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Kids’ beds set to wow

High-quality kids’ beds made of natural wood available as baby crib, loft bed, bunk bed or adventure bed with slide

Kids’ beds set to wow

Our kids’ beds combine safety, stability and longevity with creative play options. From baby crib, the popular adjustable loft bed for boys and girls to the cool loft bed with plenty of storage space for teenagers and even students – each of our high-quality and durable kids’ and youth beds is made from non-toxic natural wood with a lot of love by our master craftsmen in our Workshop in Germany. Benefit from our expertise based on manufacturing more than 20,000 kids’ beds to date!

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Loft Bed Adjustable by Age (Kids’ Beds)Loft Bed Adjustable by Age →
from € 1,199 

The Loft Bed Adjustable by Age is made of healthy solid wood and is our top selling kid’s bed. It was specifically designed in our workshop to meet the continuously changing requirements for a cot, kids’ or youth bed over an extended period of time. Our loft bed simply grows with your child and changes from baby crib to kids’ loft bed with 6 assembly heights, all the way up to a Youth Loft Bed. Additional sleeping levels for siblings can be added later. The adjustable loft bed is a sustainable, ecological and long-lasting investment for a happy childhood.

Classic bunk bed for 2 children (Kids’ Beds)Bunk Bed →
from € 1,499 

Our bunk bed is a space-saving kids’ bed for 2. It meets all the demands on a modern kids’ bed: The high fall guard offers safety and protection from falling, the ladder with sturdy rungs and handles offer safe entry. You can create additional storage space below the kids’ bed with 2 bed drawers and additional play accessories will transform it into an adventure bed. With a few extra parts the bunk bed can be split into two separate kids’ beds. Smaller children will be safe and happy in our special variant, where both sleeping levels can be assembled lower initially.

Corner Bunk Bed: the corner bed for 2 children (Kids’ Beds)Corner Bunk Bed →
from € 1,599 

The Corner Bunk Bed is the perfect bed for 2 kids and larger children’s rooms. It offers a lot of playing possibilities and the kids are always able to see each other. Our diverse theme board collection will transform the bunk bed into a knight’s castle, a pirate ship or a fire engine for imaginative and adventurous playing. With a few curtains you can create a wonderful play den below the bunk bed. Additional baby gates are available on request to meet the safety demands of even the smallest adventurers.

Laterally staggered bunk bed for 2 kids (Kids’ Beds)Bunk Bed Laterally Staggered →
from € 1,599 

This bed for 2 children fits nicely in more elongated children’s rooms. It combines the two sleeping levels of a bunk bed with the play den of a loft bed. The Bunk Bed Laterally Staggered may require more available floor space, but its scope for design and play possibilities is truly convincing. Our creative accessories will turn the kids’ bed into the perfect playground for your children. The laterally staggered bed is oftentimes also a good solution for rooms with a pitched roof. This kids’ bed can be changed into a classic bunk bed with two stacked sleeping levels later – without any additional parts.

Pitched Roof Bed: The ingenious kids’ play bed for the pitched roof (Kids’ Beds)Pitched Roof Bed →
from € 1,349 

The optimal kids’ bed if the children’s room has a pitched roof. The pitched roof kids’ bed transforms even the smallest attic room into a children’s paradise for playing and imagining. The high watchtower combined with play floor and swing beam will turn the bottom sleep and relax level into a true adventure bed for small bedrooms. It can be equipped with various theme boards for little sailers, fairies, knights and race car drivers. Thrill your little world explorers, spark their imagination and joy of movement. Adding bed drawers below the bed will provide additional storage space.

Comfy Corner Bed for children – girls and boys (Kids’ Beds)Comfy Corner Bed →
from € 1,499 

The Comfy Corner Bed from Billi-Bolli combines the popular loft bed with a cosy corner underneath, ready for relaxing, reading and listening to music. There is even enough space below the kids’ bed for shelves or a Play Shop Shelf. With our play and design accessories, the bed’s upper sleeping level can be transformed into a flower field, a cruise ship or a knight’s castle. An optional Bed Drawer below the cosy corner provides additional storage space. Who wouldn’t want to be a child again?

Youth Loft Bed: the loft bed for teens (Kids’ Beds)Youth Loft Bed →
from € 1,049 

If you are only looking for a sleeping area with plenty of space below the bed and the room height is around 2.50 m, then our Youth Loft Bed is the right choice. The available space underneath the kids’ bed (headroom 152 cm) is ideal for a desk, a wardrobe or shelf. The Youth Loft Bed is made of pollutant-free natural wood, it is incredibly sturdy and is suitable for children aged 10 and above. Choosing a larger mattress size of 120x200 or 140x200 will help teenagers enjoy the bed for longer. You can even select the extra-long option for particularly tall children.

Youth Bunk Bed for older children (Kids’ Beds)Youth Bunk Bed →
from € 1,299 

The well-designed Youth Bunk Bed is a sturdy and safe double bunk bed made of solid wood, designed in particular with funtionality in mind. It requires little space and offers a cosy place for older children and teenagers. Optionally, you can extend the bed with accessories, such as bedside table, bed shelves or even an additional drawer bed for overnight guests. The robust and durable double bunk bed is suitable for adults and is therefore also an excellent choice for the furnishing of hostels, boarding houses, institutions and other objects. With a few additional parts it can be split into two separate beds.

Both-Up Bunk Beds for two children (Kids’ Beds)Both-Up Bunk Beds →
from € 2,049 

These ingenious kids’ beds for 2 children offer the solution to the discussion who can sleep in the top bunk. The solution is quite simple: both sleep elevated, great fun for both kids! There are Both-Up Bunk Beds for different age groups: corner and laterally staggered models. The latter is ideal for elongated rooms, the corner variant for more square rooms. Below the Both-Up Bunk Beds you can create a play den, a cosy play area with curtains. As needed, the bed can be split into two separate kid’s beds with some extension parts.

Triple Bunk Beds: high-riser for 3 kids (Kids’ Beds)Triple Bunk Beds →
from € 2,049 

There is not always a separate kid’s room available for each child or the kids even prefer to sleep in one “huge” kids’ bed. We offer the sustainable, space-saving solution for 3 children: Our Triple Bunk Beds are available for different age groups, laterally staggered and with corner variants. The clever design, the sturdy solid wood construction and the high-quality craftsmanship in our workshop guarantee play fun and healthy sleep for many years to come. The Triple Bunk Beds can also be “spiced up” with our theme boards and the large selection of accessories for playing, climbing and swinging.

Skyscraper Bunk Bed for three kids (Kids’ Beds)Skyscraper Bunk Bed →
from € 2,299 

This bunk bed for 3 up to 6 children is ideal for rooms with higher ceilings and also attic rooms with high ceilings of at least 2.80 m and it is a true space-saving miracle. With the standard bed width three children can comfortably nestle in the Skyscraper Bunk Bed in their own sleeping area. Even for this bed model other mattress sizes are available. If you choose the 140 cm width option, there is even room for 2 children in one sleeping area, turning it into a bunk bed with space for a half-dozen! The top level is only suitable for teenagers and young adults, of course.

Bunk Bed Laterally Staggered for 4 children (Kids’ Beds)Bunk Bed Laterally Staggered for Four →
from € 3,399 

You have 4 children and one kids’ room that is approx. 3.15 m in height? Then all the kids will find a cosy place to sleep and relax in this fantastic quadruple bunk bed that fits on 3 sq.m. The bed suits four children in different age groups and is designed for optimal utilisation of space and functionality – and it looks great as well. The robust construction of solid wood and the high-quality craftsmanship make the quadruple bunk bed sturdy, unbreakable and long-living. With an additional drawer bed you even have space for an overnight guest.

Bunk Bed Single-over-Double (Kids’ Beds)Bunk Bed Single-over-Double →
from € 1,749 

Often requested, now available from us: The bunk bed-bottom-wide is a cot for two or three children, where the lower sleeping level is significantly wider (120 or 140 cm) than the upper level (90 or 100 cm). This makes it a real eye-catcher in the children's room. This cot is also interesting for a child alone: upstairs can be used for sleeping and playing and the lower level can be used as a large cuddle meadow or reading corner. This cot can also be expanded with our wide range of accessories.

Canopy Bed for daydreaming girls and teens (Kids’ Beds)Canopy Bed →
from € 849 

The canopy bed for older children and teens is particularly popular with girls. It can be used for sleeping, but also for reading, studying, relaxing and listening to music. This bed comes to life with an imaginative arrangement of curtains and fabrics, making it the visual highlight of the child’s bedroom: from playful girl’s bed with a starlit sky, to colourful highlighting to cool technology and disco design. With two small additional parts you can also convert your loft bed adjustable by age into the canopy bed. This way, kids’ beds turn smoothly into beds for teens and adults.

Low Youth Beds (Kids’ Beds)Low Youth Beds →
from € 369 

We carry four different types of Low Youth Beds, with or without back rest and side parts to meet your personal needs. These kids’ beds are suitable for various use cases, for example: for a children’s room with little space, for teenagers, who do not want to sleep elevated anymore, but also for the guest room as a comfortable bed. With optional cushions it can be turned into a snug day bed to relax. Below the low youth beds is enough room for two bed drawers to create extra storage space, e.g. for bedding.

Students’ Loft Bed: the extra tall loft bed (Kids’ Beds)Students’ Loft Bed →
from € 1,299 

Our loft bed recommendation for students and young adults, who live in rooms a little too small, e.g. in a shared flat or in their old kids’ room. The Students’ Loft Bed is similar to our Youth Loft Bed, but only has a basic fall guard. However, it comes with even taller legs, offering more space underneath the bed and a headspace of 185 cm – so a lot of room for a desk, shelves or a sofa for reading, studying and listening to music. With optional curtain rods you can also use the space as a spacious walk-in dresser with dressing room.

Baby Crib with gates for newborns and toddlers (Kids’ Beds)Baby Crib →
from € 1,149 

Our Baby Crib is distinct from conventional baby cribs and a good long-term purchase. Right from the first day the Baby Crib, which was carefully crafted from pollutant-free natural wood in the Billi-Bolli Workshop, will protect your newborn, while supporting healthy, restful sleep during the first months. Later it can be easily converted into one of the other bed types with just a few extra beams. This will turn the baby crib into a great loft bed or play bed for your offspring and you do not have to buy another kids’ bed.

Low Loft Bed for low kids’ rooms (Kids’ Beds)Low Loft Bed →
from € 1,099 

Regardless of a low ceiling in the kids’ room, a loft bed or play bed dream can come true: Our Low Loft Bed is very similar to our classic Loft Bed Adjustable by Age, just not as tall and therefore ideal for lower rooms. Depending on the age of your child, you can mount it at assembly heights 1 to 5 and transform it into a cool adventure bed with our theme boards and extensive accessories for swinging and playing. With this growing kids’ bed you create a play haven even in rooms with lower ceilings and your child can play to their heart’s content, boosting their imagination and movement.

Double Bed for Parents and couples (Kids’ Beds)Double Bed for Parents →
from € 1,099 

For once not a bed for kids: Our Double Bed for Parents, couples and adults in the typical Billi-Bolli design and quality is perfect for you if you love solid wood from sustainable forestry, prefer functional and clean design and would like to have an ecological, sustainable sleep furniture. It is available for three mattress widths (160, 180 and 200 cm), with or without slatted bed base from us. Like all our Billi-Bolli Beds, our Double Bed for Parents easily withstands all challenges – without wobbling, creaking and squeaking.

Double loft bed: loft bed with extra-wide sleeping level (Kids’ Beds)Double loft bed →
from € 1,549 
Floor bed: the bed for toddlers (Kids’ Beds)Floor bed →
from € 499 
Play Tower for adventures in the kids’ room (Kids’ Beds)Playing Tower →

When presenting our kids’ beds, it is important to include the Play Tower. While not intended for sleeping, the tower adds approx. 1 m² of play space to a sleeping level when paired with our loft beds and bunk beds, provided there is sufficient space. In smaller bedrooms it can be used independently. Many of our kids’ bed accessories, like helm and theme boards, are compatible with the tower. The included swing beam is perfect for a climbing rope or hanging cave.

Bedside Crib (co-sleeper) (Kids’ Beds)Bedside Crib →

The Bedside Crib for newborns serves as the perfect kid’s bed for the first 8 – 9 months. Expecting mothers, who discover our co-sleeper, agree. The little bed can be connected to “Mum’s” bed on the side with the opening. This way your baby is close to you while still being protected in its own little nest. For nighttime nursing you can stay in your bed and easily place your little darling close to you. This way your metabolism is not fully activated and nursing will happen effortlessly. The Bedside Crib is height adjustable and has a storage table for diapers, pacifiers, etc.

Customising options (Kids’ Beds)Customising Options →

With solutions for special room requirements, such as Pitched Roof Step, extra tall legs or swing beam position, our loft beds and play beds can be customised to fit your particular child’s bedroom. You can also choose Flat Rungs or a Play Floor instead of a slatted bed base here.

Conversion & Expansion Sets (Kids’ Beds)Conversion & Expansion Sets →

Loft bed to bunk bed, bunk bed into 2 separate loft beds, baby crib to loft bed … For all Billi-Bolli kids’ beds we have expansion sets available so you can easily convert them from one type to another. This way you are flexible and prepared for many years to come, no matter what happens.

The Billi-Bolli Kids’ Bed Guide: How to find the right bed for your child

Parents generally have to buy an age-appropriate kids’ bed several times: the baby crib, the kids’ bed and finally the youth bed. Each of these purchase decisions is very time-consuming and involves intensive research, price comparisons and other new investments, while also selling or disposing of the old bed. You can save yourself a lot of hassle by thinking about it early on and ultimately choosing a high-quality kids’ bed variant, which will grow with your offspring. This may seem more expensive at first, yet it will pay off in the long run, considering the long service life, the quality of the toxin-free materials as well as the consistent stability – and it is also sustainable for our environment.

First and foremost, a good kids’ bed ensures healthy sleep as well as restorative rest periods. However, a great kids’ bed offers even more: It stimulates imaginative play and free movement and thus contributes significantly to the physical and mental development of your child.

When it comes to finding the optimal kids’ bed, other considerations are also important, such as the number of children, their age and height as well as the space available in the room. And since parents always want what is best for their kids, they also take their individual preferences and wishes into account, of course. After all, each little character has their own needs and taste.

The extraordinary flexibility, stability and safety of Billi-Bolli kids’ beds are designed to serve you for many years to come. Discover our extensive product range and get excited about all the options our kids’ beds offer.

Kids’ beds set to wow

What are the characteristics of a high-quality and sustainable bed for babies and kids?

Kids’ beds are the very heart of every child’s room. No matter what age, your child wants to feel protected and safe in their little empire at all times – from toddler to teenager. The kids’ bed fulfils countless functions day and night for many years to come. It is the place for sleeping, their playground, retreat, reading corner, exercise equipment, study and work place, cosy corner, pout corner … And also a knight’s castle, a pirate ship, train, fire engine and jungle tree house.

In contrast to adult beds, kids’ beds are not furniture pieces solely designed for sleeping. A high-quality kids’ bed has to excel with flying colours at the 24/7 extensive use challenge – and for many years! Therefore, the demands on material quality as well as for safety, functionality and versatility are naturally very high for kids’ beds.

In a nutshell: An ideal kids’ bed …

  • ensures healthy sleep and restorative rest periods

  • meets the highest safety criteria

  • promotes healthy development

  • facilitates exercise and play

  • is customisable

  • flexibly grows and expands

  • is durable and sustainable

With a Billi-Bolli kids’ bed you are very well prepared since we place a strong emphasis on high-quality workmanship, toxin-free quality materials and offer you flexibility as well as the most versatile selection range for design.

All the bed types available for children

Loft or bunk beds, play beds, beds for toddlers, for pupils or teenagers – to support your search for the best possible kids’ bed specifically for your children in the best possible way, we give you a short description of our diverse range of kids’ beds. No matter which model you choose, rest assured that all beds are made of the best solid wood in our local Billi-Bolli Workshop and each bed meets the highest safety standards.

  • Loft beds and low loft beds for 1 child are real eye-catcher and offer you an incredible use of space in a small kids’ room. Your child will love to observe their little realm from an elevated position. There is plenty of space below the raised sleeping area for the play den, the bookshelf, a cosy corner as well as a desk later. Our Loft Bed Adjustable by Age is particularly flexible and grows with your child. Of course, all our kids’ loft beds can be easily transformed into exciting play beds or bunk beds for two children – with the help of our extensive range of bed accessories. This way you are always flexible, even if your family situation changes. In the youth room or in the student’s room, you can also use the available space twice with our robust and clever loft bed.

  • Bunk beds offer space for 2, 3 or 4 children. Our bunk bed section is the right place for you if you want to accommodate two or more children in just one kids’ room. Over the years we have developed bunk beds with different sleeping level arrangements to offer you maximum flexibility and the optimal solution for every kind of kids’ room. In our double bunk bed, two children sleep either on top of each other, across corners, laterally staggered or both in raised sleeping levels. Three siblings in one room enjoy a shared triple bunk bed or the skyscraper. Our four-person bunk bed sleeps a total of four little heroes in the smallest space, and with an extra drawer bed even an overnight guest can be accommodated. We would be happy to advise you which bed will be the most suitable option for your space. For example, staggered beds are ideal for pitched roofs and make perfect use of the low ceiling height. Another practical option: You can even transform the other kids’ beds from our range into a double bunk bed with the help of our conversion sets.

  • Climbing rope, slide, helm, climbing wall and many other play features turn simple kids’ beds and loft beds into really great adventure playgrounds where your children – and also their friends – love to play to their hearts’ content, in any weather condition. With our extensive and imaginative bed accessories, all Billi-Bolli models can be turned into unique play beds for little princesses and knights, pirates or firefighters. In addition to our loft beds and bunk beds, the specially constructed pitched roof bed as well as the comfy corner bed are all particularly suitable to be converted into a play bed and adventure bed. The canopy bed is a calmer and more playful option.

  • The versatile and functional Billi-Bolli design has made a name for itself over the years and we have consequently added more bed models to our product range: beds for babies and toddlers, teenagers and parents. Young mothers love our co-sleeper for the first few weeks at home. In our baby crib with bars, your newborn will already feel safe. From there, the bed will simply keep growing with your child. And with one of our conversion sets, you can easily turn it into a loft bed adjustable by age or a bunk bed later. The wellbeing of the youngest as well as the healthy sleep of young adults and parents is very important to us. Here you will also find our low youth beds and the double bed for couples.

In our diagram you will easily see which of our kids’ beds and youth beds is most suitable for your children:

CategoryAdvantagesModelsWho is it suitable for?
Loft Beds
  • our original
  • for more space in smaller room
  • also available as a low loft bed for kids’ rooms limited in height
  • children
  • teenagers
  • young adults
Bunk Beds
  • our space-saving solution for two or more children
  • combination options suitable for every child’s room
  • transform and expand to your needs
  • children
  • teenagers
Play Beds
  • customisable design options with our extensive play accessories
  • transform and expand to your needs
  • children
More Beds
  • baby cribs and co-sleepers tailored to the needs of little ones
  • flat beds for children and teens
  • the double bed for parents in the typical Billi-Bolli design
  • babys
  • toddlers
  • children
  • teenagers
  • adults

What to consider when making a purchase?

Even if it is a “bed” and is mainly supposed to provide your child a restful and healthy sleep at night, a kids’ bed has evolved to fulfil a multitude of functions these days. Not least because of its size it is the main focus in the kids’ room, and with our different bed models and child-friendly accessories in our product range, the simple kids’ bed will transform into a favourite, a place of wellbeing, a playground or even an entire adventure park.

Therefore, when choosing a good kids’ bed that you and your family want to enjoy for a long time, do not look at the price first. Be sure to also compare the quality of materials and workmanship, safety, stability, flexibility and service life as well as the resale value of the bed models you consider. In addition to these aspects essential for the safety and health of your child – the greatest treasure you have to look after – also take the feel-good factor of the bed into account.

Below we describe important criteria you may want to consider before buying kids’ beds:

High safety standard and functionality

Regardless of the Billi-Bolli model you choose in the end, whether you opt for a low kids’ bed, a loft bed or a bunk bed, making sure your children are safe – from baby to teenager – is our top priority! This principle has been guiding us and our employees since the founding of our family business over 30 years ago.

The use of high-quality solid wood and first-class workmanship is absolutely essential to ensure the safety and stability of kids’ beds. All beds manufactured in the Billi-Bolli Workshop are made with clean and rounded 57 × 57 mm strong beams made of solid wood. In combination with injury-free, high-quality screw material, unrivalled stability is guaranteed. Therefore, the beds can stand up to even the toughest demands and they do not falter when several children play at once or when four children and teenagers sleep in four sleeping levels. Unlike many other furniture pieces, our kids’ and youth beds can be converted, dismantled and reassembled several times and even withstand moving house without the loss of quality and stability.

Age-appropriate safety also plays an important role, especially when siblings of different age groups share a room. The higher sleeping levels of our loft beds and bunk beds are equipped with the highest fall protection of all the kids’ beds we know. When we plan and construct our beds for children, we make sure to meet the required component spacing as specified in DIN EN 747, of course. This eliminates the risk of any limbs getting caught or trapped when playing and climbing. Choosing a robust mattress with a firm border edge for the play bed or loft bed is also recommendable and we suggest kids’ mattresses by Prolana.

There are even more functional safety accessories you can add to customise our kids’ beds. Depending on the age as well as the mental and physical development of the children, you can choose from protection boards, rollout protection, ladder protection and baby gates.

And last but not least, the correct assembly is crucial for the safety and stability of kids’ beds. This is why Billi-Bolli offers each customer a detailed and easy-to-understand step-by-step instruction manual, completely tailored to the personal bed arrangement. This makes the assembly quick and easy, while ensuring that the bed stands firm and safe.

Quality of material and workmanship

Our carpenters use only high-quality solid wood from sustainable forestry to build our kids’ beds, loft beds and bunk beds in our in-house Billi-Bolli Workshop. This means that the same number of trees that have been cut down are reforested. The FSC or PEFC certification is a guarantee for this practice. Our professional team of craftsmen genuinely cares about delivering excellent and clean workmanship of all materials and strict quality controls.

We use pine and beech primarily for the construction of our beds. Both wood types are solid and thanks to their natural surface structure they not only create a lively, warm atmosphere in the kids’ room, but also provide an all-round healthy indoor climate due to the natural material being toxin-free and untreated. Pure solid wood is also sturdy, wear-free and durable.

You can get our natural wood bed frames either untreated, oil-waxed, with honey colour oil finish (only pine), white/colour varnished or lacquered. Here you can find more information about our wood types and possible surface treatments.

Customise with accessories

Whether the name of the child or their favourite colour, the knight’s castle boards for Lancelot or the helm for Captain Sparrow, the hanging cave for daydreaming or the climbing rope for Tarzan. Every child has their own dreams. When they become a reality with a Billi-Bolli bed in their kids’ room, happy and bright-eyed children confirm that you have done everything right.

Our wide range of bed accessories provides you with lots of options for decoration and styling, playing and climbing, hanging and sliding, cuddling and hiding – they help you transform a Billi-Bolli bed into an exciting and fun-filled paradise for playing. Your sunshine will conquer their little kingdom with enthusiasm and will spend many wonderful hours “in bed” in the future.

And when the children start to grow up, go to school and need to be cool, all child-friendly play extensions and decorations can be easily removed to make space for other important things, for example, the bookshelf, the desk or the chill out area.

Our shelves and bed drawers are handy for creating order and space at any age.

Flexibility and durability

You want to enjoy every moment with your children and experience the here and now to the fullest. But when it comes to the purchase of a bed it is advisable to also consider the future. Your child grows, your family may also keep growing, and there are bound to be changes, such as moving into your own home or a larger flat. Kids’ beds by Billi-Bolli help you stay flexible and you are prepared for everything that may lie ahead!

Our Loft Bed Adjustable by Age is a perfect example of flexibility. It grows with your child as well as their changing needs. And if a sibling happens to come along, it can even be converted into one of the bunk beds with our conversion sets. Our bunk beds are just as variable. A bunk bed for two turns into two separate single beds. Even our baby crib with bars can be turned into a loft bed or play bed later.

Billi-Bolli kids’ beds also adjust to changing room situations with ease. If a laterally staggered bunk bed is moved from a narrow room to a room with a pitched roof, it quickly changes into a corner bunk bed variant.

The possibilities to customise our beds are almost limitless and Billi-Bolli beds become loyal companions throughout childhood, from infant to young adult – sometimes even up to the student’s digs.

The standard mattress size is 90 × 200 cm, but you can also choose any of the other mattress sizes for your bed, depending on the space available.


If you read our little guide this far, you may already know the answer to sustainably purchasing a kids’ bed.

Billi-Bolli kids’ beds are a sustainable product from start to finish: from the use of renewable resources, the conscientious German craftsmanship, the innovative modular construction that grows and adapts to every child’s age, every living situation and every taste, up to its long service life and high resale value via our Second hand page, for example.

Our furniture and kids’ beds are “unbreakable”! That is why it is easy for us to give you a 7-year warranty on all wooden parts.

We hope that our guide on buying kids’ beds has been useful to you and that it sparked some inspiration and ideas. The Billi-Bolli team will be happy to answer any further questions you may have personally.

Recent Google reviews

Sandra Quay
18 June 2024
(automatically translated)

We have now been the owner of a great Billi-Bolli loft bed for about 7 years and have always been completely satisfied. If you are looking for a super stable and shapely bed, which may outlast several children, then you are well advised here. Sure, it has its price. But the quality is just great, nothing wobbles and it still looked as good as new even after this time. We don't regret the purchase for a second, on the contrary, there was a bit of melancholy when we sold it. But that's just the way it is when the child grows up... Thank you for everything and keep up the good work!

Johannes Leistner
07 June 2024
(automatically translated)

When I opened the first box today, a smile already conjured up on my face: beautiful woods, all of which were neatly labeled. I had expected nothing more than that assembling the bed would be just as good an experience as the ordering process before.

Sure, you pay a premium price, but you also get a premium product with a premium service from a manufactory that values quality and very good customer relationships!

I'm actually just annoyed that we didn't buy this bed earlier (only when my daughter was 6 years old)...

Keep up the good work 👍🏻, I will recommend you everywhere!

Anna Huang
06 June 2024
(automatically translated)

The very best cot ever! Super quality, very stable (there were already four - five wildly playing children on it at the same time :)), many conversion options, many extras.

The ladies from customer service are always very nice and helpful! Our children had a lot of fun with their Billi-Bolli bed. Thank you very much again!! There are so many memories associated with it:)

E. L.
23 May 2024
(automatically translated)

Great quality and top customer service!

The beds have a hefty price, but they are really recommendable both visually and in terms of quality. From the order to the delivery, everything went smoothly, we were a little too late for the action with the free hanging cave and still got one on request with our order. This was not only happy for us, but especially for our child, who is now the new favorite place.

The assembly was relatively easy thanks to the enclosed instructions and the packages were all labeled, so that you didn't really have to sort anything yourself.

The bed is exactly as we wanted it to be and we now hope that our child will enjoy it for a long time.

From us definitely a recommendation!