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Bedside Crib

For newborns aged up to 9 months

The Bedside Crib is placed with the open side to Mom’s bed. It is height adjustable and has a storage table for diapers, pacifiers, etc. Later it can become a arts and crafts table, a dollhouse, a bench, and much more.

With or without a mattress from PROLANA. Fastens to the parents’ bed with sturdy Velcro straps (included).

Advantages for Mom:

Breast feeding becomes a lot more pleasant at night. You do not have to get up, go to another room, take your crying baby and sit down to breastfeed. Now you can stay in bed – without you and your baby being wide-awake. Your circulation doesn’t have to start up all over again with each time you get out of bed. After breast-feeding, you then have all of your bed to yourself. You will experience a much more restful sleep.

Advantages for the baby:

The child experiences nighttime not as separation, rather as a pleasant time close to his or her mother and will sleep better. A physical and emotional closeness to the parents is of great importance for the physical, emotional, and intellectual development of kids.

Treat yourself and your child!

Bedside Crib
External Dimensions
Width = 45 cm
Length = 90 cm
Height = 63 or 70 cm (height adjustable)
Mattress upper edge: 40 or 47 cm
Sleeping area: 43 × 86 cm

For do-it-yourself enthusiasts, we offer a somewhat simplified construction manual for free as well as telephone support if needed: Bedside Crib Construction Manual

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The Bedside Crib is available in beech only.
Product No.ProductPriceOil-Waxed Oiled with Honey Colour Colour Varnish / Glaze
STBMBedside Crib with Prolana mattress€ 269.00+ € 45.00+ € 50.00+ € 110.00
STBBedside Crib without mattress€ 185.00
Product No.ProductPrice
StbmaBedside Crib mattress only€ 84.00
Bedside Crib

Dear Billi-Bolli team!

I’d like to leave you all a short review since I am so satisfied with your bedside crib:

Our son Valentin was born on 8 January. Since this time he has slept in his bed from Billi-Bolli and is obviously very content. For us, it was surely a very good decision to purchase this bed because nights are so stress-free. When I want to feed our Valentin, I simply bring his bed closer to me. And if I fall asleep, there’s no danger that he’ll fall out of his bed; he can simply roll back into his crib. In addition, he is very seldom cranky during feeding nowadays. This is great for my husband as well, and he hardly notices that I’m breastfeeding Valentin. The true refreshing nature of nights is even more noticeable than if we’d purchased a standard crib (which of course includes waking up, getting out of bed, taking him out of the crib, screaming, …).

Thanks for this great idea!

Judith Fillafer-Schuh