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Football bed: The loft bed as a football pitch

The football pitch turns your bunk bed into a football bed

No other sport has so many fans among young and old as football. That is why many children love to go to the land of Nod at night with their favourite club in mind. Our football field transforms your child’s loft bed or bunk bed into a football bed.

If the interest in lawn sport should decrease one day unexpectedly, the football bed can easily be converted back by removing the theme board. However, in our experience: If your child is a football fan now, they will stay that way for many years to come and will enjoy their football bed for a long time. Why not make them happy!

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€ 310.00 incl. VAT

The football field is not suitable as a shooting target wall (standard footballs do not fit through the openings).

Ladder position A, C or D  is required. Note that ladder and slide cannot both be mounted on the long side of the bed at the same time.

The football field is made of MDF and consists of two parts.

Just add the football field to your shopping basket to transform your Billi-Bolli cot into a football bed. If you still need the whole bed, you will find all the basic models of our loft beds and bunk beds under Kids' Beds.

Football Bed
The football pitch, here on the growing loft bed in combination with blue porthole themed boards.

The ultimate football bed for small and medium-sized football fans

Imagine your child can sleep every night in a bed that reflects their passion for football. A bed that not only ensures a good and safe night's sleep, but also inspires the dreams of your little football star. Welcome to the world of the football bed - a place where football dreams become reality and every evening ends with a goal celebration. Let's discover together why the football bed is more than just a place to sleep.


The design: a tribute to football

Our football bed is more than just a piece of furniture - it's a tribute to the sport your child loves. The design is inspired by the colours and shapes of a football stadium. Many clubs offer bed linen designed with football motifs to complete the football experience. The well thought-out design of our football field not only provides a pleasant sleeping environment, but also a place where your child can live out their enthusiasm for football.

Sleep well and safely in a football bed

A good night's sleep is particularly important for children to grow and develop healthily. The bed with football pitch offers a stable and safe construction that can withstand even the wildest dreams and adventures. The high-quality materials and careful workmanship guarantee a long service life and safety for your child. With a football bed, you can be sure that your little football star will sleep soundly and safely.

Dreaming like a professional footballer

The football bed is not just a place to sleep, but also a place for wonderful dreams. In this special bed, your child will feel like a real professional footballer. Every time they go to bed, they can imagine themselves standing on the pitch, scoring a crucial goal and hearing the applause of the spectators. A football bed turns every night into an exciting adventure.

A bed that inspires the imagination

Children have a boundless imagination, and the football bed supports this. With a little imagination, the bed becomes a football stadium where the most exciting games are played out. Your child can make up their own stories and games before bedtime and be whisked away into a world of football magic. A bed like this is not just a place to sleep, but also a stage for imaginative adventures and creative games.

High-quality materials for the best sleeping comfort

The football bed is made of high-quality materials that guarantee a comfortable night's sleep. Our mattresses ensure an optimal sleeping position. With the right bed linen, every night becomes a feel-good experience.

A highlight in every nursery

A football bed is not only functional, but also a visual highlight in any children's room. It attracts everyone's attention and will delight young and old football fans alike. This bed will turn your child's room into a real eye-catcher and a place where they will feel completely at ease. The cheerful colours and sporty design bring energy and joy into the room.

Practical functions for everyday use

In addition to its great design and high sleeping comfort, the football bed also offers practical functions. Our beds have integrated storage compartments in which toys, books or clothes can be stored. This keeps the children's room neat and tidy at all times.

Sustainability and quality

Great importance is attached to sustainability and quality in the manufacture of the football bed. The materials used are environmentally friendly and durable, so that the bed is not only good for your child, but also for the environment. The careful workmanship and high quality ensure that the football bed will provide many years of enjoyment and still look like new even after intensive use.

Personalisation options

A football bed offers numerous personalisation options. You can design the bed entirely according to your child's preferences. Whether it's the colours of their favourite team or the child's name on the football pitch, let your creativity run wild and design a unique bed that perfectly suits your little football fan. This makes the bed a very personal and special place.

A gift that makes hearts beat faster

A football bed is the perfect gift for any little football fan. It not only brings joy and enthusiasm, but also a touch of magic to your child's everyday life. With this special bed, you are not only giving the gift of a good and safe night's sleep, but also wonderful dreams and unforgettable moments. A football bed is a gift that will make hearts beat faster and put a smile on your child's face.

Positive effects on the sleep rhythm

A football bed can also have a positive effect on your child's sleep rhythm. As the bed is associated with positive associations and conveys a feeling of security, your child will enjoy going to bed voluntarily. A regular and healthy sleep rhythm is important for your child's development and well-being. With a football bed, you can ensure that your child gets enough sleep and starts the day well rested.

Promotion of sport and exercise

A football bed can also help to encourage your child's interest in sport and exercise. The constant presence of football in everyday life will motivate your child to move more and be active. This not only promotes physical health, but also social skills and team spirit. A football bed is therefore a contribution to a healthy and active lifestyle.

Community and cohesion

A football bed can also strengthen the sense of community and cohesion in the family. Together you can share your love of football, watch games and talk about your child's favourite team. These shared experiences create wonderful memories and strengthen the family bond. A football bed is therefore not only a benefit for your child, but for the whole family.

A bed that grows with you

Our football beds are designed to grow with your child. Thanks to adjustable sizes and interchangeable parts, the bed can be used for many years. This gives you a long-term and sustainable solution that your child will enjoy for many years to come. A football bed is therefore an investment in your child's future.