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Play Tower for adventures in the kids’ room

As a stand-alone piece of furniture or as an addition to a loft bed or bunk bed.

Our Play Tower is a true all-rounder. It can be combined with our Loft Beds as well as with the Slide and the Slide Towerbut it can also be placed anywhere in the kids’ bedroom independently.

It also grows with your child like our Loft Bed, and therefore, it can be flexibly assembled at different heights . This makes it a great play feature, even for little ones. As a joint play unit with the loft bed, the Play Tower is mounted on the short side of the bed , with or without a passage opening to the upper sleeping level. Upon request, it can also be attached to the long side of the bed , which will result in an L-shape (please contact us).

Installed on its own, the Play Tower enhances the kids’ bedroom if you already happen to have a low bed or enough space for a bed-tower combination. All little adventurers are excited about the high play floor, which stimulates the children’s imaginative play and promotes their motor skills. Of course, you can add many of our great optional accessories to the tower, e.g. features to piggyback on, to climb and play.

Height: 228.5 cm
Width: 114.2 cm
Depth: 93.2 cm / 103.2 cm / 113.2 cm / 133.2 cm / 153.2 cm
Play tower with den underneath. This way you will not get wet during a storm … (Accessories)Possibly the longest children’s bed in the world: depicted here is a Triple B … (Triple Bunk Beds) Billi-Bolli-Schlafschaf
Play Tower
can be assembled mirror-inverted

If you would like to attach the Playing Tower to the bed, please choose the Playing Tower with the same depth as the bed.

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Surface : 
€ 1,247.00 incl. VAT
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