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Loft beds for kids and teenagers

Our loft beds grow with your children – a sustainable purchase for many years to come

Loft beds for kids and teenagers

Loft beds are the ideal solution for smaller kids’ rooms because they combine a sleeping area with a place for playing or studying. Our loft beds for children come with high fall guard and will grow with your child. They accompany all children – from infant to school kid – for many years. We even offer variants for youth and adults. With us, you will easily find the optimal solution for every age. You can customise all of our loft beds with numerous accessories and if you opt for one of our conversion sets, you can also expand the loft bed into one of the other kids’ beds.

Loft Bed Adjustable by Age (Loft Beds)Loft Bed Adjustable by Age →
from € 1,199 

The Loft Bed Adjustable by Age is our best-selling kids’ bed for girls and boys. It is the ideal entry into our loft bed world, even if your child is still too young for a loft bed. This growing kids’ bed is a true all-rounder and can be flexibly mounted at 6 assembly heights. At height 1, the sleeping area remains directly on the ground, this way you can use the loft bed adjustable by age already when your little one starts to crawl. By choosing this flexible and convertible loft bed made of toxin-free solid wood, you are not only sustainably protecting the environment, but also your wallet.

Youth Loft Bed: the loft bed for teens (Loft Beds)Youth Loft Bed →
from € 1,049 

Our Youth Loft Bed offers all the advantages of loft beds and provides plenty of space below the sleeping area while it foregoes the high fall guard. It is suitable for adolescents aged 10 and above and is therefore perfect for teenagers and school kids. The generous free space below the loft bed has a standing height of 152 cm and can be ideally used for a desk, an integrated desktop, shelves or even a wardrobe. Billi-Bolli’s Youth Loft Bed is designed for a ceiling height of 2.50 m and is available in 5 width and 3 length options, including 120x200 and 140x200.

Students’ Loft Bed: the extra tall loft bed (Loft Beds)Students’ Loft Bed →
from € 1,299 

This loft bed for students, apprentices and young adults is the ideal solution for shared flats and small bedrooms in dormitories. With a standing height of 184 cm below the loft bed, there are many options for using this spacious open area. For rooms with a ceiling height of 2.80 m, the Billi-Bolli Students’ Loft Bed proves to be a real space-saver with wow-factor. There is an even taller option: You can also get our students’ loft bed with a standing height of 216 cm below the sleeping level. The extra-tall students’ loft bed is thus ideal for buildings with high ceilings.

Low Loft Bed for low kids’ rooms (Loft Beds)Low Loft Bed →
from € 1,099 

Our Low Loft Bed is the perfect loft bed for young children and low rooms. Below the sleeping level you will find plenty of space for a cosy corner and with curtains all around you can also turn it into a play den. This bed is not as high as a standard loft bed. Still, with 5 available height options, you can flexibly adapt our low loft bed to the age of your child and with our optional bed accessories you can even transform it into an adventure bed. Our slide can also be attached to this loft bed model, which will provide great action in the kids’ room.

Double loft bed: loft bed with extra-wide sleeping level (Loft Beds)Double loft bed →
from € 1,549 

Discover the ideal double bunk bed for teenagers and adults! This modern and stable loft bed maximises your space and offers extra sleeping space in small apartments or teenagers' rooms. With its elegant design and high-quality workmanship, it combines functionality with style. Turn your bedroom into a comfortable, well-organized space and enjoy more space and stylish living.

Both-Up Bunk Beds for two children (Loft Beds)Both-Up Bunk Beds →
from € 2,049 

If you have two children of different age groups in a shared kids’ room and both prefer sleeping elevated but there simply is not enough space for a separate loft bed for each child? Then our special double loft beds are just the thing for your children. It cannot be distinctly classified as either a loft bed or a bunk bed because of the shared features – each bed contains two sleeping levels that overlap laterally staggered or across corners, at the same time they can also be seen as two loft beds nested inside each other. That is why they are rightfully included in the presentation of our loft beds on this page.

Comfy Corner Bed for children – girls and boys (Loft Beds)Comfy Corner Bed →
from € 1,499 

The Comfy Corner Bed combines our popular Billi-Bolli loft bed with a really snug cosy area underneath. A dream come true for girls and boys who prefer to keep an eye on their room while playing in the raised seat. And for young as well as older bookworms, the cosy seating area below the loft bed is the ideal spot for reading or story time. Books as well as toys can be stored in the optional bed drawer. With our extensive range of bed accessories, you can transform this loft bed into a real knight or pirate play bed in just a few simple steps.

Customising options (Loft Beds)Customising Options →

With our various loft beds, we can offer an ideal solution appropriate for the age of the child as well as the room situation. On this page, you will find additional options to customise a Billi-Bolli loft bed to your specific situation and needs. You could move the swing beam on the loft bed or equip the loft bed with extra tall legs, for example.

Conversion & Expansion Sets (Loft Beds)Conversion & Expansion Sets →

A new sibling is arriving, and you need more sleeping space in the children’s room? With our conversion sets, you can easily turn our loft beds into one of our other models, like a bunk bed. This way, you can always adapt our kids’ beds to suit changing situations without having to buy entirely new furniture.

Our customers share their photos

Pirate loft bed in the sea children's room with slide, swing and portholes (Loft Bed Adjustable by Age)

This Loft Bed Adjustable by Age was turned into a submarine with a comfy den. Thanks to the slide tower the slide does not protrude as far into the room compared to how much it would protrude if it was directly mounted to the pirate bed. The tower is oftentimes the ideal solution if you want to install a slide in a smaller room.

This children’s room is only 2 m wide. With the youth loft bed in the 190 cm mattress length version, the space can be ideally used. According to the customer’s request, we removed the continuous middle beam to keep a free passage to the window.

Youth loft bed, the loft bed for teenagers, next to a desk in a small room (Youth Loft Bed)
Wooden children's loft bed that grows with the child in a high room in an old building with very high feet (Loft Bed Adjustable by Age)

This Loft Bed Adjustable By Age has been adjusted with extra high legs, which are standard for the Students’ Loft Bed. Therefore, a high fall guard is also possible at assembly height 6. The sleeping level can be moved up to another grid level (height 7), but then without a fall guard and therefore only suitable for adults.

The low loft bed, here made of beech glazed in white and without swing beam. At the customer’s request, the porthole theme boards, ladder rungs and handles received an orange lacquer coating.

Coloured half-loft bed, the half-high loft bed for toddlers (toddler bed) from 3 years (Low Loft Bed)
Loft bed in white lacquered with the child, set up at height 3 (for toddlers from 2 years) (Loft Bed Adjustable by Age)

A white lacquered loft bed mounted at assembly height 3.

The Both-Up Bunk Bed, Type 1B with fireman’s pole and wall bars. These bed types are in essence two nested loft beds. The play crane has been attached to the lower sleeping area. This double loft bed is a paradise for every child.

Double wooden bunk beds: The two-top bunk bed is a double bunk bed for 2 children (Both-Up Bunk Beds)
Knight's loft bed for children, knight's castle for little knights and princesses in a knight's bed (Loft Bed Adjustable by Age)

Depicted here is a Loft Bed for a special room situation: Half of the bed is standing on top of a platform. Thanks to the grid holes this is no issue. As the height of the platform is slightly taller than our grid dimension, the difference had to be balanced with some blocks underneath. This bed is not custom-built and can – after a move, for example – easily be mounted the “normal” way.

This Students’ Loft Bed is made from pine with an oil finish and ladder position A.
For teenagers and adults.

Student loft bed with desk underneath: very high loft bed for teenagers and adults (Students’ Loft Bed)
Pirate bunk bed made of beech with slide and cave with curtains (Loft Bed Adjustable by Age)

The Loft Bed Adjustable By Age fits great under the gallery here. Position A was chosen for the slide, while the ladder was attached at C.

The Youth Loft Bed, depicted with ladder position C.
As the fall protection isn’t as high anymore, the children need to be aged 10 and above. It can also be built from the loft bed adjustable by age.

Youth loft bed in 90x200, our youth bed for teenagers (Youth Loft Bed)
Grey lacquered fire brigade loft bed in children's room with sloping roof (Loft Bed Adjustable by Age)

The Loft Bed Adjustable by Age with fireman’s pole and pitched roof step, here lacquered grey. Mounted at assembly height 5 (recommended for children aged approx. 5 and above).

A Both-Up Bunk Bed, Type 2A. The double loft bed pictured is equipped with porthole theme boards. Here in pine with an oil-wax finish.

Double bunk bed/double bunk bed made of pine for 2 children from 4 years and 6 years (Both-Up Bunk Beds)
Knight's bed with slide (knight's loft bed made of beech) (Loft Bed Adjustable by Age)

The Loft Bed Adjustable by Age is made from beech with an oil-wax finish, pictured here as a knight’s bed with inclined ladder and slide tower, mounted at assembly height 4.

The Youth Loft Bed in oil-waxed pine.

Youth loft bed with desk / youth bed made of wood (Youth Loft Bed)
Jungle loft bed white lacquered for toddlers from 3 years (Loft Bed Adjustable by Age)

The Loft Bed Adjustable by Age as jungle bed. Pictured here in white varnish and equipped with the fireman’s pole, hanging cave as well as porthole theme boards.

This laterally staggered Both-Up Bunk Bed is made of beech and has been equipped with extra tall legs at the customer’s request (total height 261 cm). This way, the upper bunk is assembled at height 7 while the lower bunk is at height 5. Both areas of this double loft bed are fitted with the high fall guard.

High double loft bed made of beech in a high old building (both bunk beds at the top) (Both-Up Bunk Beds)

Decision aid: loft bed, yes or no?

For many parents and families, investing in a high-quality loft bed is not an easy decision. After all, a kid’s dream costs a little more than an ordinary low kids’ bed. Is this acquisition actually worthwhile for a young family and their growing child? We would like to help you make your decision and give you advice on what to consider when buying a loft bed.

Loft beds for kids and teenagers

What exactly is a loft bed?

A bed with a sleeping area at least 60 cm above the floor level is called a loft bed. Depending on bed type and assembly height, the area below our loft bed models can be up to 217 cm high. So this provides plenty of free space below the sleeping level, which can be used twice. What an asset! Especially if your kids’ or youth room is rather small, loft beds help you to make optimal use of the available space.

Of course, safety is incredibly important when it comes to loft beds intended for children. This is why all of our kids’ bed models are equipped with particularly high fall guards, which exceed the DIN safety standard by far. So you can be sure that your darling is perfectly safe when playing and sleeping, night and day.

What bed types are there?

We have four distinct loft bed models, which can be expanded with a wide range of accessories. The loft bed adjustable by age is the flexible and sustainable solution and will accompany your child from crawling to adolescence and beyond. The alternative is the low loft bed if your ceiling height is limited. Both bed models can be equipped with baby gates and are therefore already suitable for toddlers, who just started to crawl. Girls and boys, who are already a little older, will like our comfy corner bed. Its raised cosy seating corner below the bed is an inviting area for playing, reading or dreaming. Our youth loft bed is ideal for children aged 10 and above and provides school kids plenty of space below the bed. If your kids cannot get enough of heights, our students’ loft bed is sure to deliver: With a sleeping level higher than two metres, they can comfortably rest on top of their world. And if two children want to sleep elevated in the same room with limited space, then our double loft beds, the Both-Up Bunk Beds are exactly what you need.

What are the advantages of a loft bed?

Loft beds are a very space-saving solution for every kids’ room and they are even great in a shared flat for a student. On the same floor space, it offers a raised sleeping area as well as plenty of additional space underneath the bed for playing, working and storing. Loft beds shine particularly in small rooms, offering lots of space. The free area below the cosy sleeping level can be optimally used for a variety of living purposes, such as a cosy corner for cuddling and reading, a playground or a place for studying and working by adding a desk.

At the same time, a loft bed greatly upgrades the kids’ bedroom. It turns the room into a very personal space for sleeping and relaxation with a feel-good atmosphere and inspires new creative play ideas with lots of action – even on rainy days. The daily ascent and descent on their bed ladder or on their climbing and swinging accessories, such as the fireman’s pole or the rocking plate, will improve the children’s body awareness in a playful manner, while also strengthening their motor skills. They learn to trust their bodies.

The transformation options into our other models (e.g. into a bunk bed) make our loft beds infinitely usable. No matter how your family situation develops and changes over the years to come, whether it is the arrival of a new child, family reunifications, a move or other adjustments that change your needs: A Billi-Bolli loft bed adapts to all situations like a chameleon and you will enjoy it for a long time.

A guide to help you choose the right bed for your child

Loft beds, therefore, offer many practical benefits. But which model is the right one for my child?

Ceiling height

One of the first factors to consider when choosing a suitable loft bed is the ceiling height of your kids’ room. Many newly built flats have a ceiling height of approx. 250 cm – which is ideal for kids’ loft beds and many other loft bed models up to a height of approx. 200 cm. A students’ loft bed requires a higher ceiling; here we recommend a ceiling height of approx. 285 cm. We even developed a low loft bed variant for lower kids’ rooms.

Mattress size

Bigger or smaller? It is totally up to you. Our loft beds are available for different mattress sizes. While 90 x 200 cm is a standard mattress size for a kids’ bed, we offer many other sizes. If your kids’ room is large enough, you can select the loft bed adjustable by age with a mattress size of up to 140 x 220 cm, for example.

Age and (expected) number of children

Another equally important factor in choosing the first loft bed is the age of your child. If your toddler just started to crawl, the sleeping level of the baby kids’ bed should be directly at floor level. This is possible with our loft bed adjustable by age, for example, which will grow higher with increasing age of your child. Up to assembly height 3 it is possible to equip the adjustable loft bed with baby gates before it turns into a real play bed for your little one.

If your daughter or son is a little older, they can already conquer our loft beds at assembly height 4. Our Billi-Bolli Workshop guarantees the use of high-quality materials and the best workmanship for maximum safety and stability. After all, in contrast to an ordinary low kids’ bed, an elevated play bed is exposed to heavy loads in the kids’ room and must withstand all kinds of wild rough-and-tumble-play. It has to remain absolutely stable and safe, even after years of use.

Your decision can also be influenced by the number of children you are planning to have, of course: If your darling will soon be sharing the bedroom with a little brother or sister, you may want to consider a bunk bed instead of a loft bed.

Type of wood

In the next step, you decide the wood type: We only use solid wood from sustainable forestry for the construction of our beds. You can choose pine or beech wood. Pine is a little softer and has a more lively appearance compared to beech, while beech is harder, darker and visually more uniform than pine.

You can also choose the surface finish: untreated, oil-waxed, white/colour glazed or white/colour lacquered. In recent years, the loft bed with a white lacquered finish has been particularly popular.

Is my child safe?

From the very beginning, the safety of kids’ loft beds has been a central concern for our family business. For this reason, our loft beds come with high fall protection, which not only meets the safety standard DIN EN 747, but exceeds it by far. It is very important for us to only use high-quality materials and that our beds are carefully built by master craftsmen in our Workshop near Munich. As a result, Billi-Bolli loft beds are very safe.

Whether a child is safe and protected in a loft bed depends on two factors: while construction elements of the bed, such as

  • consistent stability of the loft bed

  • high-quality and durable materials

  • sufficiently high fall guard

  • handles on the ladder

  • adhering to the component spacing required by DIN EN 747 to prevent the risk of any limbs getting caught

are important to ensure safety, the motor, physical and mental development of the child is also essential in determining at what assembly height the child can play and sleep safely in their bed. In the end, the parents’ assessment is most important here.

Our age recommendations for the various assembly heights of the growing loft bed can serve as a guide. The loft bed adjustable by age is already suitable for babies and toddlers at assembly height 1 (floor level). The assembly heights that follow need to be matched to the age and development of the child. In addition to the high fall guard, Billi-Bolli offers a wide range of safety accessories – from protection boards and rollout protection to ladder and slide gates. We are happy to advise you personally on the phone.

Who are our loft beds suitable for?

ModelRecommended age?Room characteristicsSpecial features
Loft Bed Adjustable by Age

from crawling stage (assembly height 1) up to teenagers

ceiling height required approx. 250 cm

with assembly height 4 and up there is plenty of room for playing and storage below the bed; it is expandable into a students’ loft bed with extra tall legs

Youth Loft Bed

aged 10 and above (assembly height 6)

ceiling height required approx. 250 cm

plenty of room below the bed

Students’ Loft Bed

for youth and adults (assembly height 7)

ceiling height required approx. 285 cm

height of 217 cm underneath the bed

Low Loft Bed

from crawling stage (assembly height 1)

for ceiling height of approx. 200 cm

suitable for rooms with lower ceilings

Both-Up Bunk Beds

for two children of different age groups, aged 2.5 and above (assembly height 3)

ceiling height required approx. 250 cm

two loft beds nested inside each other

Comfy Corner Bed

for children aged 5 and above (assembly height 5)

ceiling height required approx. 250 cm

The super cute cuddly corner for the lower area is included!

What is the difference to a bunk bed?

Loft Beds
  • one sleeping level
  • additional play or study area below the bed
  • extensive accessories to customise
  • additional space in the kids’ room
  • as a growing loft bed suitable for babies
  • many design and layout options for the lower level
  • numerous play options thanks to its design
  • conversion into bunk bed possible
  • suitable as a low loft bed for low ceiling rooms
  • convertible with accessories
  • also suitable for attic rooms thanks to the pitched roof step
Bunk Beds
  • two or more sleeping levels
  • extensive accessories allow customisation
  • space-saving sleeping option to accommodate two to four children
  • bottom bunk with baby gates is also suitable for children in crawling stage
  • versatile configuration options to design both levels as play bed
  • possible to convert into two separate loft beds
  • make changes according to your needs with extensive expansion and conversion sets
  • pitched roof step available for various models

Are there any disadvantages?

You will have to climb into the loft bed to make the bed or change the sheets. This can be perceived as a welcome little fitness exercise or as a bit of a nuisance. Either way, it is not difficult.

If our assembly height recommendations are not followed, there is still a risk to fall off.

With or without accessories?

The possibilities to customise a loft bed with accessories are vast. Without additional accessories, you have a sturdy and durable furniture piece for sleeping with storage space below the height-adjustable sleeping area. With optional bed accessories, however, the simple kids’ loft bed turns into a beloved play bed and a real indoor adventure playground.

Our accessories can be roughly divided into three main categories: safety, experiential (visual or motor) as well as storage:

  • Safety can be increased with additional protective boards, safety gates for the ladder area or with the ladder protection. There are also baby gates for the little ones.

  • The experiential value increases extremely when attaching theme boards to the loft bed: Our theme boards transform the kids’ bed into a berth bed for the pirate son or into a knight’s bed for the princess daughter. Our loft beds inspire girls and boys alike and turn the kids’ bedroom into an inspiring experience room! You can meet your child’s natural urge to move with a loft bed equipped with a slide, fireman’s pole, climbing rope, climbing wall and wall bars. Keep in mind that accessories, particularly the slide, may increase the required space for the loft bed.

  • Make the most of the space below the loft bed and around the sleeping area by adding clever storage accessories from the Billi-Bolli range.

And the best part about Billi-Bolli’s sophisticated modular system is that all accessories for safety, play and fun can be easily removed later. This way your cool adolescent, youth and teenager can continue to use their bed and customise it to their needs and style.

Advice for the use of a kids’ loft bed

  • Follow the advice for age-appropriate assembly heights.

  • Do not overwhelm your child and, if in doubt, opt for the lower assembly height.

  • Observe your child and be there when they climb into the new loft bed for the first few times to help them if necessary.

  • Check the stability of the bed regularly and retighten the screws and nuts as needed.

  • Make sure you have a child-friendly, firm-elastic mattress with a stable border edge. We recommend our Prolana mattresses.


Loft beds are super fun for children – especially when they are custom-equipped with age-appropriate accessories, fulfilling their dreams! Just like that, a loft bed promotes motor skills and inspires your child’s imagination right in the kids’ room. And later, when daughter or son turns into a little “teenosaurus rex”, all child-friendly play elements can be easily removed and your teenager or student can continue to use and design the bed to their liking.

So buying a high-quality kids’ loft bed is a good investment for many years. The clever design makes our Billi-Bolli loft bed so versatile that it can be flexibly adapted at any time to keep meeting the changing needs of the family. With our conversion sets, you can expand a loft bed into a bunk bed for two – or a bunk bed into two single growing loft beds, for example. Buying a new bed is not necessary anymore, which conserves our natural as well as your financial resources.