We produce kids’ furniture and adventure beds such as loft beds, bunk beds, kids’ beds and cots (baby cribs).
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Kids’ Furniture

Joie de vivre in the children’s room with the kids’ furniture from Billi-Bolli

To furnish the kids’ room a little more, we have the following kids’ furniture to offer:
Wardrobes and Shelves
Wardrobes and Shelves 

Kids’ furniture with clear lines and a distinctive design which is also extremely stable and versatile: our wardrobe and shelf system. This furniture also fits well in the parents’ bedroom or a teenager’s bedroom, long after the child is past the age for loft beds.

Children’s Desk and Mobile File Pedestal
Children’s Desk and Mobile File Pedestal 

Our children’s desk grows with your child – just like our other kids’ furniture. There are different height settings and inclination options. The Mobile File Pedestal fits nicely under the Children’s Desk and offers room for all that is needed at the desk.

Kids’ Chairs
Kids’ Chairs 

Someone looking for kids’ furniture often comes around to the problem of finding a suitable chair. We offer two different kinds of kids’ chairs which provide relaxing ergonomic sitting and seamlessly meet the varied seating demands of children and youth.

Tips for Choosing the Right Kids’ Furniture

Children spend a significant portion of time with their children’s furniture: All day long they are playing – whether alone, with siblings or friends, or at night while they sleep in their cot. From school age onwards, they are learning and doing homework at a children’s desk. While adults have a separate bedroom and living room with the appropriate furniture, the children’s room is an “all-round habitat”. For these reasons, outfitting the children’s room is of particular importance and the requirements for kids’ furniture are much more versatile. A few basic considerations are important:

What requirements do the children’s furniture need to fulfill?

The child should feel comfortable in his or her room, and should be free to play and imagine to his or her heart’s content. The room must be safe and protected from the risk of accidents. If it is properly furnished, this offers the child many opportunities to completely enjoy a variety of things: activities for motor skills such as swinging, adventurous climbing and fast sliding on one the one hand, and retreat, rest and silence on the other. These initially conflicting desires can be realized through our children’s furniture in a surprisingly simple manner.

How much space is available?

Many children’s rooms in new homes are scarcely larger than 10 m², making the clever selection of space-saving children’s furniture a requirement to meet all of the different needs. Because Billi-Bolli’s Loft Beds and Bunk Beds foster a dual use of space, they’re particularly suitable for small rooms.

With what kind of outlook might I purchase children’s furniture?

Do I want to replace the items and furniture in the room several times over the next few years, or should I opt for children’s furniture which adapts to the developmental stages of my child? Our furniture grows with your child and is therefore the most economically-sensible choice. The nursery room turns into the children’s room; the children’s room into the teenager’s room. Our beds can even become dorm beds.

How important to me are the sustainable aspects of purchasing kids’ furniture?

The days of “the wonderland of waste” are definitely over. If the pending environmental challenges are to be mastered, it is important to, among other things, choose products with a long life cycle and which are produced from renewable raw materials. At the end of their useful life, they are able to be recycled effortlessly back through the ecological cycle. Of course, these considerations apply to all areas of daily life. When purchasing kids’ furniture, these considerations take on an special meaning, as these environmentally-friendly behaviors are lived out and practiced by the child rather than existing only in theory. Our kids’ furniture is made of pine and beech, not imitations of pine and beech!

How much money do I want to or can I spend?

The prescribed financial opportunities are different in many families. It is, however, generally true that because of the long service life of our children’s furniture, repeated new purchases are unnecessary. At the end of the desired service life, kids’ furniture from Billi-Bolli has such a high resale value that it will be much gentler to your bottom line than if you were to dispose of or replace furniture several times because of changing requirements or breaking.