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Bunk beds for children and teens

Versatile bunk beds made from premium solid wood – for kids and teenagers

Bunk beds for children and teens

They are one of the special experiences in every holiday camp, but also in your own home bunk beds or bunk beds are becoming more and more popular with parents and children. No wonder, after all, there are many good reasons for a practical bunk bed – be it the siblings' need for mutual closeness, regular visits from friends or simply the desire for more space to play. If you have two or more children, you will find the right solution for every child's room with our versatile bunk beds.

Billi-Bolli Office Team
Service is our passion! Whether you have a short question or need detailed advice on our beds and the possibilities for your kids’ room – we look forward to your call: 📞 +49 8124 / 907 888 0. Or visit our exhibition near Munich – real or virtual via Skype (please make an appointment).

Classic bunk bed for 2 children (Bunk Beds)
Bunk Bed →

Our bunk bed or bunk bed offers 2 children generous sleeping and sleeping space and requires only the space of a single bed thanks to the space-saving sleeping levels arranged on top of each other. With a bunk bed, you can set up a wonderful two-storey bed paradise for siblings sharing a room. When designing our solid wood bunk beds, we attach great importance to safety and stability, so that bunk beds from the Billi-Bolli workshop master all the challenges in the children's room with flying colours for years to come and also withstand the onslaught of guests.

TÜV Süd certification mark “Geprüfte Sicherheit” (GS / tested safety)
Tested according to DIN EN 747: Bunk Bed in 90 × 200 with ladder position A, without Swing Beam, equipped with Mouse Boards all around, untreated & oil-waxed.
from € 1,133.00 
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Details: Bunk Bed

Corner Bunk Bed: the corner bed for 2 children (Bunk Beds)
Corner Bunk Bed →

The bunk bed-over-corner is the ideal two-person bunk bed for slightly larger children's rooms. With the sleeping levels for two children arranged over the corner and the resulting play cave, this bunk bed is a real eye-catcher in every children's room. For this purpose, the corner bunk bed requires a larger footprint than the classic bunk bed, but also offers many more play possibilities. With the bed accessories from our extensive range, no children's wishes remain open. The corner bunk bed is also the ideal solution in children's rooms with sloping roofs.

TÜV Süd certification mark “Geprüfte Sicherheit” (GS / tested safety)
Tested according to DIN EN 747: Corner Bunk Bed in 90 × 200 with ladder position A, without Swing Beam, equipped with Mouse Boards all around, untreated & oil-waxed.
from € 1,179.00 
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Details: Corner Bunk Bed

Laterally staggered bunk bed for 2 kids (Bunk Beds)
Bunk Bed Laterally Staggered →

The bunk bed-side-offset can accommodate 2 children and fits perfectly when your nursery is elongated. The upper and lower lying surface of this bunk bed are placed in length offset to each other. This also creates a great play cave for the children under the upper sleeping level of the bunk bed. Our optional themed boards enchant the sibling bed into a pirate bed, knight's bed, railway bed or fire brigade bed. With the same advantages as the bunk bed-over-corner, this offset bunk bed is also suitable for rooms with sloping roofs.

TÜV Süd certification mark “Geprüfte Sicherheit” (GS / tested safety)
Tested according to DIN EN 747: Bunk Bed Laterally Staggered in 90 × 200 with ladder position A, without Swing Beam, equipped with Mouse Boards all around, untreated & oil-waxed.
from € 1,172.00 
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Details: Bunk Bed Laterally Staggered

Youth Bunk Bed for older children (Bunk Beds)
Youth Bunk Bed →

With this double-decker bunk bed for older children and adolescents, functionality and solid stability are clearly in the foreground. Both children find their own relaxation and sleeping area on the lying areas on top of each other. The two-person bunk bed can be supplemented very practically with accessories such as dessert board and shelf. And with an optional bed, you can also welcome spontaneous overnight guests. Thanks to its compact, stable solid wood construction, the Billi-Bolli Youth Stockbed is also excellently suited for long-lasting use in youth hostels, hostels, mountain huts, etc.

TÜV Süd certification mark “Geprüfte Sicherheit” (GS / tested safety)
Tested according to DIN EN 747: Youth Bunk Bed in 90 × 200 with ladder position A, untreated & oil-waxed.
from € 959.00 
🚚 free delivery (Germany) 
Details: Youth Bunk Bed

Both-Up Bunk Beds for two children (Bunk Beds)
Both-Up Bunk Beds →

A bunk bed or bunk bed should be there! But who of the children is allowed to sleep upstairs? Billi-Bolli has the perfect solution: in the two-up bunk bed, both children just sleep upstairs! There are both top bunk beds in different heights, so that the correct height can be chosen according to the age of the children and the safety is granted. And the highlight: If each of the children later gets their own children's room, the two-person bunk bed with extension parts can be divided into two separate bunk beds. These bunk beds can also be equipped with all accessories from our offer.

from € 1,732.00 
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Details: Both-Up Bunk Beds

Triple Bunk Beds: high-riser for 3 kids (Bunk Beds)
Triple Bunk Beds →

You have 3 children, but only one children's room? This is exactly what we have developed our three-storey bed for. Due to the clever "nesting" of the individual lying surfaces of the three-bedbed, three children or teenagers sleep on just 3 m2 and that at a standard room height of 2.50 m. Doesn't that sound perfect to you? Safety and stability are also top priorities in this sophisticated high-bed building. And with our great bed accessories, you can playfully "spice up" your three-person bunk beds to your heart's content or create additional storage space under the bunk bed.

from € 1,738.00 
🚚 free delivery (Germany) 
Details: Triple Bunk Beds

Skyscraper Bunk Bed for three kids (Bunk Beds)
Skyscraper Bunk Bed →

You have 3 children, only 1 children's room, but plenty of air up? Then your children are in our skyscraper bunk bed for 3 just right. It offers three children or adolescents a spacious sleeping space on only 2 m2 of space! But it also grows slightly higher than our three-person bunk bed. The skyscraper bunk bed requires a room height of approx. 3.15 m. This makes this three-storey bed ideal for high-rise old and attic rooms and is also often installed in holiday homes. A real wonder of space!

from € 1,896.00 
🚚 free delivery (Germany) 
Details: Skyscraper Bunk Bed

Bunk Bed Laterally Staggered for 4 children (Bunk Beds)
Bunk Bed Laterally Staggered for Four →

The challenge: 4 tired children – but only one children's room. The solution: The four-bedbed by Billi-Bolli. Whether own children or patchwork family, our four-bed bed-side-offset has its own spacious relaxation and sleeping level for each of your four children, on only 3 m2 of floor space. This requires a room height of approx. 3.15 m. Due to the offset lying surfaces, the bunk bed for four children looks really airy despite the solid and stable construction. And rest assured: the continuous load over four floors can have absolutely no impact on this four-person high bed.

from € 2,500.00 
🚚 free delivery (Germany) 
Details: Bunk Bed Laterally Staggered for Four

Customising options (Bunk Beds)
Customising Options →

With solutions for special room situations, such as sloping roofs, extra-high feet or rocking beam position, our loft beds and play beds can be individually adapted to your children's room. You can also choose flat rungs or a playing floor instead of slatted slats here.

Decision support: Which bunk bed is right for our children?

Many parents choose to have more than one child again; more and more often we see families with 3, 4 or even 5 children. At the same time, however, in many places, housing is becoming more and more expensive and smaller. It is clear that two or more children will then "have to share" a children's bedroom. In order to turn the "must" into a "must", we have developed great bunk beds for two, three and up to four children. We would like to advise you on the choice of beds, so that you can find the optimal bunk bed for your children and your living situation.


Bunk beds for children and teens

What are the advantages of bunk beds or bunk beds?

A bunk bed is used when at least two lying surfaces, usually on top of each other, are united in one piece of furniture and firmly connected. In shared accommodations such as mountain huts or youth hostels, the double-storey bunk beds are also known as bunk beds. There, as well as in the home children's room, the great advantage of a bunk bed lies in the optimal use of space. On the same area as a single bed, bunk beds offer several children a full-fledged and extremely cuddly sleeping opportunity and are therefore extremely space-saving. So it's ideal for the shared children's room!

Even the space under the lowest lying area of the bunk bed can still be used. In our sturdy bed box drawers you can clean up and store toys and bed linen. Or create another lying area for guests, spontaneous overnighters or the patchwork children with the pull-out bed.

What types of bunk beds are available at Billi-Bolli?

We have developed bunk beds in different variants for 2, 3 or 4 children, which can be adapted to any particular room situation. If you want to accommodate two children, then take a look at our wide range of double bunk beds. Depending on the space available, you can opt for a receding surface arrangement on top of each other, over corner, offset sideways or both-up. For two already older children, the youth bunk bed may be possible. Three children in a children's room can be accommodated in our three-storey beds, which are available in many different clever construction variants, or especially space-saving as skyscrapers on top of each other. And an entire children's quartet can comfortably set up in our four-storey bed in the smallest room.

By the way: Our side-shifted or over-corner bunk beds are also excellent for sloping children's rooms.

Here you can find our different models in an overview:

Model | Specification | Benefits | Who is suitable for?

Bunk Bed | * two sleep levels on top of each other
* can also be built up as a variant for smaller children | * Space-saving
* can be divided into two separate cots with a few additional parts
* Lower level can be provided with baby grilles | * Toddlers
* Children
* Young people

Corner Bunk Bed | two sleeping levels arranged at a 90-degree angle | * more play possibilities thanks to special design
* Lower level can be provided with baby grilles
* Conversion to bunk bed and separate youth bed possible | ideal for siblings sharing a larger nursery

Bunk Bed Laterally Staggered | two sleeping planes shifted lengthways/sideways | * Lower level can be provided with baby grilles
* Conversion to bunk bed and separate youth bed possible | ideal for larger, elongated children's rooms

Youth Bunk Bed | two sleeping levels on top of each other at a great distance | space-saving, functional and stable | * larger children and adolescents
* ideal for hostels and other facilities

Both-Up Bunk Beds | two raised sleep levels at a small distance on top of each other, offset to the side or over corner | * End of discussion about who is allowed to sleep above
* Space for large play cave under the beds | * Ideal for slightly larger children's rooms
* available in different heights for different age groups

Triple Bunk Beds | three sleeping levels on top of each other, offset to the side or over corner | * Space-saving | ideal for many children when there is little room available

Skyscraper Skyscraper Bed | three sleeping levels on top of each other | * three sleeping places on a small footprint
* plenty of space between the sleeping levels | * for high old and attic rooms
* Upper level only suitable for teenagers and adults

Bunk Bed Laterally Staggered for Four | four sleeping levels on top of each other offset sideways | * largest bunk bed for 4 people
* expandable to five bed with bed | * Children's room with high rooms
* Upper levels only suitable for teenagers and adults

What to look for when buying?

A bunk bed for two or more children is subject to great stress, especially if it is extended with accessories to the play bed and the children on the upper floors are already larger. Here, not only is the sleeping level climbed several times a day, but also climbed, rocked and played. An important criterion when choosing bunk beds is therefore the quality of the materials used.

When building our bunk beds, we only process high-quality solid wood from sustainable forestry. Wood of the best quality, 1a processed in our local Billi-Bolli workshop and the well-thought-out and tried and tested Billi-Bolli bed design guarantee you a consistent stability of our bunk beds, even after conversions or removals, and also a very long service life.

Child safety is also a top priority, especially for high bunk beds. For this reason, all our bunk beds are already equipped with our special fall protection – the highest standard fall protection you can find with cots today. By complying with the component distances in accordance with DIN EN 747, clamping hazards are excluded from the outset. And with additional safety accessories from our range such as protective boards, ladder protection and baby grilles, you can individually ensure that even children with greater ages can safely and safely share a bunk bed and a room. Our standard bunk bed is TÜV-approved. This provides you with additional security.

In order to ensure that you can easily install the selected bunk bed, we create an easy-to-understand and detailed step-by-step guide for you, which is tailored to your personal bed composition. Thus, the construction of our bunk beds becomes child's play for you.

A guide to the right choice of a bunk bed for several children

In order to find the optimal bunk bed for your family and your room situation, it may help you to proceed in the order we suggest.

Number and age of children

The number of children to share the room is fixed ... or not? Either way, you always stay flexible with the Billi-Bolli module system. Our beds grow with your children and according to your wishes. But the actual state is already a good starting point. With our meaningful model names you can easily get to the detailed descriptions of our two-, three- and four-storey beds. If necessary, you should consider further planned family growth in your consideration.

Unlike our growing bunk bed for 1 child, the possible heights of the bunk beds are relatively limited due to the overlapped sleeping levels. The lower sleeping level is mounted as standard in height 2 and is suitable for infants and children from 2 years. For babies and crawling children, however, it is possible to attach this level first in height 1, i.e. directly above the ground. The second lying area is usually located in height 5 for children from approx. 5 - 6 years, but would also be mounted in height 4 for children from approx. 3.5 years. With the three- and four-person bunk beds, the construction height 6 comes into play. Depending on the level of fall protection, children from 8 to 10 years of age, i.e. school children and adolescents, are at home. You can find out more about this in our overview of the different heights of the Billi-Bolli cots or in the detailed model descriptions.

If the age difference between the children sharing bed and room is quite large, take a look at our wide range of accessories for safety. With ladder protection, baby grilles or barriers for ladders and slides, you can save small, curious Kraxlers from following their big siblings.

Room height and room section

Our bunk beds for two children have a height of 228.5 cm including the swing beam. This also remains the same in the various model variants with classically superimposed or both-above arranged lying surfaces. This is different with the youth bunk bed for older children. Because of the greater distance between the lower and upper lying surface, this already 2 m high bunk bed requires at least a room height of 229 cm. The same room height is also sufficient for our three-story bed variants. However, the skyscraper bunk bed for 3 children and the four-story bunk bed require about 315 cm from the floor to the ceiling of the room.

You should keep an eye on an additional need for space if you want to extend your bunk bed with play equipment such as a crane or a slide to a real adventure bed.

The basic cut of the children's room and possible sloping roofs determine the choice of the appropriate bed variant. If the children's room is rather elongated and narrow, it is recommended that the lying surfaces be arranged on top of each other or in length. If you can take advantage of a room corner, then the over-corner bed variants are also possible. A bunk bed with interlocking sleeping levels fits perfectly into a children's room with sloping roof and makes optimal use of the room.

Mattress size

The standard mattress size for our bunk beds is 90 x 200 cm. You can find out which additional mattress dimensions (from 80 x 190 cm to 140 x 220 cm) for the different beds can be found on the respective model pages.

Type of wood and surfaces

In the next step, you decide on a type of wood. We offer our bunk beds in pine and beech, both of course the best solid wood from sustainable forestry. Pine is softer and more visually alive, beech is harder, darker and visually a little more homogeneous.

On the surface, you also have the choice: untreated, oiled-waxed, white/coloured glazed or painted white/coloured. The high bed has been particularly popular in recent years.

Simple bunk bed - or play bed with unusual accessories?

A bunk bed for several siblings is a big investment. But if you consider that by purchasing a single high-quality bed you can care for and make several children happy for many years and also flexibly remodel and transform it, things look different. The bed becomes the heart of your children's room.

And that's not all that a solid, high-quality bunk bed has on it. There are almost no limits to your imagination and that of your children. Turn the shared children's bedroom into a homely adventure playground for all weather conditions. Thanks to our varied accessories, our bunk beds can be transformed into individual and exciting play beds. From slides to climbing ropes to rungs walls, there is everything that promotes the motor skills and body feeling of your children and invites you to creative fantasy stories.

Notes on the use of the children's bunk bed

* Follow the instructions for the age-appropriate heights.
* Do not overwhelm your child and, in case of doubt, choose the lower height.
* Watch your child and be there when climbing into the new bunk bed for the first time to help them if necessary.
* Check the stability of the bed regularly and tighten the screws if necessary.
* If necessary, teach the larger siblings how to attach the safety accessories (ladder grille and ladder protection).
* Pay attention to a child-friendly, fixed-elastic mattress with stable tread edges. We recommend our Prolana mattresses.


Bunk beds are the ideal solution when two, three or four children share a shared children's room. On a small footprint, each sibling finds his or her own cosy sleeping island for retreating and dreaming. The temporary space in the children's room can be usefully used, e.g. for wardrobes, the play area, bookshelves or the student's workplace.

With the varied accessories from the Billi-Bolli range, the sleeping furniture becomes a great play and adventure bed according to the individual wishes of the small inhabitants. Even in a small room with multiple occupancy, the cot becomes a real eye-catcher and creates a warm, family atmosphere.

First-class quality of material and workmanship pays off over the years, as continuous stress, conversions and removals can do nothing to damage a sturdy Billi-Bolli bunk bed.

With our conversion kits, a two-storey bed can be converted into two single high beds. This way you will remain flexible for the future and can continue to use the bed if the family situation changes.