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General information about our kids’ furniture

All important information about our kids’ beds and other kids’ furniture

Safety and spacings (Info)Safety and Spacings →

All of our kids’ beds stand out due to their strong safety features. We exceed the DIN standards by far with our high fall guard. Our most popular models have been tested for safety by TÜV Süd. On this page you will find all the information about the DIN-Norm EN 747, the “Tested Safety” (GS mark) of our beds, the assembly heights and a lot more about safety.

Wood and surface finishes (Info)Wood and Finishes →

Our kids’ furniture and children’s beds are available in pine and beech. Untreated, oil-waxed, honey-coloured or with a white/colour varnish/glaze finish. Explore the wood types we use and check out the pictures of our wood and surface selection as well as of all the colour varnish options we offer.

Sustainability with Billi-Bolli (Info)Sustainability →

The concept of sustainability is more than just a buzz word. In times of climate change and increasing scarcity of raw materials it is all the more important to ensure an environmentally-friendly lifestyle. To make this easier for people, manufacturers particularly have to rise to the challenge. On this page you will learn more about our understanding of sustainability and how we implement it.

Assembly heights for our loft beds and bunk beds (Info)Assembly heights →

Our kids’ beds are available in different heights – you can adjust the assembly height for most models later on to accommodate your child’s age and needs. Here we provide a detailed overview of all options, including information on dimensions based on each assembly height (such as the top edge of the mattress or underbed height).

Mattress sizes: possible options (Info)Mattress Sizes →

Our kids’ beds are available in different variants to accommodate a variety of mattress sizes. Possible widths include 80, 90, 100, 120 or 140 cm and available lengths include 190, 200 or 220 cm. This way you will find the the most suitable bed variant for your kids’ room as well as for the expected height of your child. All information about mattress sizes are accessible on this page.

Available assembly options (Info)Assembly →

Here you will find information for the assembly of our kids’ furniture, the detailed assembly manual specifically tailored towards your selected configuration and more information about various assembly options available for our kids’ beds (e.g. mirror-inverted assembly). Also on this page: a helpful step-by-step photo documentation of an assembly, which we received from a family that documented their steps.

Screw joints and cover caps (Info)Screws →

On this page you will find information about the screw joints with 8 mm carriage bolts, which contribute to the robustness of our kids’ beds. You will also learn about the cover caps, used to conceal the screw nuts on our kids’ furniture. They are available in various colours.

Our slatted bed bases (Info)Slatted Bed Bases →

Our loft beds and bunk beds come with very good, strong slatted bed bases, allowing the mattresses to air from underneath. They are so sturdy that even a number of children can play and sleep in one sleeping area. More information is available here.

Possible positions of ladder and slide (Info)Ladder and Slide →

There are various ladder positions possible for all our kids’ bed models (and for the slide, if requested). It can be attached towards the corner of the long side of the bed (most common), further towards the middle or even on the short side. All options available are here.

Warranty and availability guarantee (Info)Warranty →

Learn more about our uncomplicated 7-year warranty on all wooden parts and our unlimited availability guarantee: Even long after your bed purchase you can extend the bed with additional accessory parts or conversion sets or transform it into one of the other kids’ bed models.

Delivery costs and conditions (Info)Delivery →

Within Germany and to Austria the delivery of our kids’ beds is free of charge. Whether the delivery address is in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, other European countries or in Australia: Here you will find all relevant information on the worldwide shipping of our kids’ furniture and learn about particular terms that apply to some countries.

Payment plan by easyCredit (Info)Payment plan →

Convenient and affordable payment plans are available so you can pay monthly in instalments. Uncomplicated and without any hidden fees. The PostIdent procedure is not required. You will find out immediately online if payment by instalments is possible or not. Choose a plan and spread the cost over 6 – 60 months and use the calculator available on this page.

FAQ (Info)FAQ →

We compiled the answers to the most frequently asked questions about our kids’ furniture and particular products, about the order process, the delivery and assembly. Why are we unique? Where is it possible to check out our furniture? Which wood type do we recommend? How long does it take to assemble the bed? Find the answers to these and other questions here.