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Bunk Bed Single-over-Double

A visual delight in the kids’ room: Bunk Bed featuring different-sized sleeping areas

Bunk bed with sleeping level and wider level underneath (Bunk Bed Single-over-Double)

The bunk bed-bottom-wide is a real eye-catcher and perfect for any children's room or guest room. The special feature of this bunk bed is the larger lower sleeping level compared to the upper one. This area creates a wide range of uses that can be adapted to the needs of the residents.

For families with several children, the larger lower level offers comfortable sleeping accommodation for two children, while the upper level can accommodate a single child. Alternatively, the lower level can be used as a cozy reading nook, a play area, or a guest bed for 2 guests, while the upper level serves as a sleeping area.

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Bunk Bed Single-over-Double
can be assembled mirror-inverted

Configure bunk bed-bottom-wide

The ladder is always on the short side of this bed model. You have the choice between ladder position C (in the middle of the upper sleeping level) or D close to the wall (set further back).
Here, select the basic characteristics of the bed and add it to the shopping cart. Accessories can be added afterwards if necessary. Choose the ladder position  during checkout step 2.
Mattress Size :  × cm
↓ External Dimensions
Wood Type : 
Surface : 
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External dimensions of the bunk bed-bottom-wide

Width = mattress width bottom + 13.2 cm
Length = mattress length + 11.3 cm
Height = 196 cm
Example: mattress size bottom 140 × 200 cm, mattress size top 90 × 200 cm
⇒ External dimensions of the bed: 153.2 / 211.3 / 196 cm

Small room? Check out our customisation options.

What you are getting …

  • highest safety according to DIN EN 747 

  • so much fun thanks to a wide range of accessories 

  • wood from sustainable forestry 

  • a system developed over 33 years 

  • individual configuration options

  • personal consultation: +49 8124 / 907 888 0

  • first-class quality from Germany 

  • conversion options with expansion sets 

  • 7-year warranty on all wooden parts 

  • 30-day return policy 

  • a detailed assembly manual 

  • second hand sale option 

  • the best value for money

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Included in the delivery

Included in the delivery by default:

a detailed step-by-step manual customised to your configuration
a detailed step-by-step manual customised to your configuration

Not included by default but optionally available are:

additional accessories also pictured
additional accessories also pictured

The bunk bed-bottom-wide can be equipped with many extras

The bunk bed-bottom-wide can also be equipped with our wide range of accessories. Here are a few suggestions:

The themed boards turn the upper level into a knight's castle, a ship or a railway
The accessories for playing turn the bed into an adventure playground
The slide can also be attached to the bunk bed-bottom-width
Shelves and a bedside table can be found at Shelves and Bedside Table
Bed drawers provide storage space below the lower sleeping level
With an individual selection of accessories from the Decorative Accessories section, each bunk bed-bottom-wide becomes unique
For a healthy sleep, we recommend our children's mattresses made of coconut latex

Reviews of the Bunk Bed-Bottom-Wide

Bunk bed with sleeping level and wider level underneath (Bunk Bed Single-over-Double)

Our sons are thrilled with their great bunk bed!

Alternatives to the bunk bed, which is wider at the bottom

With its special construction, the bunk bed-bottom-wide becomes the focal point in the children's room. Alternatively, the following children's beds may be of interest to you: