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Best mattresses for kids’ beds

Good mattresses for kids and mattresses for teenagers keep them safe while playing during the day and provide restful sleep at night

Only the best for your child: A high-quality children’s mattress is the very heart of a good kids’ bed, extensively and safely used as a play bed during the day while providing a restful sleep at night. This is why we recommend the children’s and youth mattresses made by the German manufacturer PROLANA from Baden-Württemberg. The PROLANA mattresses for children and teenagers are skillfully manufactured to meet ecological standards and are made with natural materials tested for harmful substances. We also have mattresses for allergy sufferers in our product range. An inexpensive alternative to the kids’ bed mattresses by PROLANA is our foam mattress, also made in Germany. Our most popular mattresses for a healthy and cuddly kids’ bed.

Mattresses for kids and teenagers by PROLANA (Mattresses)Mattresses by PROLANA →
from € 499 

PROLANA mattresses for children and teenagers are made of non-toxic natural materials and are perfectly suited for our kids’ beds. The natural firm elasticity of the natural core, made of rubberised coir or natural rubber, offers optimal support for the spine. It ensures restful sleep and helps to prevent postural damage in adolescents and teenagers. At the same time, the firm elasticity of the kids’ mattress ensures a safe and injury-free rough and tumble play in the loft bed or the play bed during the day. The mattress cover – either made of lamb’s wool adjusting to body temperature or made of humidity regulating cotton – adds comfort and softness. All kids’ mattresses have removable and washable covers made of hard-wearing cotton drill (certified organic).

Foam Mattresses for kids’ beds (Mattresses)Foam Mattresses →
from € 185 

Our foam mattresses made in Germany are a low-priced alternative to the kids’ mattresses by PROLANA. Many of our loft beds and play beds have already been equipped with this mattress for children and teenagers – it offers comfortable sleep and safety at a low price. The removable cotton drill cover is washable.

In the foam mattress category you will also find custom-fit mattresses for our Billi-Bolli Comfy Corner Bed and our Drawer Bed.

Folding Mattress for spontaneous overnight guests (Mattresses)Folding Mattress →
from € 69 

Our Folding Mattress is very versatile. It fits perfectly underneath the sleeping level of our loft beds and is therefore the ideal guest bed for spontaneous overnight guests. Not in use, it can easily be folded up to save space and makes for a great seat or mobile comfy corner. For ease of use, the washable cover can be removed.

Duvet and pillow for the kids’ bed (Mattresses)Duvet and pillow →

Who doesn’t love to snuggle into the duvet and sink into the soft pillow in the evening? To help your child also look forward to going to bed and getting a good night’s sleep, we recommend a duvet and pillow by PROLANA – a great combination with our children’s beds. They offer all the top qualities of the natural material cotton, are particularly easy to care for and also suitable for allergy sufferers. Now nothing will stand in the way of your child’s journey to the land of Nod.

Accessories for our mattresses (Mattresses)Mattress accessories →

With small children and allergy sufferers, it is important to clean the bedding and mattress on a regular basis. Most modern mattresses come with removable and washable covers, but with our practical molleton mattress topper or with a moisture-regulating mattress pad protecting the mattress, cleaning is even easier for you. Simply loosen the straps, pop it into the washing machine and by the evening everything is perfectly dry and hygienically clean again.

Cushion pillows for an even cosier sleeping area (Mattresses)Cushion Pillows →

Furnish play dens and comfy corners with our wonderful cushion pillows. The covers made of cotton drill are washable and can be removed easily.

Tips on finding the best kids’ mattress

Unlike mattresses for adults, where the degree of firmness directly influences the purchase decision since it greatly affects sleep experience and health issues, when it comes to baby mattresses and kids’ mattresses, it is other aspects that play an important role: As a healthy mat for the sleeping area as well as a sturdy and durable play area for the baby crib, loft bed or play bed, the mattress in the kids’ room has to meet particularly high demands and is subject to constant load for many hours day and night, every day. Mattresses for the children’s room have to ensure a peaceful and restful sleep while at the same time also meeting the highest safety standards when playing and bouncing: from early childhood all the way to the teenage years.

Best mattresses for kids’ beds

What are the best mattress materials for my child’s health?

One of the core requirements for healthy sleep and optimal regeneration of your child is the high-quality workmanship of first-class, toxin-free natural materials. So you can be sure that your child’s health is 100% preserved, whether they are sleeping or playing in the kids’ room.

Get information from the manufacturer of your kids’ mattress about their production chain – from raw material up to the finished product. Sustainable mattress production relies on values ​​and certified standards, such as the absence of agricultural chemicals (pesticides and chemical fertilisers) as well as the use of renewable raw materials and fairly traded, certified organic materials. Certification labels such as kbA (controlled biological cultivation), kbT (controlled biologically animal husbandry), FSC (Forest Stewardship Council®), Öko-Tex 100, GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and others are important to help guide the parents’ purchase decision.

Natural raw materials – tested for harmful substances – and high-quality workmanship are the foundation and at the heart of healthy children’s or youth mattresses.

With this in mind, the mattress choice for babies, toddlers and children should always consider mattresses made of natural materials, such as pure cotton, sheep’s wool, coconut fibers, natural rubber etc. Purely organic materials take care of your child with their beneficial properties right from Mother Nature:

Rubberised coco coir is a mixture of natural coconut fibres and pure natural rubber. The rubberised coconut fibres promote a healthy sleeping climate (100% breathable, temperature regulating) and are extremely resistant and hygienic. The biggest advantage of natural coconut rubber is the firm and at the same time elastic comfort. A mattress core made of coconut latex ensures that babies and children lie comfortably, albeit not too soft, and that the edges of the mattress remain firm and fixed.

Organic cotton is breathable, moisture-regulating and skin-friendly, yet at the same time, it is extremely durable as well as washable. When choosing a mattress, we would advise you to make sure that it comes with a removable mattress cover. A washable mattress cover is essential for the sleeping pad in the baby crib or kids’ bed for a number of reasons. It is recommended that a mattress cover is made of organic cotton, particularly for children with allergies or sensitive skin.

Virgin sheep’s wool creates a well-balanced dry and warm microclimate. Its wonderful temperature and moisture regulating properties make sure that the sleeping environment is ideal for restful sleep. Cosy sheep’s wool is the perfect mattress cover for children, who tend to feel cold at night.

Soft or firm – what is optimal for a kids’ mattress?

As parents, you would like to wrap your children in cotton wool and create a particularly cosy and soft nest for them. But when it comes to the first baby mattress or kids’ mattress, this would actually be harmful from an orthopedic point of view, to make sure that your child develops healthily. Babies, toddlers and children should always sleep on a firm, elastic pad.

Up to the age of 8, the spine of babies and toddlers is relatively straight while the body is light. The child’s spine as well as the bones are continuously growing, with the supporting muscles lagging behind. During the growth phase, the main task of a good children’s mattress is therefore to optimally support the small body and the ergonomically straight alignment of the child’s spine. A firm and point-elastic mattress with a core made of natural rubberised coir, for example, will provide the needed support.

A too soft kids’ mattress can cause the first back problems as well as permanent damage to the growing child. For newborns, soft mattresses are particularly dangerous! If the baby turns onto their stomach while asleep, there is a real risk of shortness of breath if their head sinks into the mattress too much.

Firm – elastic – supportive are the perfect features of a health-promoting baby and child mattress, offering optimum ergonomic support.

What to consider when buying a children’s mattress for a loft bed or bunk bed?

The bed with mattress is generally one of the most used furniture pieces in the house. An adult spends about 1/3 of the day in it to regenerate and refuel energy. Babies, toddlers and children need even longer sleep phases, between 10 and 17 hours, to process their daytime experiences and to start the next day fully refreshed and ready for new adventures.

But that’s not all that real kids’ mattresses are there for. Contrary to adult mattresses, mattresses in the kids’ bedroom are actually getting ready for their “real work” in the morning – then the nightly sleeping pad turns into a gymnastics and play mat. There is jumping, bouncing, rough-and-tumble-play, crawling, cuddling and exercising … usually in the company of several children at once, of course.

Especially in a play bed or loft bed, the kids’ mattress should be thick enough so that no part of the bed frame protrudes or little feet of playing children can get trapped between the mattress and protection board. For the same safety reasons, a kids’ mattress should also be sufficiently firm to minimise these injury risks, for it will ensure that the mattress edges remain fixed during playtime and bouncing. Even if putting a cover on a tight-fitting and rigid mattress may require a bit of practice, the rigidity and stability are definitely a plus for more safety in the children’s bed.

Safety – stability – durability: considering these key criteria will help you select the best mattress for your child’s play bed!

What is the optimal size for a kids’ mattress?

In general, mattresses for babies and children should provide enough room to grow up. It used to be necessary for parents to invest in an age-appropriate baby crib and kids’ beds several times as their child grows from infant to pupil. Today, parents can already choose a bed or loft bed adjustable by age right from birth. Together with the purchase of an ecologically valuable and healthy kids’ mattress, you and your child will sleep peacefully for many years. A kids’ bed with a standard mattress size of 90 x 200 cm can be transformed into a protective baby crib with matching baby gates and there is still free room on the mattress area for changing nappies, cuddling and story time. Once your child outgrows the infant stage and turns into an active toddler, you can keep using the same kids’ mattress even throughout the school years. It is therefore advisable to ensure and trust the quality, stability and durability of a good mattress for children, right from the start.

Growing – flexible – long-lasting are the qualities of a great kids’ mattress, so you and your little ones can sleep peacefully and healthy for many years.