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Desktop for every pupil and student loft bed

The integrated space-saving desk is the smart study area solution for students of all ages

Before you know it, the toddler grows into a schoolchild, sits their A-levels or finishes an apprenticeship and moves into a small flatshare with their loft bed. A space-saving and, at the same time, a fully-fledged study area is required for all the years of training. Our loft bed system once again proves its well thought-out and sustainable concept. With the integration of a generous desktop you create a truly space-saving yet spacious area for studying below the loft bed.



Thanks to the width over the full bed length, two working areas can be set up side by side: one for writing and one for your own computer.

This version is mounted on the wall side below the sleeping level of the growing loft bed from construction height 6 (i), the youth loft bed or the student bunk bed. Also with the both-up bunk bed type 2C, the writing plate works over the full length below the upper sleep level.

The writing plate for the long side can be combined well with a large bed shelf on the short side of the bed. A roll container can also be accommodated perfectly.

Width: covers the entire length of the bed
Depth: 60.0 cm
Mountable in the following heights: 68.7 cm / 71.2 cm / 73.7 cm / 76.2 cm / 78.7 cm



With the writing plate for the short page, you have two options:
* It can be attached to the bed interior so that the user works under the sleeping level. This possibility is compatible with the growing bunk bed from construction height 6 (i), the youth bunk bed and the student bunk bed.
* Or you can attach this writing plate facing outwards if there is space in the children's room. This option works from height 4 of the sleeping level above it, and extends the mentioned compatible beds by the half-height bunk bed, the bunk bed-over-corner, bunk bed-shifted, the two-up bunk beds, the four-bunk bed-side-shifted and the cuddly corner bed.

In the photos below you can see both ways of attaching.

Desktop Desktop
Width: covers the entire length of the bed
Depth: 60.0 cm
Mountable in the following heights: 63.0 cm / 65.5 cm / 68.0 cm / 70.5 cm / 73.0 cm
Variants: Desktop
For which bed?:  × cm
Wood Type : 
Surface : 
€ 248.00 incl. 19 % VAT
*) This desktop includes an additional middle beam for the wall facing side. Please specify the position of the swing beam on your bed (in the middle / shifted to the corner / without swing beam).

If you are looking for a stand-alone desk that matches the look of the bed, you can also check out our children's desk.