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Screw joints and cover caps

Information about the screw joints used for our kids’ furniture

One of the key features of our loft beds and bunk beds are the cleanly rounded 57 × 57 mm strong beams made of natural wood (beech or pine). Where two or three beams meet, they get connected with 8 mm DIN 603 carriage bolts and screw nuts.

Screw joints and cover caps

This combination provides unmatched stability and ensures that our furniture has a high load capacity to even withstand the pressure of a number of kids playing at the same time and to win any shake and wobble comparison tests.

All screw nuts are covered with caps and are included in the delivery by default. You can choose the colour of the caps, opt for a more eye-catching or subtle shade. Or you select your kids’ favourite colour. The following colour options are available for the caps: wood colour, glazed, white, blue, green, orange, red or pink.

Screw joints and cover caps
Screw joints and cover caps
Close-up view of a beam connection (here: beech beams).

Smaller drillings in our beds and accessories are also closed with small cover caps, which you will receive in the same colour you selected. This way it is impossible for even small fingers to get stuck.

→ Reorder cover caps (to change the colour, for example)