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Flowers on the loft bed or bunk bed

The bunk bed decoration for budding gardeners and flower lovers

Loft Bed Adjustable By Age with accessories. (Flower Theme Boards)A white lacquered triple bunk bed type 2C. Since the children are still young, … (Triple Bunk Beds)This is the flower bed variant of the Bunk Bed Laterally Staggered, made of … (Bunk Bed Laterally Staggered)This Loft Bed Adjustable By Age in white lacquer finish was ordered without a … (Loft Bed Adjustable by Age)The Flower Theme Boards (Flower Theme Boards)

Wouldn’t it be dreamy to wake up in such a colourful kids’ bed in the morning? Not only will the sun rise and shine on our bright flower beds, but your child’s imagination and mood will also blossom and grow! Choose your favourite colours for the flowers of the Flower Theme Boards. All colour options can be found at Wood and Finishes.

Particularly convenient for future gardeners and flower lovers: the flower bed does not have to be watered!

Flowers on the loft bed or bunk bed
Variants: Flower Theme Board

Colour varnish for the flowers is included in the base price; please specify the desired colour(s) in the “Additional notes and requests” field during checkout step 3.

Model Type:  × cm
Wood Type : 
Surface : 
€ 118.00 incl. VAT

When choosing ladder position A (default) or B , you need the board in ½ bed length [HL] and the board in ¼ bed length [VL] to cover the remaining area of the long side of the bed. (The board in ¼ bed length [VL] is sufficient for the Pitched Roof Bed.)

In case you also attached a slide to the long side of the bed, please contact us for the suitable boards.

The flower theme boards can only be attached to the upper area of the fall guard, for safety reasons (also not in place of the safety boards at the height of the sleeping level).

The theme board variant of your choice will fit nicely in the area between the upper beams of the fall guard of an upper sleeping level. If you want to attach theme boards to a lower sleeping level (height 1 or 2) we can adapt the boards for you. Just contact us.

Flowers on the loft bed or bunk bed