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Best mattresses for kids’ beds

Good mattresses for kids and mattresses for teenagers keep them safe while playing during the day and provide restful sleep at night

A high-quality children's mattress is the heart of a good cot, which is used extensively and safely as a play bed during the day and guarantees a restful sleep at night. Again, only the best for your child. That's why we recommend the children's and youth mattresses from the German manufacturer PROLANA from Baden-Württemberg. The PROLANA mattresses for children and adolescents are manufactured according to ecological standards from pollutant-tested natural materials and are first-class processed. We also include mattresses for allergy sufferers.

A low-cost alternative to PROLANA cot mattresses is our foam mattress, also manufactured in Germany.

Our most popular mattresses for a healthy and cuddly kids’ bed.

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Mattresses for kids and teenagers by PROLANA (Mattresses)
Mattresses by PROLANA →

PROLANA mattresses for children and teenagers are made of non-toxic natural materials and are perfectly suited for our kids’ beds. The natural firm elasticity of the natural core, made of rubberised coir or natural rubber, offers optimal support for the spine. It ensures restful sleep and helps to prevent postural damage in adolescents and teenagers. At the same time, the firm elasticity of the kids’ mattress ensures a safe and injury-free rough and tumble play in the loft bed or the play bed during the day. The mattress cover – either made of lamb’s wool adjusting to body temperature or made of humidity regulating cotton – adds comfort and softness. All kids’ mattresses have removable and washable covers made of hard-wearing cotton drill (certified organic).

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Details: Mattresses by PROLANA
Foam Mattresses for kids’ beds (Mattresses)
Foam Mattresses →

Our foam mattresses made in Germany are a low-priced alternative to the kids’ mattresses by PROLANA. Many of our loft beds and play beds have already been equipped with this mattress for children and teenagers – it offers comfortable sleep and safety at a low price. The removable cotton drill cover is washable.

In the foam mattress category you will also find custom-fit mattresses for our Billi-Bolli Comfy Corner Bed and our Drawer Bed.

Folding Mattress for spontaneous overnight guests (Mattresses)
Folding Mattress →

Our Folding Mattress is very versatile. It fits perfectly underneath the sleeping level of our loft beds and is therefore the ideal guest bed for spontaneous overnight guests. Not in use, it can easily be folded up to save space and makes for a great seat or mobile comfy corner. For ease of use, the washable cotton drill cover can be removed.

Finding the best children's mattress: tips for choosing

In contrast to mattresses for adults, whose purchase is decisive for the degree of hardness, one's own feeling of sleeping comfort or health problems, very different aspects play an important role in baby mattresses and children's mattresses. Especially the use in the children's room as a sleeping pad and play area in a cot, bunk bed or play bed over many day and night hours places very special demands on a cot mattress. Mattresses for the children's room must not only ensure a calm and restful sleep, but at the same time meet the highest safety requirements when playing and romping – from baby age to school child or teenager.


Best mattresses for kids’ beds

Which mattress materials are recommended for my child's health?

A basic requirement for a healthy sleep and the optimal regeneration of your child are the use of first-class, pollutant-tested natural materials and their high-quality workmanship. This way you can be sure that your child's health is 100% preserved while sleeping and playing in the children's room.

Check with the manufacturer of your children's mattress about the production chain, starting from the raw material to the finished product. Sustainable mattress production relies on values and certified standards such as the renunciation of agrochemicals (pesticides and chemical fertilizers) as well as the use of renewable raw materials and fair-traded, certified organic materials. Certification labels such as kbA (certified organic farming), kbT (controlled organic animal breeding), FSC (Forest Stewardship Council®), Öko-Tex 100, GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and others are an important decision-making aid for parents.

Natural raw materials – pollutant-tested materials – high-quality workmanship are therefore the basis and heart of a healthy children's mattress or youth mattress.

From this point of view, the choice of buying mattresses for babies, toddlers and children should in any case be made on mattresses made of natural materials such as pure cotton, sheep wool, coconut fibres and natural rubber, etc. Purely organic materials care for your child with the special properties of Mother Nature:

Coconut rubber is the combination of natural coconut fibres and natural rubber. The latexed coconut fibres ensure a healthy sleeping climate (100% breathable, heat insulating) and are extremely resistant and hygienic. The biggest advantage of the natural coconut rubber is the firm and at the same time elastic lying comfort. A mattress core made of coconut latex ensures that babies and children lie comfortably comfortable, but not too soft, and the mattress edges remain tread-resistant and stable.

Organic cotton is breathable, moisture-regulating and skin-friendly, but at the same time extremely durable and washable. When choosing a mattress, make sure to make sure to use a removable mattress cover. Because a washable mattress cover is a must for the sleeping pad in a cot or cot in many ways. A mattress sheathing made of organic cotton is especially recommended for children with allergies or sensitive skin.

Sheep's wool creates a well-tempered, warming and dry sleeping atmosphere thanks to its wonderful climatic properties. Cuddly sheep wool is the ideal mattress sheathing for children with more heat requirements.

Soft or hard - how should the optimal children's mattress be?

As a parent, you would like to pack your beloved offspring in cotton wool and build him a particularly cuddly and soft nest. But when it comes to the first baby mattress or baby mattress, this request is not right from an orthopedic point of view for the healthy development of the child. Babies, toddlers and children should always sleep on a firm, elastic base.

The spine of babies and toddlers is still relatively straight until the age of 8, the body is light. Both the child's spine and the bone structure work continuously to grow, as the supporting muscles still lag behind. During growth, the main task of a good children's mattress is to optimally support the small body and the ergonomically straight alignment of the child's spine. This is best ensured by a firm and point-elastic mattress, e.g. with a mattress core made of natural coconut rubber.

A cot mattress that is too soft can lead to first back problems and permanent damage to the growing child. And newborns even put a too soft mattress in danger! If the baby turns to the abdomen during sleep and the head sinks too much, there is a risk of shortness of breath.

The perfect properties of a health-promoting and ergonomically optimal baby and child mattress are solid - elastic.

What should I consider when buying a child mattress for a bunk bed or bunk bed?

In general, the bed with mattress is one of the most used pieces of furniture in the house. An adult spends about 1/3 of the day regenerating and rechargeing his batteries. Babies, toddlers and children need even longer sleep phases between 10 and 17 hours to process the impressions of the day and to start a new adventurous children's day completely recovered.

But for a real children's mattress, this is not the end of it. Contrary to the mattresses for adults, the "work" really starts for the mattress in the children's room. Then the nightly sleeping pad becomes a gym and play mat, it is played and played on it, hopped and robbed, cuddled and gymnastics ... of course, usually with several children.

In the play bed or bunk bed, the used children's mattress should be sufficiently thick so that no bed frames can survive or the playing children can pinch their feet between the mattress and the protective board. For the same safety reason, a children's mattress should also have sufficient strength, so that the mattress edges and edges do not give way when playing and romping and thus pose a risk of injury. Even if the obtaining of a tightly seated children's room mattress requires some technology, this stiffness and stability is definitely a plus for more safety in the cot.

Safety - stability - durability are therefore the top criteria for choosing the right toy bed mattress for your child!

How big should the optimal children's mattress be?

In general, mattresses for babies and children should still offer enough space for the offspring to grow up. Until now, it was necessary that with the growth from baby to school child, several investments had to be made in an age-appropriate cot and cot. Today, parents can even choose a growing bed or bunk bed from birth. Together with the purchase of an ecologically valuable and healthy cot mattress, you and your offspring can sleep calmly for many years. A cot with a standard mattress in the size 90 x 200 cm can be transformed into a protective baby bed with a growing bed with the matching baby grilles and next door there is still space on the mattress area for wrapping, cuddling and reading. If the child is out of baby age, he or she can use the same cot mattress over the toddler age up to school. Therefore, it is advisable to trust in the quality, stability and longevity of a good children's mattress right from the start.

Growing along – flexible – long-lasting should be a really good children's mattress, so that you and your offspring can sleep for many years to come and sleep healthy.