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Loft bed or bunk bed for little mice

For a cosy mouse cave in the children's room

Mouse loft bed made of natural wood (pine, honey-coloured oiled and white lacquered) (Mouse Theme Boards)The Loft Bed Adjustable By Age depicted as mouse bed. (Mouse Theme Boards)Here with mice (Mouse Theme Boards)An inside view of the mouse bed (Mouse Theme Boards)

Well, look who is peeking out of the mousehole? Where little mice rest and sleep, our Mouse Theme Boards are very popular as a decorative accessory. For even more fun, let a few cheeky mice from our Animal Figures selection move into the kids’ bedroom at the same time. The Mouse Theme Boards will make the cosy nest in the top bunk even more homely.

Loft bed or bunk bed for little mice
Variants: Mouse Theme Board
Model Type:  × cm
Wood Type : 
Surface : 
€ 103.00 incl. VAT

When choosing ladder position A  (default), you need the board in ¾ bed length [DV] to cover the remaining area of the long side of the bed. Ladder position B  requires the board in ½ bed length [HL] and the board in ¼ bed length [VL]. (The board in ¼ bed length [VL] is sufficient for the Pitched Roof Bed.)

In case you also attached a slide to the long side of the bed, please contact us for the suitable boards.

The theme board variant of your choice will fit nicely in the area between the upper beams of the fall guard of an upper sleeping level. If you want to attach theme boards to a lower sleeping level (height 1 or 2) we can adapt the boards for you. Just contact us.

Loft bed or bunk bed for little mice