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Duvet and pillows for the cot

Children's duvet and children's pillows by PROLANA – heavenly bedded at any time of the year

Here you will find a cozy cot by Prolana and a pillow that go very well with our cots.

All-seasons duvet

Your child will love this cuddly yet lightweight children's duvet made of natural cotton! The soft cover made of skin-friendly cotton-satin (kbA) nestles wonderfully protectively around the small body and ensures a restful sleep with sweet dreams. Due to the diamond quilting, the feather-light filling made of natural material always remains in the right place. The high-quality organic cotton fleece is naturally particularly breathable and moisture-regulating. Here your child can really mumble up without sweating or freezing – at any time of the year.

With such a continuous use in the children's room, it is optimal that this durable children's duvet is also very easy to maintain. The machine wash at up to 60 ° C makes them hygienically clean and fresh for the next night in the cot. That is why the year-round duvet from PROLANA with its outstanding properties is also ideal for animal or house dust allergy sufferers.

€ 169.00 incl. VAT

All-seasons duvet

Size: 135 × 200 cm
Filling: 1300 g cotton, organic
Cover: Satin (cotton, organic)
Quilting: Diamond quilting
Season: all four seasons

Children's pillows

Sink into the soft pillow like in clouds and just dream away! The children's pillow from PROLANA is particularly soft and cuddly. At the same time, however, the pillow is so flat that the cervical spine of your little protégé is not overstretched. This is especially recommended for children who prefer to sleep on their stomachs. Here, the neck muscles can relax sufficiently supported after a turbulent and eventful children's day, your child can recover in his sleep and collect new energy.

The cover and filling are naturally made of cotton (kbA) and therefore naturally breathable and moisture-regulating. The quilted cushion is filled with a fine cotton fleece (kbA). The high-quality pillowcase made of cotton-satin (kbA) is quilted with cotton and therefore particularly hard-wearing and easy to clean. It is removable and can be washed at up to 60° C. The children's pillow is therefore also suitable for small people with animal and house dust allergies.

€ 99.00 incl. VAT

Children's pillows

Size: 40 × 80 cm
Filling: 700 g cotton fleece (kbA)
Cover: Satin (cotton, organic) quilted with cotton, organic (washable)
Quilting: Trapezoidal quilting

Certified organic quality by Prolana


Our mattress manufacturer Prolana only uses natural, high-quality materials for the production of mattresses and mattress accessories, which are continuously tested in independent laboratories. The entire production chain meets the highest ecological standards. Prolana has been certified and awarded important quality seals regarding material quality, fair trade etc.