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Portholes for the pirate bed

… turn your loft bed or bunk bed into a real cutter

A berth bed with fishing net (Porthole Theme Boards)A Both-Up Bunk Bed Type 2B. Our customers ordered the porthole theme boards, … (Both-Up Bunk Beds)This customer wanted everything with a white lacquer finish. (Normally, we oil … (Loft Bed Adjustable by Age)Frequently asked question: Does the head fit through the Porthole Theme … (Porthole Theme Boards)Our Porthole Theme Boards are suitable for all adventurers, big or small. (Porthole Theme Boards)

If captains, pirates and wild sailors want to set sail in their play bed, the Porthole Theme Boards are an absolute must. Seeing the world through portholes is exciting! They also make the elevated berth extremely cosy. The Porthole Theme Boards can be attached between the two top rows of beams and with our Animal Figures you can make them even more colourful.

Size of the portholes: 20 cm (complies with the DIN safety standard)

Portholes for the pirate bed
Variants: Porthole Theme Board
Model Type:  × cm
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Surface : 
€ 82.00 incl. VAT

When choosing ladder position A  (default), you need the board in ¾ bed length [DV] to cover the remaining area of the long side of the bed. Ladder position B  requires the board in ½ bed length [HL] and the board in ¼ bed length [VL]. (The board in ¼ bed length [VL] is sufficient for the Pitched Roof Bed.)

In case you also attached a slide to the long side of the bed, please contact us for the suitable boards.

The porthole theme boards can only be attached to the upper area of the fall guard, for safety reasons (also not in place of the safety boards at the height of the sleeping level).

Portholes for the pirate bed