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Available assembly options

Learn more about the assembly and our step-by-step assembly manuals

Assembling your new kids’ furniture is easy. You will receive an easy-to-understand and detailed step-by-step manual we put together based on your individual order. This way you will mount your furniture within a few hours.

Available assembly options
Available assembly options

From the first sketch (with which talented customers are happy to share their wishes with us) to the finished bed: We received these pictures of the structure from a nice family.

Videos of the construction and conversion of our beds, which other customers have sent us, can be found under Videos.

Assembling options

  • All kids’ beds can be assembled mirror-inverted as well (with the exception of some special adjustments).


  • Different positions are possible for the ladder, see Ladder and Slide.

  • The sleeping level of many of our bed models can be mounted at different heights.

  • For more available variants and options such as Pitched Roof Step, Corner Swing Beam or Play Floor instead of Slatted Bed Base visit Customising Options.

  • Kids’ beds with two sleeping levels can be split into two separate beds with a few extra beams.

  • For subsequent conversion into other bed types, expansion sets are available for all kids’ beds.