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Accessories for our mattresses

Molleton mattress topper and mattress pad for extra hygiene and comfort

Molleton mattress topper

As parents, you know this all too well. In the blink of an eye, something is spilled or a “little accident” happens during the night. How reassuring to know that your kids’ mattress is protected with the molleton mattress topper. It is super absorbent and robust and – in contrast to a mattress cover – it can be removed very quickly at any time of the day or night and washed at 95° C. This does not only make cleaning a breeze, it also puts your mind at rest – relaxing the children alike. With its sturdy straps, the mattress protection fits perfectly and does not budge an inch even during playtime in the kids’ bed.

The molleton mattress topper is made of pure cotton (certified organic) and is therefore particularly kind to the skin.

With firm corner straps.

material: molleton, 100 % cotton (certified organic)
properties: effective moisture-wicking, hard-wearing, washable

Mattress Size: 
€ 42.00 incl. VAT

Molleton mattress topper

Mattress pad for better sleep

The optimal sleeping climate is essential for children and allergy sufferers. You can upgrade the quality of your mattress with a mattress pad. The demands on the sleeping surface are naturally very high: in summer it should have a cooling and moisture-regulating effect while it should provide pleasant warmth from below during wintertime.

Our mattress pad is filled with pure cotton (certified organic), which absorbs moisture very well and therefore provides a healthy, dry sleeping environment. The skin-friendly, supple cover made of satin adds a pleasantly cool and fresh feel.

Thanks to the quilting, the cotton filling of our Firenze mattress pad always stays where it belongs. This makes the mattress topper particularly hard-wearing. Thanks to the practical straps, the cotton mattress pad can be easily removed, aired and washed – extra hygiene for all those allergic to house dust mites and animal hair.

With fastening straps.

filling: cotton (certified organic)
cover: satin (cotton, certified organic)
quilting: diamond quilting
material properties cotton: moisture-regulating, skin-friendly, hard-wearing and elastic, washable and therefore suitable for allergy sufferers

Mattress Size: 
€ 179.00 incl. VAT

Mattress pad for better sleep

Certified organic quality by Prolana


Our mattress manufacturer Prolana only uses natural, high-quality materials for the production of mattresses and mattress accessories, which are continuously tested in independent laboratories. The entire production chain meets the highest ecological standards. Prolana has been certified and awarded important quality seals regarding material quality, fair trade etc.