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Assembling, heights and important terms concerning our kids’ furniture

Assembling your new kids’ furniture is easy. You will receive an easy-to-understand and detailed step-by-step manual we put together based on your individual order. This way you will mount your furniture within a few hours.

Our setup instructions are in German. However, we will provide you with a link to an online tool that allows you to translate the manual PDF for free. In addition, the instructions are illustrated and easy to understand.


From the first sketch (with which gifted customers are happy to share their wishes) to the finished bed: we received these pictures of the construction from a nice family.

(The fire brigade rod from the design was exchanged here in the ordering process for a rocking beam with climbing rope.)

Videos of the construction and conversion of our beds, which other customers have sent us, can be found under Videos.

Assembling options

  • All kids’ beds can be assembled mirror-inverted as well (with the exception of some special adjustments).


  • Different positions are possible for the ladder, see Ladder and Slide.

  • For more available variants and options such as Pitched Roof Step, Corner Swing Beam or Play Floor instead of Slatted Bed Base visit Other Options.

  • Kids’ beds with two sleeping levels can be split into two separate beds with a few extra beams.

  • For subsequent conversion into other bed types, expansion sets are available for all kids’ beds.