We produce kids’ furniture and adventure beds such as loft beds, bunk beds, kids’ beds and cots (baby cribs).
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Due to a large number of orders and a high workshop load, for coloured beds there is only a limited number of production slots left until Christmas.

Kids’ Mattresses

Kids’ mattresses and youth mattresses for a restful sleep

For the preservation of health and vitality, a restful sleep is one of the most important factors. Recreation, relaxation, refreshment, resting, strengthening. No wonder we are well if we sleep well. But sleeping is anything but “doing nothing”. While you are asleep, body and soul accomplish much of the work of development and regeneration. Children in particular have a lot to process during their sleep. And they spend more time in bed than adults. In order for all these processes to take place undisturbed, the external environment must be well chosen. The right materials in a kids’ bed promote these nighttime processes. Billi-Bolli adventure beds equipped with ecologically noteworthy kids’ and youth mattresses from PROLANA are places of retreat – nests, in which the kids feel protected and snug.

Kids’ Mattresses

Tips regarding non-European mattress sizes

  • If you buy a mattress from us, you can choose from any of the mattress sizes we offer for our kids beds.

  • If you already have a Single mattress (36 × 75 in, United Kingdom), it can be used with our 90 × 190 cm beds.

  • If you already have a Twin mattress (39 × 75 in, United States), it can be used with our 100 × 190 cm beds.

  • If you already have a Double/Full mattress (54 × 75 in), it can be used with our 140 × 190 cm beds.

The following are the most popular of our mattresses for a healthy and cuddly kids’ bed:

Mattresses by PROLANA
Mattresses by PROLANA 

These kids’ and youth mattresses are perfectly suited for our kids’ beds. They comfort the spine with the right bedding, thereby helping adolescents to prevent postural damage. The mattress cores are made of rubberised coir and natural rubber, surrounded by lamb’s wool that adjusts to body temperature.

Foam Mattresses
Foam Mattresses 

Our mattresses with foam core are a low priced alternative to the kids’ mattresses by PROLANA. Here you’ll also find a small mattress for the cosy corner of the Comfy Corner bed. For the Drawer Bed, too, we have a low priced mattress made of foam.

Folding Mattress
Folding Mattress 

The Folding Mattress consists of three connected elements, which can be folded up to a compact block. In this form it can easily be transported or stored. When needed, for example when a guest stays overnight, it can be unfolded and be placed e.g. under the Bed Adjustable by Age.