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Kids’ beds that will bring you joy

Loft Beds and Bunk Beds for Kids from Billi-Bolli

Furniture for kids: loft beds, bunk beds, kids’ beds and cots
enjoy first-class quality from Germany directly from the manufacturer
All models quickly available
Free shipping in Germany
Restful Sleep at Night, Gameplay during The Day

We have developed Cots that grow with Your Children. Our Beds can already be used as a Cot (Lattice bed) and can be converted into a High Bed for Children in several Steps.

Thanks to the well Thought-out construction of our Beds, You can create an ideal Place to Play during the Day and to sleep restful at Night, even in small Rooms. Billi-Bolli's Cots are suitable for Children of all Ages.

Later, they can be used as a Youth bed or Student High Bed and offer particularly good value for money thanks to their long usability.

Growing loft bed for children and teenagers
To the High Beds
Bunk beds for children and teenagers
To the Bunk Beds
Cots and other beds for babies and toddlers
To the Cots
Loft beds, bunk beds and low beds for teenagers and adults
To the Youth beds

Loft Bed Adjustable by Age

from € 1,039 € 989
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Bunk Bed

from € 1,223 € 1,173
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Both-Up Beds

from € 1,925 € 1,875
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Pitched Roof Bed

from € 1,120 € 1,070
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The design of our kids’ furniture is guided by 7 key principles:

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More advantages you don’t want to miss out on:

  • transform your child’s room and discover all the possibilities through extensive consultation
  • enjoy first-class quality from Germany directly from the manufacturer
  • easy-to-understand and detailed assembly manuals
  • we connect you with a customer near you to see the quality of our furniture for yourself
  • resell your Billi-Bolli furniture and accessories free of charge on our Secondhand Page
  • 7-year warranty on all wooden parts and an unlimited availability guarantee
Are you looking for adjustable, high-quality and durable furniture for your kids, e.g. adventure beds, play beds, loft or bunk beds? Then you have come to the right place.

Cots of Billi-Bolli

Billi-Bolli has been producing and distributing co-growing cots for almost three decades. During this time, we have continued to perfect our construction – not least because of many suggestions and wishes from our customers. The basic models of our cots come in many variants. They can all be rebuilt later on in the event of changing requirements. Special dimensions to your liking are possible.

Take advantage of our experience of more than 15,000 cots produced.

High Beds – from the Cot To the youth bed

With the purchase of our growing high bed, you get a bed that expands – with baby grids – can be used both as a cot and at any further development step of your children. Thanks to its construction, the original by Billi-Bolli is even suitable as a student high bed (with correspondingly high feet). The first construction height of the high bed begins with a reclining area directly above the ground and reaches at the highest possible height up to a mattress top edge of about 233 cm. Bunk beds.

Bunk Beds – for one to four Children

The great Advantage of Bunk beds (Bunk beds) is that several Children find their Place to sleep in a small Space. As with all Billi-Bolli Beds, however, our Bunk Beds don't just score points with their practical Aspects. Above all, they are Fun for Children, because they are designed as true play and Adventure Beds, in which Siblings are simply close. Our Bunk Beds are available in many Designs, for Example as
* Corner Bunk Bed: Ideal for larger Children's Rooms
* Bunk Bed Laterally Staggered: Ideal for Rooms with Roofs and larger Rooms
* Skyscraper: With three Sleeping Levels

Discover many more Variants of our Bunk Beds.