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Desktop for our loft beds

The integrated space-saving desk is the smart study area solution for students of all ages

Before you know it, the toddler grows into a schoolchild, sits their A-levels or finishes an apprenticeship and moves into a small flatshare with their loft bed. A space-saving and, at the same time, fully-fledged study area is required for all the years of studying. Our loft bed system once again proves its well-thought-out and sustainable concept. With the integration of a generous desktop, you create a truly space-saving yet spacious area for studying below the loft bed. With 5 different height options to choose from you can adjust the desktop to your child’s needs. The desktop is available for the long side (wall facing side) and for the short side of our beds.

Desktop for the long side of the bed

Desktop for the long side of the bed

Since it stretches along the full length of the bed, you can set up two work areas next to each other: one for writing and the other one for the computer.

This version is installed at the wall facing side below the sleeping level of the Loft Bed Adjustable by Age at assembly height 6  and above, the Youth Loft Bed and the Students’ Loft Bed. The desktop can also be attached along the full length of the Both-Up Bunk Bed Type 2C, below the upper sleeping level.

The desktop suitable for the installation on the long side can be easily combined with a large bed shelf on the short side of the bed. There is even enough space for a mobile container.

Here, the desktop is installed underneath the upper sleeping level (height 6) … (Desktop)
Width: covers the entire length of the bed
Depth: 60.0 cm
Mountable in the following heights: 68.7 cm / 71.2 cm / 73.7 cm / 76.2 cm / 78.7 cm

Desktop for the short side of the bed

Desktop for the short side of the bed

With the desktop suitable for the short side you have two options:

You can see both mounting options depicted in the photos below.

Here is the desktop for the short side of our beds. You can see the … (Desktop) Pictured is the desktop for the short side, installed on the outside of the … (Desktop)
Width: covers the entire width of the bed
Depth: 60.0 cm
Mountable in the following heights: 63.0 cm / 65.5 cm / 68.0 cm / 70.5 cm / 73.0 cm
Variants: Desktop
For which side of the bed / for which model and mattress size?:  × cm
Wood Type : 
Surface : 
€ 278.00 incl. VAT
*) This desktop includes an additional middle beam for the wall facing side. If you want to order this desktop for an existing bed, please specify the position of the swing beam on your bed (in the middle / shifted to the corner / without swing beam) in the “Additional notes and requests” field during checkout step 3.

The beech desktop is made of multiplex beech.

If you are looking for a free standing desk matching the look of the bed, then our kids’ desk may be perfect for you.

The desk in the loft bed: More than just a practical accessory

With a loft bed from Billi-Bolli, you get a clever space-saver in the children's room that grows with the needs of your growing child. But it's more than just a cozy place to sleep at height: With our writing board, it also becomes a productive workplace. At the latest as soon as the child starts school, it needs a workplace for homework. But where is there still room for a desk? Especially in small children's rooms, the value of our well thought-out loft bed system becomes clear, because with the large writing board we have another space-saving ace up our sleeve. It can be mounted below the sleeping level of the loft bed at five different heights, and thus adapts perfectly to the size of your child. Whether it's a toddler who likes to paint pictures; elementary school child doing homework; aspiring high school graduate who is preparing intensively for the exams; or young adults who need a place to work on the computer in their shared flat – our writing board adapts.