We produce kids’ furniture and adventure beds such as loft beds, bunk beds, kids’ beds and cots (baby cribs).
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Due to a large number of orders and a high workshop load, for coloured beds there is only a limited number of production slots left until Christmas.

Foam Mattresses

The low priced alternative to the PROLANA mattresses

Tips regarding non-European mattress sizes

  • If you buy a mattress from us, you can choose from any of the mattress sizes we offer for our kids beds.

  • If you already have a Single mattress (36 × 75 in, United Kingdom), it can be used with our 90 × 190 cm beds.

  • If you already have a Twin mattress (39 × 75 in, United States), it can be used with our 100 × 190 cm beds.

  • If you already have a Double/Full mattress (54 × 75 in), it can be used with our 140 × 190 cm beds.

Our solid foam mattresses are a low priced alternative to the rubber coir mattresses from PROLANA.

The cotton drill cover is removable (has zipper) and washable (30° C, not suitable for tumble-drying).

Available in blue, red and ecru.

Firmness: medium
Core: 10 cm polyfoam
Density: 25 kg/m³
Foam Mattresses

Our Foam Mattresses are available in different colours.
When placing an order, please add -BL (blue), -RO (red) or -EC (ecru) after the product number.

For the sleeping level

Mattress SizeProduct No.Price
90x200 cm 90/200 cmM-SM0€ 126.00
90x220 cm 90/220 cmM-SM0L€ 155.00
100x200 cm 100/200 cmM-SM1€ 136.00
100x220 cm 100/220 cmM-SM1L€ 165.00
90x190 cm 90/190 cm
(UK: Single )
M-SM2€ 126.00
100x190 cm 100/190 cm
(US: Twin )
M-SM3€ 136.00
120x200 cm 120/200 cmM-SM4€ 198.00
120x220 cm 120/220 cmM-SM4L€ 227.00
120x190 cm 120/190 cmM-SM5€ 198.00
140x200 cm 140/200 cmM-SM6€ 249.00
140x220 cm 140/220 cmM-SM6L€ 278.00
140x190 cm 140/190 cm
(UK/US: Double/Full )
M-SM7€ 249.00
80x200 cm 80/200 cmM-SM8€ 126.00
80x220 cm 80/220 cmM-SM8L€ 144.00
80x190 cm 80/190 cmM-SM9€ 126.00

For sleeping levels with protection boards (which come by default with the Loft Bed and the upper sleeping level of all bunk beds, for example), the sleeping area inside is a bit narrower since the protection boards are attached on the inside face. If you already have a mattress that you would like to continue using here, that’s possible if it is somewhat flexible. But if you plan on buying a new mattress, we recommend that you order the 3 cm narrower version of the corresponding mattress for these sleeping levels (e.g. 87 × 200 instead of 90 × 200 cm) as it won’t be such a tight fit between the protection boards and it will be easier to change the sheets.

For the Drawer Bed

Mattress Sizesuitable for Drawer BedProduct No.Price
80 × 180 cmZ-BKB-200M-BSM1€ 126.00
80 × 170 cmZ-BKB-190M-BSM2
80 × 200 cmZ-BKB-220M-BSM3

For the Comfy Corner of the Comfy Corner Bed

Mattress SizeProduct No.Price
90 × 102 cmM-KSM0€ 80.00
100 × 102 cmM-KSM1€ 85.00