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Safety and Spacings

All of our kids’ beds impress with high safety standards

The handles are 60 cm long, for safe entering and exiting. They are supplied by default.

Perfectly rounded and smooth timber is used for all of our children’s furniture.

The fall guard is 71 cm high on the short side of the bed, on the long side it is 65 cm high (without mattress thickness). This is the highest standard guardrail available for kids’ beds, exceeding the safety standard DIN EN 747 “Bunk Beds and Loft Beds”. On request, we can make the fall protection even higher.

A lot of headspace while playing: The distance between mattress and swing beam is 98.8 cm minus mattress thickness. The swing beam protrudes 50 cm from the bed and can be loaded with up to 35 kg (swinging) or 70 kg (hanging) of weight. It can also be moved to the corner or omitted.

Safety and Spacings
For safety reasons, loft beds and bunk beds should be fixed to the wall. The skirting board creates a small gap between the bed and the wall. When mounting the bed to the wall, you will need spacers of the same thickness. To make it easy for you, we will provide you with the appropriate spacers and mounting material for brick walls.
Safety and Spacings