think it’s fairer to skip misleading “Super Savings Offers” and to make family-friendly prices available at all times instead. According to our customers, we rate very well in the real comparison between quality and price – even without special bargains…

    We still do offer a few options to save:

    • When paying via prepayment, you receive a 2 % discount.

    • If you order more than one bed or if you order together with friends, you receive the following discounts: 3 % for 2 beds or 5 % for 3 beds. The desired delivery dates can be several months apart.

    • When you don’t need your Billi-Bolli bed anymore, after many years of extensive use, you can put it up for sale at no charge on our Secondhand Page. If you then subtract the proceeds from the original purchasing price, you have spent surprisingly little money overall.

    Resale value / asking price recommendation for Billi-Bolli Beds

  • Should we order the parts for conversion right away if we wish to expand the bed at a later time?

    This is not necessary, as you will get an unlimited availability guarantee from us. You can use your storage space for something else. However, you would save on delivery costs since it would be only one order then.

  • We have a Billi-Bolli bed made of spruce. Is it possible to also order extension parts in spruce?

    Our unlimited availability guarantee includes Billi-Bolli furniture made of spruce. Please indicate in your order that you would like us to use spruce wood. The price for parts made of spruce is the price for pine plus an additional 20 %.


  • How long will my delivery take?

    Many of our products are in stock and can be shipped or collected immediately. Bed configurations not in stock will be manufactured individually according to each customer request. Thus, the delivery time depends upon the current workload of our workshop. If you select your desired configuration on the kids’ beds product pages, the respective delivery time will be displayed.

  • What are the delivery costs?

    Information regarding delivery costs can be found at Delivery.

  • Will the furniture be delivered right to the children’s room?

    Within Germany HERMES is our carrier of choice for bed as well as extensive accessory orders, delivering right to the kid’s room.

    In case we are dispatching your order with a different carrier service (e.g. if the delivery address is outside of Germany or if you request a faster delivery option), the order will be delivered to the kerbside. The parcels can be carried by 1 - 2 people (weight limit for individual parcels is 30 kg).

  • Which countries do you ship to?

    We ship to every country worldwide. More information can be found at Delivery.

  • Do special conditions apply when delivering to Switzerland (customs clearance, VAT, etc.)?

    Our carrier takes care of customs clearance. You get an invoice without the German sales tax, however, you will have to pay Swiss VAT. The carrier will charge up to € 25 extra for issuing the invoice. For more information visit Delivery.

  • Is it possible to pick up the furniture directly from you?

    Of course! If you choose to pickup your goods directly from our workshop (25 km east of Munich), you will receive a 5 % discount on your total order, as long as the value of the goods exceeds € 500.

  • Will the bed fit into our car?

    Our beds fit in just about any small car with a trunk lid, as long as the passenger seat can be folded flat. (Pictured is a Renault Twingo.)

    Small car Small car


Your question hasn’t been answered? Please send us an e-mail, we are happy to help.