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The fast way down: Slide, Slide Ears and Slide Tower

Available products: Slide, Slide Ears, Slide Tower


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A kid’s bed with slide is very popular. The slide adds abundant fun and action to the kid’s room. The positions possible for the ladder are also suitable for the slide, see Ladder and Slide. You can also attach it to the Playing Tower.


The Slide attached at assembly heights 4 and 5 protrudes approx. 190 cm. If the room depth is not sufficient for a slide mounted directly to the bed or Playing Tower, our Slide Tower is often a good solution.

Variants: Slide

When ordering please let us know at which position you want to attach the Slide (A, B, C, D). If you want the ladder on position A and the slide on position B or the other way round; please specify as well which of the two possible B positions you mean.

Execution:  × cm
Wood Type : 
Surface : 
€ 248.00 Including 19% VAT

When purchasing the slide together with a bed, the fall guard will have an opening for the slide at the position you specified in your order. A slide opening can be closed with few additional parts, e.g. if you don’t want to use the slide anymore or if you want to assemble the Loft Bed Adjustable by Age at other heights, unsuitable for the slide.

If you want to upgrade an existing bed with the slide, additional parts are required for the slide opening. Please enquire about the price.

On the Corner Bunk Bed and the corner versions of the Both-Up Beds, the slide cannot be mounted at position B.

*) Only the sides are treated with colour; oil-wax is applied to the surface of the slide.

Slide Ears

Slide Ears

The Slide Ears can be fastened sideways, at the top of the slide. Required only for very young children.

The Slide Ears cannot be combined with the Slide Gate.
× cm
Wood Type : 
Surface : 
€ 44.00 Including 19% VAT

Slide Tower

The Slide Tower enables a slide to be mounted in smaller rooms. The required room depth is reduced to 284 – 314 cm. Your child can reach the slide via the Slide Tower, which is attached either to the bed or the Play Tower. You can see the possible positions in the illustration.

The tower will also grow with your child since it shares the same system of pre-drilled holes as the beds and is therefore easily adjustable in height. At night, a Slide Gate can secure the slide opening at the upper level.

There are unfortunately children’s rooms simply too small for a slide. In these cases, our Fireman’s Pole can be the best option, as it only takes up a bit of extra space in the children’s room.

Width: 60.3 cm
Depth: 54.5 cm
Height: 196 cm
Slide Tower (image 5)Slide Tower (image 6)Slide Tower (image 7)
Slide Tower
Slide Tower

The Slide Tower can only be used in combination with a bed or a Playing Tower. When placing your order, please specify at which position of the bed or Playing Tower you want to mount the Slide Tower.

× cm
Wood Type : 
Surface : 
€ 306.00 Including 19% VAT

The floor of the Slide Tower is always made of beech.

On beds with a mattress length of 220 cm the Slide Tower can only be attached to the short side .

For bright children's eyes: Expand bunk beds by a slide

So getting up in the morning becomes an adventure! With a billi-bolli slide, you can easily extend the cot to the play bed – your rackers will love it. But for which beds is a bed slide suitable and what should be considered when setting up? Last but not least, here you can find out how to make the high bed slide safe for your children.


For which beds are the slides suitable?

Like our bed models, a children's slide from Billi-Bolli convinces with its meticulous workmanship, high-quality materials and a wide range of combinationoptions. The slide can be combined with all our bed models, including cuddly corner beds, bunk beds or both top beds. The prerequisite is that the bed is at least at height 3 (54.6 cm). This makes the slide suitable for children from about 3.5 years of age. From height 6 (152.1 cm) it is no longer possible to attach a slide.

How is the slide integrated at the bedside?

In principle, the slide can be attached to the same positions as the ladder. You can attach the slide in the middle of the short side of the bed, as well as central and lateral positions on the long side. Exceptions are the bunk bed-over-corner and the corner version of the two-top bed: Here the slide cannot be installed in the middle on the long side.

If you order a high bed with a matching children's slide, let us know the desired slide position. We manufacture the fall protection directly with an opening in the appropriate place, so that you can easily install the slide. It is also possible to convert an existing bed.

Like the corresponding beds, our children's slides can be designed to suit your taste. Whether you prefer an untreated surface or a bright color, your wish will be fulfilled.

What do I have to pay attention to when buying a bed slide?

A high bed slide requires a bed at height 3 to 5. In addition, the room quality is central to your purchase decision. At the heights 4 and 5, the slide stands about 190 cm far into the room; at installation height 3, it protrudes about 175 cm into the room. In both cases, you should plan for a spill of at least 70 cm. In total, you will need approx. 470 cm (mattress length 200 cm, slide height 4 or 5) and 360 cm for a slide across the bed (mattress width 90 cm, slide height 4 or 5). Our slide tower reduces the required depth of space. The tower is attached to the high bed, the slide to the slide tower. The necessary room depth is thus only 320 cm, when installing the slide tower on the short side of the bed This installation variant is excellent for beds that stand in room corners.

Is a bed slide safe for my child?

For Billi-Bolli, safety is a priority. This is reflected in the material and workmanship quality of our products. In order to handle the slide safely, you should also consider the following tips:
* Since a slide can only be attached to raised beds, the height of the bed should be according to your child's age and level of development.
* You can further increase the safety of the slide by attaching slip ears.
* Do not let very young children play unattended at the slide.
* At bedtime, the slide can be secured with a removable slide grille.