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Baby Crib

Versatile, convertible baby cribs and cots for the youngest

The Baby Crib with Bed Drawers for storage underneath. You can later convert the Baby Crib into one of the other bed types with one of our conversion sets, e.g. into a Loft Bed or a Bunk Bed.The customers have assembled this Baby Crib at height 3 (default assembly is at height 2 with baby gates around the entire sleeping area).

Our Baby Crib is a great long-term investment because it can easily be transformed into one of the other models with just a few extra beams, it is extremely versatile. This has a great advantage: you will not have to discard the bed and buy a new one as your child continues to grow. Simply add on to the existing bed – this saves money and is eco-friendly. The crib will turn into a fantastic play bed – for many years to come.

Our Baby Cribs/Cots are also suitable for older children with disabilities. Upon request, we will equip it with higher and even more robust gates. Your health insurance provider will issue a subsidy upon request for you (please enquire beforehand).

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Climbing rope free of charge when ordering in September!
Baby Crib

Exterior dimensions of the baby cot

External Dimensions
Width = mattress width + 13.2 cm
Length = mattress length + 11.3 cm
Height = 228.5 cm (swing beam )
Height of the legs : 196.0 cm
mattress size 90 × 200 cm
⇒ external dimensions of the bed: 103.2 / 211.3 / 228.5 cm

Configure baby cot

Mattress Size :  × cm
Wood Type : 
Surface : 
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Climbing rope free of charge when ordering in September!

Customize the baby cot with our accessories

Customize your cot with our diverse accessories. For example, you can turn a ship, a princess castle or a fire engine out of bed. These are the most popular accessory categories:

Our baby cot: Sustainable construction for demanding parents

The baby cot of Billi-Bolli is an enchanting sleeping place for the very youngest. Thanks to the special construction with high beams, you can lovingly decorate the bed, attach mobiles or equip it with a protective curtain. The bed is also equipped with a protective grille. This ensures that your offspring does not roll out at night or go hiking. Already suitable for toddlers, the baby cot can be extended to a play bed with one of our conversion sets. The included rocking beam can be equipped, for example, with a climbing rope or – if your darling likes it quieter – a cozy hanging cave. Our baby cot can also be easily converted to the growing bunk bed. Thus, the familiar sleeping place accompanies your child into the teenage years – an ecologically and economically sustainable choice: The old bed does not have to be replaced by a new product, natural resources are spared.

Tip: Our crib is also suitable for older children with disabilities. On request, we equip it with an adapted, higher grid. This purchase is subsidized by many health insurance companies.

Dimensions and materials of our baby cot

Like all our models, the baby cot is manufactured in our master workshop near Munich. Solid wood from sustainable forestry serves as a material, and production meets the highest quality criteria. When ordering, you can choose not only the type of wood (jaw or beech), but also the surface treatment: Whether you want to emphasize the natural grain with untreated, oiled/waxed woods or choose a luminous color is entirely up to you. to leave to. We use safe and, of course, saliva-resistant materials for surface treatment.

You can match the dimensions of the baby cot to the desired mattress size: you can choose between widths of 80, 90, 100, 120 and 140 cm as well as lengths of 190, 200 and 220 cm. This way you will receive a bed that can be faithful to your junior even in his youth.

The total dimensions of the baby cot are 13.2 cm above the selected mattress width and 11.3 cm above the selected mattress length. Example: For a mattress of 90x200 cm dimensions, the total dimensions of the bed are 103.2x211.3 cm. The baby cot has a total height of 228.5 cm when installing the supplied rocking beam.

How to properly care for the cot

The key to the baby cot is hygiene. Basically, the bed frame, the grille and the slatted base should be wiped regularly with a damp cloth. In case of stubborn dirt, you can use a cleaning agent suitable for young children. Baby shampoo is also suitable for this purpose. Experts recommend washing the bed linen weekly. Use a 60°C water temperature washing program and a washing agent suitable for babies. Air the mattress occasionally, and in case of visible contamination, it should be treated with a mattress cleaner.