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Students’ Loft Bed: the extra tall loft bed

A sturdy loft bed for teenagers, students and adults

This Students’ Loft Bed is made from pine with an oil finish and ladder position A. For teenagers and adults.Depicted is a custom-built product: the bed has been mounted above the door with very tall legs and a high fall guard.A Students’ Loft Bed depicted in size 140 × 200 cm.

Our extra tall loft bed for teenagers, students and adults truly stands out – and features an incredibly generous headroom of 184 cm below the bed. On the same floor area you get a real living and work space as well as a safe and comfortable bed. This makes the extra tall loft bed ideal for small bedrooms, bedsits, studio apartments and for a flatshare room with a ceiling height of 285 cm. The created space underneath the loft bed is perfect for a desktop, a desk, mobile file pedestal, wardrobes and shelves. With curtains you can visually separate the work space from the rest of the combined living and sleeping area, or even design a cool hidden walk-in dresser. It offers so many use options for creative young people.

The robust Students’ Loft Bed is equipped with a low fall guard and is very similar to our Youth Loft Bed, but comes with taller legs (assembly height 7 ) and offers even more space below the sleeping level.

The Students’ Loft Bed requires a ceiling height of 285 cm and is – like every other Billi-Bolli loft bed – available in 5 width and 3 length options.

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Students’ Loft Bed: the extra tall loft bed
can be assembled mirror-inverted

Configure your Students’ Loft Bed

Mattress Size :  × cm
Wood Type : 
Surface : 
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External dimensions of the Students’ Loft Bed

Width = mattress width + 13.2 cm
Length = mattress length + 11.3 cm
Height = 228.5 cm
Required ceiling height: approx. 285 cm
Height under the bed : 184.6 cm
mattress size 90 × 200 cm
⇒ external dimensions of the bed: 103.2 / 211.3 / 228.5 cm

What you are getting …

  • highest safety according to DIN EN 747 

  • so much fun thanks to a wide range of accessories 

  • wood from sustainable forestry 

  • a system developed over 28 years

  • individual configuration options

  • personal consultation: +49 8124 / 907 888 0

  • first-class quality from Germany 

  • conversion options with expansion sets 

  • 7-year warranty on all wooden parts 

  • a detailed assembly manual 

  • second hand sale option 

  • the best value for money

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Included in the delivery

Included in the delivery by default:

Included in the delivery Students’ Loft Bed
all wooden parts for the assembly including slatted bed base, protection boards, ladder and handles
a detailed step-by-step manual customised to your configuration
a detailed step-by-step manual customised to your configuration

Not included by default but optionally available are:

For a personal touch add our accessories to your Students’ Loft Bed

Add a personal touch to your kid’s bed with our diverse range of accessories. For example, you can turn the bed into a ship, a princess castle or a fire engine. Our most popular accessory categories are: