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Firefighter bed for little firefighters

The loft bed or bunk bed as a fire engine

When I grow up I want to be a firefighter!

Well then, practice makes perfect! Our Fire Engine theme board can turn the dream job into a reality. The little firefighter will stand in front of their Fire Engine wide-eyed when being called for their first deployment. A matching helmet is included, of course!

You can either paint the Fire Engine theme board yourself or we can add a colour varnish for you (red for the car, silver-grey for the ladder and doors, black for the wheels and blue for the lights). Depending on the direction it is mounted, it “drives” either to the left or to the right.

To make it really cool, add the matching Fireman’s Pole to the fire engine bed of your little firefighter.

Firefighter bed for little firefighters
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€ 319.00 incl. VAT

Ladder position A, C or D  is required. Note that ladder and slide cannot both be mounted on the long side of the bed at the same time.

The Fire Engine is made of MDF and consists of two parts.

Just add the fire engine to your shopping basket to transform your Billi-Bolli cot into a fire brigade bed. If you still need the whole bed, you will find all the basic models of our loft beds and bunk beds under Kids' Beds.

The little firefighter will be on site as fast as lightning. (Fire Engine)