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Foam Mattresses

The low-priced alternative to the PROLANA mattresses

Tips regarding international mattress sizes

  • If you buy a mattress from us, you can choose from any of the mattress sizes we offer for our kids’ beds.

  • If you already have a Single mattress (35 × 75 in, United Kingdom), it can be used with our 90 × 190 cm beds.

  • If you already have a Twin mattress (38 × 75 in, United States), it can be used with our 100 × 190 cm beds.

  • If you already have a Double/Full mattress (53 × 75 in), it can be used with our 140 × 190 cm beds.

Our solidly crafted and German-manufactured foam mattresses are a budget-friendly alternative to the rubber coir mattresses from PROLANA.

The cotton drill cover is removable (with zipper) and washable (30° C, not suitable for tumble-drying).

Firmness: medium
Core: 10 cm polyfoam
Density: 25 kg/m³
Foam Mattresses
Mattress Size / type: 
€ 135.00 incl. 19 % VAT

For sleeping levels with protection boards (included by default with the Loft Bed and the upper sleeping levels of all bunk beds, for example), the sleeping area will be more narrow because the protection boards  are attached to the inside. If you already have a mattress that you would like to use, it needs to be somewhat flexible. However, if you are planning on buying a new mattress, we recommend that you order the 3 cm narrower version of the suitable mattress for these sleeping levels (e.g. 87 × 200 cm instead of 90 × 200 cm) as it won’t be such a tight fit with the protection boards and it will be easier to change the sheets.

Variants: Foam Mattress for the Comfy Corner of the Comfy Corner Bed
Foam Mattresses
Mattress size / Colour: 
€ 99.00 incl. 19 % VAT