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Mattress Sizes

Our kids’ beds are available in different sizes and can accommodate different mattresses

Billi-Bolli kids’ beds are available for different mattress sizes, allowing you to find the ideal bed for your individual room and particular needs. This way you make the most of the available space.

The most common mattress size is 90 × 200 cm.

Kids’ beds suitable for 220 cm mattresses are also available, allowing you to use our beds “forever”, as many children nowadays will grow rather tall.

We recommend choosing PROLANA’s “Nele Plus” mattress in combination with our beds.

Tips regarding international mattress sizes

  • If you buy a mattress from us, you can choose from any of the mattress sizes we offer for our kids’ beds.

  • If you already have a Single mattress (35 × 75 in, United Kingdom), it can be used with our 90 × 190 cm beds.

  • If you already have a Twin mattress (38 × 75 in, United States), it can be used with our 100 × 190 cm beds.

  • If you already have a Double/Full mattress (53 × 75 in), it can be used with our 140 × 190 cm beds.

Mattress Sizes