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Accessories for our kids’ beds: Slide, Helm, Climbing Wall, Knight’s Castle Board, and much more

Decorative accessories for our kids’ beds: for little pirates, knights and flower fans
Decorative Accessories →

Theme boards and accessories will make your Billi-Bolli kids’ bed even more unique and attractive

For sailors and little storeowners: playing accessories such as Helm, Playing Tower or Play Shop Shelf
Playing →

Create even more fantastic play options on your loft or bunk bed with these accessories – for your little dreamers and explorers

These accessories boost the development of motor skills
Climbing →

Kids simply love climbing and it promotes their motor skills: Climbing Wall, Wall Bars and Fireman’s Pole

Accessories for an even safer bed
Safety →

Safety is our highest priority: protection boards, rollout protection and gates for our kids’ beds

Swing, jump around and relax
Swinging →

For the swing beam of our kids’ beds: Climbing Rope, Rocking Plate, Swing Chair and more

The fast way down: Slide, Slide Ears and Slide Tower
Slide →

A slide for the kids’ bed – the most popular accessory

For quickly tidying up the children’s room
Bed Drawer →

Valuable when tidying up the children’s room. Ideal for “surprise” overnight guests and sleepovers: the Drawer Bed.

For all the things needed around the kids’ bed
Shelves and Racks →

Small and large bed shelves for all the things needed around the kids’ bed

These accessories make every children’s room comfy
Cosy Accessories →

Cushion pillows and rugs for the cuddliest children’s room

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We’ve had our bed since the middle of May – now it is complete with all accessories and the two occupants – knight and damsel – are as excited as we are!

Greetings from Leipzig
Daszenies Family

Hello Billi-Bolli team,

Today we had five wild pirates in our children’s room and their “ship” did not spring a leak!

Strey Family from Leonberg