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Sustainability with Billi-Bolli

Our take on sustainable kids’ furniture

The concept of sustainability is more than just a buzz word. In times of climate change and increasing scarcity of raw materials it is all the more important to ensure an environmentally-friendly lifestyle. To make this easier for people, manufacturers particularly have to rise to the challenge. On this page you will learn more about our understanding of sustainability and how we implement it.

The optimal product life with multiple use cycles taking Billi-Bolli kid’s furniture as an example

when extending the bed
customer request & personal consultation
sell your pre-loved bed via our second hand page
sustain­able, ecological production
long service life and highly customisable

The need to use sustainably sourced wood

The information that the Earth’s tree population is playing a vital role in the climate by storing CO2 and releasing oxygen is not new. This fact has been documented countlessly and will not be discussed in greater detail. For this reason, it is very important to use wood sourced from sustainable forestry, whether it is intended to be used as construction timber, in furniture manufacturing or for paper production.

In simple terms, sustainable means renewable. Sustainable forestry makes sure that at least the same number of trees taken is being replanted. This way, the tree balance is at least neutral. Other tasks of forest rangers and managers focus on maintaining the health of the entire ecosystem, including the soil and wildlife. We use FSC or PEFC certified wood to ensure this.

The need to use sustainably sourced wood

Energy consumption in the manufacturing process

Now let us take a look at the energy balance of the production as well as the marketing of our beds since the machines consume power and the workshop as well as the office need lighting, heating and cooling, depending on the season. The modern electrical system of our building is able to contribute to a positive eco-balance. Our 60 kWp photovoltaic panels supply the energy our company requires and we are able to heat our building with energy from our geothermal energy system so that we do not require any fossil fuel energy.

Factors hard to control

There are unfortunately still areas in the production process that are difficult to control, including the routes of transport. The delivery of the furniture to your home is currently still carried out predominantly by vehicles with an internal combustion engine.

In order to also compensate for these CO2 emissions, we support various CO2 compensation projects on a regular basis (e.g. tree-planting campaigns).


Energy conservation is still the best contributor to a positive energy balance. One way to achieve this is by manufacturing products with a long service life: Instead of using four times the energy that is required for the production of 4 cheap low-quality products, you use energy once for the production of one good with (at least) four times the service life. Therefore, three products are not being manufactured. It is clear which route we chose to take.

Second hand market

For the long service life of our furniture to work practically in your life – and also to save raw material (wood) and energy resources – the process of the initial, as well as subsequent uses, needs to be simple and clearly structured.

This is why we offer our customers our highly frequented second hand website. It is the ideal place to comfortably part with pre-loved furniture when it is no longer needed and to find prospective buyers interested in high-quality, used furniture at an attractive price for both parties involved.

With our second hand page we compete with ourselves in a way – and we do this deliberately. We believe that it is unavoidable to act sustainably even when it means to experience some sort of limitation or waiver (here: waiver of sales). Otherwise, it would be nothing but hollow words.