We produce kids’ furniture and adventure beds such as loft beds, bunk beds, kids’ beds and cots (baby cribs).
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Due to a large number of orders and a high workshop load, for coloured beds there is only a limited number of production slots left until Christmas.

Low Loft Bed

Loft beds at a medium height for rooms with a lower ceiling

Low Loft Bed, image 1Low Loft Bed, image 2Low Loft Bed, image 3

The Low Loft Bed can be assembled at heights 1 – 4 with a high fall guard and at height 5 with a basic fall guard . It is a suitable choice if the Loft Bed Adjustable by Age would not fit into the children’s room.

At assembly height 4, it is suitable for children 3.5 years of age and older.

Low Loft Bed
can be assembled laterally reversed
External Dimensions
Width = mattress width + 13.2 cm
Length = mattress length + 11.3 cm
Height = 196 cm (swing beam )
height of the outer feet : 164.0 cm
height under the bed : 87.0 cm
mattress size 90x200 cm 90/200 cm
⇒ dimensions of the bed: 103.2 / 211.3 / 196.0 cm
Variants and Prices: Low Loft Bed
Mattress Size:  × cm
Type of Wood: 

Clicking “order” enters this configuration into the order form. There you can change the quantity and add accessories/extras manually.

Price include slatted base(s), protection boards, swing beam, ladder and handles (depending on bed type). Not included in base price: mattresses, Bed Drawers and other accessories.

If you order more than one bed or if you order together with friends, you receive the following discounts: 5 % for 2 beds or 7 % for 3 beds (discounts effective from a € 550.00 value per bed with accessories, if you pay via pre-payment).

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Low Loft Bed