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Loft bed or bunk bed as a knight's bed

A loft bed or bunk bed for brave knights and noble kings

Knight's castle loft bed (knight's bed) with slide (Loft Bed Adjustable by Age)Hello, We’ve had our bed since the middle of May – now it is complete wit … (Knight’s Castle Theme Boards)Our already legendary knight’s castle theme boards. They can easily turn all l … (Knight’s Castle Theme Boards)A Pitched Roof Bed with a mattress width of 140 cm. The Knight’s Castle T … (Knight’s Castle Theme Boards)Knight's bunk bed made of beech wood, here with slide (Knight’s Castle Theme Boards)

Our Knight’s Castle Theme Boards with cool castle windows and battlements turn every adventure bed into a real knight’s castle. Perfectly protected with these castle walls, the courageous knights and damsels, the noble kings and princesses can always keep a watchful eye on their kids’ room empire. And below the loft bed is enough space for the hobbyhorse stable.

Loft bed or bunk bed as a knight's bed
Variants: Knight’s Castle Theme Board
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€ 129.00 incl. VAT

When choosing ladder position A (default) or B , you need the board in ½ bed length [HL] and the board in ¼ bed length [VL] to cover the remaining area of the long side of the bed. (The board in ¼ bed length [VL] is sufficient for the Pitched Roof Bed.)

In case you also attached a slide to the long side of the bed, please contact us for the suitable boards.

The Knight’s Castle Theme Boards for the short side of the bed do not come with battlements.

The theme board variant of your choice will fit nicely in the area between the upper beams of the fall guard of an upper sleeping level. If you want to attach theme boards to a lower sleeping level (height 1 or 2) we can adapt the boards for you. Just contact us.

Loft bed or bunk bed as a knight's bed

The children's bed as a knight's castle

The knight's bed from Billi-Bolli combines adventure and safe sleep for your child. Our children's beds are made of robust pine or beech wood and are available in various finishes such as untreated, oiled or lacquered. The customised themed boards transform the loft bed or bunk bed into a unique castle, for example, which stimulates the imagination and invites children to play.

Safety is our top priority. Our beds are sturdily constructed and made from non-toxic materials, guaranteeing a safe place to sleep and play for your little knight. The extensive range of accessories, such as a slide, climbing rope and rocking plate, make the knight's bed even more adventurous and encourage your child's motor skills.

Our children's beds are extremely flexible: thanks to the modular system, our loft beds and bunk beds grow with your child and can be converted at any time. For example, start with a loft bed and expand it later into a bunk bed for up to four children! The option of adding different themed shelves and accessories allows you to redesign the bed again and again and adapt it to your child's changing needs.

A knight's bed from Billi-Bolli is an investment in your child's future. It not only provides a cosy place to sleep, but also a place where dreams come true and adventures begin. Our experienced staff are on hand to advise you from configuration to assembly and help you choose the perfect Ritter bed for your child. Put your trust in our many years of experience and the high quality standards of our products and turn your child's bedroom into a place full of fantasy and adventure. Your child will love it!