We produce kids’ furniture and adventure beds such as loft beds, bunk beds, kids’ beds and cots (baby cribs).
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Tips & Ideas

The Billi-Bolli-song and other songs for children 

There's the Billi-Bolli-song for free download and information about children's songs by shooting star

Kids sleep differently 

Pediatrician Dr. Herbert Renz upholstery explains what babies and small children need to sleep well

Figures for Traffic Calming 

Traffic calming in a different way: wood figures against speeders

Gift Coupon 

The gift idea for grandparents, uncles, aunts, godparents, …

Bedside Crib Construction Manual 

For do-it-yourself enthusiasts: construction manual for the Bedside Crib

Free Handicraft Wood for Kindergartens 

Service for kindergartens and daycare centres: wood from our workshop for handicrafts


Assembly and conversion videos by customers


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