We produce kids’ furniture and adventure beds such as loft beds, bunk beds, kids’ beds and cots (baby cribs).
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Play beds

Adventure bed and play beds for boys and girls

With our great selection of accessories, all our beds are in principle play beds. On this page, you will find models particularly suitable for playing.

Pitched Roof Bed
Pitched Roof Bed 

The optimal play bed for children’s rooms with pitched roofs. The watchtower makes it ideal for use as a pirate bed, even in a small children’s room.

Comfy Corner Bed
Comfy Corner Bed 

A loft bed with a cosy corner underneath. The Bed Drawer (optional) provides additional storage space. With accessories this kids’ bed can easily become a pirate bed or knight’s bed.

Loft Bed Adjustable by Age
Loft Bed Adjustable by Age 

The Loft Bed Adjustable by Age is our best selling kids’ bed. It simply grows with your child and converts from a cot (baby crib) to a kids’ loft bed at different heights, all the way up to the Youth Loft Bed: One bed, many assembly possibilities. More sleeping levels can be added later.

Other Options
Other Options 

Special adjustments such as Pitched Roof Step, Swing Beam on the Edge, Flat Rungs, or Play Floor instead of slatted bed base, …

What are the core features of a play or adventure bed? The numerous options for games and play, like climbing ropes and themed boards, such as pirate, princess, and knight etc. transform our kids’ beds into more than just a place for sleep and rest.

The Pitched Roof Bed is the ideal play bed for a kids’ room with a pitched roof. Instead of a mattress, it comes with a solid play floor installed in the tower. You can also transform the tower with Knight’s Castle Boards, Berth Boards, Helm and other accessories. The Comfy Corner Bed has a slatted bed base on the upper and a comfy corner on the lower level.

The play bed with slide is particularly popular, unfortunately not every kid’s room has the required space. Alternatively, you could attach a Fireman’s Pole instead, offering another option to slide. The needed space for a Fireman’s Pole is comparatively small and this way your child can play fire brigade. You can find both sliding options in our accessories selection.

If you are looking for a play bed or an adventure bed, you have come to the perfect place.