We produce kids’ furniture and adventure beds such as loft beds, bunk beds, kids’ beds and cots (baby cribs).
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Mattresses by PROLANA

We recommend these mattresses for our kids’ beds

Material information: rubberised coir

Material information: rubberised coir

Rubberised coir is a mixture of natural coconut fibres and pure natural rubber. It is highly elastic, but firm and springy. Deep air pockets in the material provide good ventilation. Rubberised coir is robust and free of metal.

Tips regarding international mattress sizes

  • If you buy a mattress from us, you can choose from any of the mattress sizes we offer for our kids’ beds.

  • If you already have a Single mattress (36 × 75 in, United Kingdom), it can be used with our 90 × 190 cm beds.

  • If you already have a Twin mattress (39 × 75 in, United States), it can be used with our 100 × 190 cm beds.

  • If you already have a Double/Full mattress (54 × 75 in), it can be used with our 140 × 190 cm beds.

PROLANA Mattress “Nele Plus”

PROLANA Mattress “Nele Plus”

We recommend this mattress for our kids’ beds. Nele Plus is a turnover mattress: the kids can choose between a somewhat softer side of spot-elastic natural rubber and a firmer side of breathable rubberised coir according to their sleeping needs. The mattress core is surrounded by lamb’s wool that adjusts to body temperature. The mattress cover, made of cotton drill, has a zipper and is therefore removable and washable. Perfectly suitable for our beds and it is our best-selling mattress (several hundred per year).

firmness: medium and firm (depending on side)
core: 5 cm rubberized coir, 4 cm natural rubber; surrounded by climate-comfort fleece from 500 g/m² lamb’s wool (certified organic)
cover: cotton drill (certified organic)
overall height: approx. 11 cm

For the sleeping level

Mattress SizeProduct No.Price
90x200 cm 90/200 cmM-NEP0€ 398.00
90x220 cm 90/220 cmM-NEP0L€ 458.00
100x200 cm 100/200 cmM-NEP1€ 439.00
100x220 cm 100/220 cmM-NEP1L€ 504.00
90x190 cm 90/190 cm
(UK: Single )
M-NEP2€ 398.00
100x190 cm 100/190 cm
(US: Twin )
M-NEP3€ 439.00
120x200 cm 120/200 cmM-NEP4€ 539.00
120x220 cm 120/220 cmM-NEP4L€ 619.00
120x190 cm 120/190 cmM-NEP5€ 539.00
140x200 cm 140/200 cmM-NEP6€ 639.00
140x220 cm 140/220 cmM-NEP6L€ 734.00
140x190 cm 140/190 cm
(UK/US: Double/Full )
M-NEP7€ 639.00
80x200 cm 80/200 cmM-NEP8€ 378.00
80x220 cm 80/220 cmM-NEP8L€ 434.00
80x190 cm 80/190 cmM-NEP9€ 378.00

For sleeping levels with protection boards (included by default with the Loft Bed and the upper sleeping levels of all bunk beds, for example), the sleeping area will be more narrow because the protection boards are attached to the inside. If you already have a mattress that you would like to use, it needs to be somewhat flexible. However, if you are planning on buying a new mattress, we recommend that you order the 3 cm narrower version of the suitable mattress for these sleeping levels (e.g. 87 × 200 cm instead of 90 × 200 cm) as it won’t be such a tight fit with the protection boards and it will be easier to change the sheets. Then please add to the appropriate product number “-S

For the Drawer Bed

Mattress Sizesuitable for Drawer BedProduct No.Price
80 × 180 cmZ-BKB-200M-BNP1€ 378.00
80 × 170 cmZ-BKB-190M-BNP2
80 × 200 cmZ-BKB-220M-BNP3

For those allergic to animal hair or house dust mites, we have Hypoallergenic and Neem versions of the PROLANA mattresses available.

We recommend the Hypoallergenic versions of the mattresses for those allergic to animal hair: these are free of animal hair and are made with 100% organic cotton wool instead of lamb’s wool.
No extra charge, please add the letter “A” after the product number.

If you or your child suffers from house dust mite allergies, we recommend the Neem versions of the mattresses. The leaves and seeds of the Neem tree have been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine for a variety of diseases – particularly for inflammation, fever and skin diseases. In mammals – including humans – this drug has no effect because the endocrine system is not comparable to that of mites. Experiments at the Institute for Environmental Diseases (IFU) in Bad Emstal have confirmed the ongoing effectiveness of Neem Anti-Mite. No settlement of dust mites could be detected in new mattresses, pillows, blankets and mattress pads that had been treated with Neem Anti-Mite. A long-term field study showed that even two years after the start of the test all previously treated materials were still free of mites.
Extra charge € 45, please add the letter “N” after the product number. Every 2 years or after washing the cover, the Neem treatment should be reapplied. You can order the spray from us as well.

If your child is allergic to both animal hair and house dust, please add the letters “AN” after the product number.

We stock the complete product range of PROLANA Natural Bedding (available also for adults).