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Bunk Bed Laterally Staggered for 4 children

Four or more kids in one room? No problem, here’s the bunk bed for four!

A Bunk Bed Laterally Staggered for Four in pine with oil-wax finish.A Bunk Bed Laterally Staggered for Four, lacquered in white. Equipped here with even taller legs at the customer’s request, which enable the use of a higher fall guard for the upper level.A Bunk Bed Laterally Staggered for Four.

Meet the biggest bed of the Billi-Bolli family: this bunk bed is for 4 or even 5 children. It is used more often than you may think. When your family keeps growing unlike the number of bedrooms. If the ceiling height of your only kids’ room is 3.15 m you do not have to look for a new home just yet. With our quadruple bunk bed all your children will be accommodated excellently.

This giant bunk bed is spacious enough to comfortably sleep four children and makes a generous informal place for reading, cuddling and playing during the day. The laterally staggered sleeping areas offer plenty of head room for every child and the quadruple bunk bed only requires 3 sqm. floor space. All elevated levels are equipped with a basic fall guard. The two upper sleeping areas, assembled at heights 6 and 8 , are suitable for kids and teens aged 10 and above.

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Bunk Bed Laterally Staggered for 4 children
can be assembled mirror-inverted

Make the most out of the available space below the bottom sleeping level by adding optional Bed Drawers: You will gain convenient storage space for toys, bedding or clothes. And with an extra Drawer Bed you can even extend the quadruple bunk bed into a bunk bed for 5 children. The additional pull-out bed also offers an ideal sleeping place for spontaneous overnight guests and is ready in a flash.

This bed is also very popular for small holiday homes to accommodate more guests.

Configure your Bunk Bed Laterally Staggered for Four

Mattress Size :  × cm
Wood Type : 
Surface : 

Choose the ladder position  during checkout step 2.

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€ 100 discount100 € free when ordering in beech book until May 23!

External dimensions of the Bunk Bed Laterally Staggered for Four

Width = mattress width + 13.2 cm
Length = 1,5 · mattress length + 7.9 cm
Height = 261.0 cm
Required ceiling height: approx. 315 cm
mattress size 90 × 200 cm
⇒ external dimensions of the bed: 103.2 / 307.9 / 261.0 cm

What you are getting …

  • highest safety according to DIN EN 747 

  • so much fun thanks to a wide range of accessories 

  • wood from sustainable forestry 

  • a system developed over 28 years

  • individual configuration options

  • personal consultation: +49 8124 / 907 888 0

  • first-class quality from Germany 

  • conversion options with expansion sets 

  • 7-year warranty on all wooden parts 

  • a detailed assembly manual 

  • second hand sale option 

  • the best value for money

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Included in the delivery

Included in the delivery by default:

Included in the delivery Bunk Bed Laterally Staggered for Four
all wooden parts for the assembly including slatted bed bases, protection boards, ladder and handles
a detailed step-by-step manual customised to your configuration
a detailed step-by-step manual customised to your configuration

Not included by default but optionally available are:

additional accessories also pictured
additional accessories also pictured

Extra accessories for play and safety in four-story bunk bed-side-shifted

With our accessories and attachments for the four-story bed side-shifted, you can create your favourite place for each child to play and relax. Browse through these accessory categories:

The accessories for climbing guarantee healthy development
Indispensable on all sleeping levels: our accessories under Shelves and Bedside Table
The best accessory recommendation for multi-bed rooms: bed boxes and bed box bed
The perfect complement: Ecological mattresses made of natural materials

More cots for several children

The four-story bunk bed is a bed for four people in one room. If your room isn't that high or you don't need as many beds, the following models may be interesting: