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Play Beds and Adventure Beds

Versatile play beds from Billi-Bolli turn your children’s room into an adventurous playground

Play Beds and Adventure Beds

Children not only need safety for their development but also require a lively environment that is boosting their creativity. This is why play beds are so enriching for every child’s room. As a space-saving multipurpose solution, they enable the most restful slumber at night and imaginative play during the day. Our unique kids’ beds make every child’s heart sing! With our great selection of accessories, all our beds are in principle play beds. On this page, you will find models that are particularly suitable for playing.

Billi-Bolli Office Team
Advice is our passion! Whether you have a short question or would like detailed advice on our beds and the possibilities in your children's room, we look forward to your call: 📞 +49 8124 / 907 888 0. Or visit our exhibition near Munich – real or virtual via Skype (please make an appointment).

Pitched Roof Bed: The ingenious kids’ play bed for the pitched roof (Play Beds)
Pitched Roof Bed →

A play bed! You can also realize this dream of all children in a children's room with a sloping roof. This is exactly what we designed our sloping roof bed for. The high observation tower with playing floor looks really cool per se and makes you want to play imaginative adventure games with lots of movement and action. A little creative decoration or our optional themed boards transform the seemingly small cot ratzfatz into a sea-worthy pirate bed or an impregnable knight's castle. With our bed boxes you can create a lot of storage space under the play bed in the small sloping roof-children's room.

TÜV Süd certification mark “Geprüfte Sicherheit” (GS / tested safety)
Tested according to DIN EN 747: Pitched Roof Bed in 90 × 200 with ladder position A, without Swing Beam, equipped with Mouse Boards all around, untreated & oil-waxed.
from € 910.00 
🚚 free shipping (Germany)  📦 immediately available
Details: Pitched Roof Bed

Comfy Corner Bed for children – girls and boys (Play Beds)
Comfy Corner Bed →

Also in our cuddly corner bed there is the potential to be a real adventure playbed for girls and boys! Equipped with our themed boards and bed accessories such as steering wheel, rocking board or fire brigade pole, the high bed becomes a play bed for pirates and knights, a fire truck or a railway in no time. "Under Deck" the little heroes can then relax in the cuddly corner from their moving adventures or browse their favorite books for new game ideas. An optional bed box provides additional storage space.

TÜV Süd certification mark “Geprüfte Sicherheit” (GS / tested safety)
Tested according to DIN EN 747: Comfy Corner Bed in 90 × 200 with ladder position A, without Swing Beam, equipped with Mouse Boards all around, untreated & oil-waxed.
from € 1,109.00 
🚚 free shipping (Germany) 
Details: Comfy Corner Bed

Canopy Bed for daydreaming girls, teens and “teenosaurus rex” (Play Beds)
Canopy Bed →

First princess essays, then protected retreat for the "pubertier". With our four-poster bed, they remain super-flexible. Swap the dreamy girl curtains for a cool, trendy fabric design and the adolescent and teenager will feel comfortable in his room again. If you decide early on for the four-poster bed version of our cot models, you can of course also equip the four-poster bed with our protective and themed boards for your toddler. A star canopy is also great for young astrologers and aspiring astronauts.

from € 618.00 
🚚 free shipping (Germany) 
Details: Canopy Bed

Loft Bed Adjustable by Age (Play Beds)
Loft Bed Adjustable by Age →

With the growing high bed you decide for an absolutely timeless children's play bed. Timeless, as this adventure bed grows as her child grows up from the age of the boy to the school age. Timeless by easily adapting the playing possibilities of your loft bed to your child's growing urge to move. So the cuddly baby four-poster bed may turn into a play bed for princesses, an adventure bed for pirates or a racing driver's bed ... At the same time, there is more and more free space for imaginative play under the sleeping plane.

TÜV Süd certification mark “Geprüfte Sicherheit” (GS / tested safety)
Tested according to DIN EN 747: Loft Bed in 90 × 200 with ladder position A at assembly height 5, without Swing Beam, equipped with Mouse Boards all around, untreated & oil-waxed.
from € 948.00 
🚚 free shipping (Germany)  📦 immediately available
Details: Loft Bed Adjustable by Age

Classic bunk bed for 2 children (Play Beds)
Bunk Bed →

Our bunk beds for 2 children only really show what they are in a small space as play beds. Made of ecological solid wood, this play bed is so stable and securely constructed that no daring game adventure can do anything to it. Only the decision for the many accessories is sometimes difficult: Should it be a slide bed or the fire brigade pole to go down, do the children prefer a railway bed, a pirate bed or their own knight's castle to play with? Our bunk bed sets new standards when it comes to playing beds.

TÜV Süd certification mark “Geprüfte Sicherheit” (GS / tested safety)
Tested according to DIN EN 747: Bunk Bed in 90 × 200 with ladder position A, without Swing Beam, equipped with Mouse Boards all around, untreated & oil-waxed.
from € 1,133.00 
🚚 free shipping (Germany)  📦 immediately available
Details: Bunk Bed

Customising options (Play Beds)
Customising Options →

With solutions for special room situations, such as sloping roofs, extra-high feet or rocking beam position, our loft beds and play beds can be individually adapted to your children's room. You can also choose flat rungs or a playing floor instead of slatted slats here.

Decision help: How much playbed or adventure bed should it be?

The many advantages of a changeable, co-growing and space-saving children's bed system such as Billi-Bolli's are obvious. Whether you're going to opt for a growing bunk bed, one of our bunk beds, a low four-poster bed or the special sloping bed, etc., all our cots are designed in construction and stability to offer your children not only a cozy sleeping place, but also a safe, individual and imaginative indoor children's playground for many years to come.

Every child is unique - make their home special. With the versatile and extensive bed accessories for playing and decorating from the Billi-Bolli program, you can make all the dreams, desires and fantasies of your protégé come true.


Play Beds and Adventure Beds

What makes play beds so special and valuable for children?

A bunk bed or bunk bed made of warm natural wood with neatly rounded edges and a ladder for crawling is of course an absolute eye-catcher in the children's room in the basic equipment. From the elevated sleeping level, the young world explorers have their little realm in their sights, which is a great feeling.

If the children's bedroom furniture is also individually designed and decorated according to the child's preferences and favorite colours, e.g. with curtains or with our themed boards for girls and boys, this gives the room a very personal touch and makes it a much-loved retreat by day and by night.

An elevated cot is enhanced by accessories for swinging, gymnastics and climbing, such as fire brigade rod, rocking plate, climbing wall or slide. In a playful way, your child strengthens his motor and mental abilities, develops a better body feeling and can live out his natural urge to move, even in bad weather.

Both together inspire the imagination and the creative game. The only small shortcoming: Your children's playmates will love this adventure bed just as much.

How does a cot become an adventure bed?

A normal cot is there for sleeping and occupies a not inconsiderable area of the children's room for this one purpose. By choosing a bunk bed or a bunk bed, you have already gained a lot of extra space for playing, stowing and working. However, the bed still remains primarily a sleeping furniture.

Adventure bed can call your cot if your son slips over the fire brigade pole for use, when ship captain has the steering firmly under control, with the play crane ensures order on the construction site, as a racer races around the Nürburgring or climbs Mount Everest over the climbing wall.
Your cot can also be called an adventure bed if your daughter dreams of the jungle in a hanging bag, becomes a circus acrobat on the wall of the rungs, protects the knight's castle or rides the railway through Lummerland.

The bed accessories for these and other creative game ideas can be found in our Billi-Bolli program, ranging from decoration and themed boards for knights, flower girls, pirates and more, to accessories for hanging and swinging, to elements for climbing and sliding.

What playbed models are available at Billi-Bolli?

In general, each of our bunk beds and bunk beds for 1, 2, 3 or 4 children is suitable for becoming an exceptional play and adventure bed with optional decorative elements and accessories. You can already find many suggestions in our bed descriptions of the respective models. We are also happy to advise you personally on the phone.

A special development is our sloping roof bed, a play bed with low sleeping level and a great, space-saving play tower. A clever combination that makes perfect use of the sloping roof of the children's room and provides many possibilities for exciting children's adventures. The tower can also be equipped with knight's castle boards, bull-eye boards, steering wheel and other accessories at will.

Our cuddly corner bed, as a combination of high bed and raised cuddly corner below, is especially popular with children who not only want to romp and play, but also enjoy the concentration and tranquility while watching picture books, reading, listening to music or cuddling cuddly toys. In doing so, they get new ideas for exciting role-playing games in the adventure bed.

Of course, the equipment of the play bed with a slide always ignites enthusiasm storms with all children. Here, however, the space requirement must not be underestimated. Another possibility to slide is the fire brigade pole. Also the climbing wall or the rungs wall are real highlights for the children's room, which always provide for "Ahs" and "Ohs" and are played lively

Here you will once again find all the basic models, which can be customized with our rich accessories and designed into a play and adventure bed:

Who is suitable for?

Pitched Roof Bed
Combines a low sleeping level with an increased playing area over helped the bed length
optimal use of space in children's rooms with sloping roofs; with swing bar
Children from 5 years

Comfy Corner Bed
Cuddly corner under the loft bed; available with matching mattress and upholstery
perfect space use: the cuddly corner offers a retreat for your child
Children from 5 years

Canopy Bed
Sleeping level at normal bed height, curtain poles on the bed frame
buildable with the parts of the growing loft bed; expandable with additional parts to one of the other models
Children, adolescents and young adults

Loft Bed Adjustable by Age
can be built up in 6 heights depending on the age of the child
The bed grows with: the purchase of more cots is superfluous
Babies (from approx. 9 months), children and adolescents

Bunk Bed
two levels of sleep on top of each other
Low space requirement with maximum playing possibilities
Children from 5 years

From what age are toy beds recommended?

Depending on which of the toy beds you choose, different age specifications must be observed. The models with an increased play or sleeping area are suitable for children from the age of five. Our growing bunk bed, on the other hand, is suitable for children of all ages. The sleeping level is height-adjustable: If the child is currently in the crawlage, the sleeping level is at construction height 1 (ground height). As your offspring gets older, you can mount the sleeping level higher in just a few simple steps. Under the bed, a practical storage space is created. Later, you turn furniture into a loft bed, creating around two square metres of additional play or work space underneath.

Security for play beds

When jumping and climbing the rackers, special care should be taken. That's why safety in Billi-Bolli children's furniture comes first. With regard to the level of fall protection, our beds far exceed the corresponding DIN standard. Cleanly worked and perfectly rounded woods are a matter of course in all our children's furniture. We only use pollutant-free and first-class pine and beech wood. All play beds are made in our master workshop. With a PlayBed from Billi-Bolli, you will receive a quality furniture made in Germany that meets the highest safety standards and which your children will have fun with for many years to come.


The children's room is the central place for the offspring, his little kingdom: your child wants to let off steam, play pirate, knight or princess, imaginatively design and explore his room. On the other hand, your child also wants to withdraw occasionally, dream in front of him – or even pull the curtains in front of the cuddly corner and smoulder. Play beds make both possible. They combine the familiar retreat with the creative adventure playground. Whether your child wants to design his cuddly corner to the Princess Palace with canopy or the sloping bed to the pirate ship – there are no limits to the childlike creativity! With Play Beds by Billi-Bolli you can create a place of possibilities for your little ones and make the most of the space in the room.

Once your children have grown out of the playing age, all child-friendly play elements can be removed. With cool curtains, a work place or a chilly seating area under the loft bed, the children's room then becomes a trendy youth and teen room. Last but not least, a high-quality playbed from Billi-Bolli still has a very high resale value even after years.