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Accessories for our mattresses

Molton pad and lower bed for even more hygiene and sleeping comfort

Molton mattress topper

As parents, you know this all too well. Quickly something is spilled or at night a little Malheur happens. How good if your cot mattress is then protected with the Molton mattress topper from Prolana. It is super absorbent and robust and, unlike a mattress cover, can be removed very quickly at any time of the day or night and washed at 95°C. This not only makes your work easier, but also relaxes parents and children. With the sturdy straps, the mattress protection fits perfectly and stays safe even when playing in the cot.

The Molton edition is made of pure cotton (kbA) and therefore particularly skin-friendly.

With sturdy corner tension bands.

Material: Molton, 100% cotton kbA
Characteristics: very absorbent, durable, washable

Mattress Size: 
€ 43.90 incl. 19 % VAT

Molton mattress topper

Underbed for more sleeping comfort

Especially for children and allergy sufferers, the optimal sleeping climate is essential. With a lower bed you can still toast the quality of your mattress. The demands placed on the sleeping pad are high: in summer, it should have a cooling and moisture-regulating effect and provide pleasant warmth from below in winter.

Our lower bed is filled with pure cotton (kbA), which absorbs moisture very well and thus ensures a healthy dry sleeping climate. The skin-friendly, suslutable cover made of satin also looks pleasantly cool and fresh.

Due to the quilting, the cotton filling of our underbed Firenze always stays where it belongs. This makes the mattress top particularly durable. Thanks to the practical straps, the cotton underbed can be easily removed, ventilated and washed – a special hygiene plus for all house dust mite and animal hair allergy sufferers.

With clamping straps for fastening.

Filling: cotton, kbA
Cover: Satin (cotton, kbA)
Quilting: Plaid quilting
Material properties Cotton: moisture-regulating, skin-friendly, durable and stretchy, suitable for allergy sufferers as washable

Mattress Size: 
€ 129.00 incl. 19 % VAT

Underbed for more sleeping comfort