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Tractor bed: Sleeping in your own tractor

The decoration on the loft bed or bunk bed for little farmers

“I spent my happiest holidays on my uncle’s farm, where I was sometimes allowed to drive a tractor” – those are the words of Billi-Bolli founder Peter Orinsky, and he still cherishes these fond memories today. Even 50 years later, many children are still fascinated by tractors. With our “Tractor” theme board, you can turn your bed into a tractor bed. The tractor bed will give your kids the opportunity to experience a holiday on the farm every day. Children will also learn about agriculture, our livelihood, in a positive way.

Like all the other theme boards, the tractor can be removed again should their career aspirations change.

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€ 175.00 incl. VAT

The tractor is attached to the upper part of the safety sides of our loft beds and bunk beds. The requirement is a mattress size of 200 cm and ladder position A, C or D, whereby the ladder and slide must not be on the long side of the bed at the same time.

Just add the tractor to your shopping basket to transform your Billi-Bolli cot into a tractor bed. If you still need the whole bed, you will find all the basic models of our loft beds and bunk beds under Kids' Beds.

Tractor bed: Sleeping in your own tractor