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Kids’ beds set to wow

High-quality kids’ beds made of natural wood, available as cot, loft bed, bunk bed or adventure bed with slide

Our diverse and tried-and-tested cots leave nothing to be desired: From the baby grid bed to the popular growing children's high bed in many variable construction variants and with countless play possibilities for boys and girls to the cool high bed with A lot of storage space for young people and even students – each of our high-quality children's and young people's beds is made from pollutant-tested natural wood of ecological quality in our master workshop in Germany. We build long-lasting and sustainable children's furniture with a high resale value for you with a lot of love and care. That's what we guarantee!

In our cots, security, stability and longevity combine with a high fun factor and creative, individual equipment options to create an adventure bed for little pirates and young knights, to the dreamy cot playbed for flower girls and Princesses or to the bunk bed for two or more children with slide and swing ...

Benefit from our expertise based on manufacturing more than 15,000 kids’ beds to date!

Do you have any questions or need more information? We are happy to advise you and our team. Just give us a call: 📞 +49 8124 / 907 888 0

Kids’ beds from Billi-Bolli: play bed, bunk bed or adventure bed.

Loft Bed Adjustable by Age. From Cot to Youth Loft Bed: Our Loft Bed grows with your child.
Loft Bed Adjustable by Age →

The Loft Bed Adjustable by Age is our best selling kid’s bed. It simply grows with your child and develops from a cot (baby crib) to a kids’ loft bed with different height options, all the way up to the Youth Loft Bed: One bed, many assembly possibilities. Additional sleeping levels can be added later.

from € 1,039.00
free shipping (DE), 📦 immediately available
Details: Loft Bed Adjustable by Age

Youth Loft Bed. The youth bed for older children, teenagers and young adults
Youth Loft Bed →

Our Youth Loft Bed offers plenty of room under the bed, but it has no high fall guard and is therefore no longer a typical kids’ bed. Suitable for children aged approx. 10 and above.

from € 833.00
free shipping (DE)
Details: Youth Loft Bed

Students’ Loft Bed. A bed for teenagers, students and adults
Students’ Loft Bed →

A loft bed for students and young adults. Similar to the Youth Loft Bed, but even higher and therefore with more available space underneath the bed.

from € 987.00
free shipping (DE)
Details: Students’ Loft Bed

Low Loft Bed. Loft beds at a medium height for rooms with lower ceilings
Low Loft Bed →

This kid’s bed is similar to the Loft Bed Adjustable by Age, just not as tall, and is therefore suitable for kids’ rooms with lower ceilings. Assembly heights 1 to 5 are possible.

from € 964.00
free shipping (DE)
Details: Low Loft Bed

Bunk Bed. Bunk Beds for children and teenagers. The space-saving bed for two children.
Bunk Bed →

Stacked levels make our Bunk Bed as space-saving as a conventional bunk bed, while simultaneously offering space for great play opportunities that encourage imaginativeness and motor skills: an activity centre in the children’s room. With a few additional parts it can be split into two separate kids’ beds.

from € 1,223.00
free shipping (DE), 📦 immediately available
Details: Bunk Bed

Corner Bunk Bed. Corner Bunk Beds, for larger children’s rooms: Optimal combination of functionality and fun
Corner Bunk Bed →

With the Corner Bunk Bed, you can create wonderful play dens with a few curtains. The optimal solution for larger children’s rooms. It needs a little more space than the Bunk Bed but offers even more playing possibilities.

from € 1,318.00
free shipping (DE), 📦 immediately available
Details: Corner Bunk Bed

Bunk Bed Laterally Staggered. Laterally staggered bunk beds, an inventive solution for larger children’s rooms
Bunk Bed Laterally Staggered →

The Bunk Bed Laterally Staggered combines the play den of the Loft Bed with two sleeping levels. With the same advantages as the Corner Bunk Bed, this kids’ bed also fits nicely in elongated children’s rooms.

from € 1,319.00
free shipping (DE), 📦 immediately available
Details: Bunk Bed Laterally Staggered

Youth Bunk Bed. The bunk bed for older children and teenagers
Youth Bunk Bed →

Functionality and stability are the core features of the Youth Bunk Bed. This youth bed serves less as a play or adventure bed since it was designed for older children and teenagers instead. It is also an excellent choice for the furnishing of a hostel, for example.

from € 1,129.00
free shipping (DE)
Details: Youth Bunk Bed

Both-Up Beds. Bunk beds that allow both kids to sleep above
Both-Up Beds →

We often hear, “If one sleeps above, then, of course, the other one wants to as well! What can we do about that?” Quite simple: both sleep up. There are Both-Up Beds for different age groups. Corner and Laterally Staggered models.

from € 1,925.00
free shipping (DE), 📦 immediately available
Details: Both-Up Beds

Beds for Three. Bunk beds for three kids who share one room
Beds for Three →

We have the space-saving solution if you have no separate room available for each child or the kids would rather sleep in one room, in one kids’ bed. The Beds for Three can also be “spiced up” with our large selection of accessories.

from € 1,886.00
free shipping (DE)
Details: Beds for Three

Skyscraper. Best utilisation of space in the children’s room or holiday home
Skyscraper →

If you choose the 140 cm width option, there is even room for 6 in one bed; two beds provide space for an entire soccer team including 1 substitute player! This kids’ bed is ideal for rooms with high ceilings and attics and are a true space-saving miracle.

from € 2,144.00
free shipping (DE)
Details: Skyscraper

Bed Laterally Staggered for Four. Four or more kids in one room? No problem, here’s the bunk bed for four
Bed Laterally Staggered for Four →

You have a number of children and one kids’ room with high ceilings? For this kids’ bed, approx. 3.15 m in height is required. Then you get four sleeping levels on 3 sq. m.

from € 2,759.00
free shipping (DE)
Details: Bed Laterally Staggered for Four

Pitched Roof Bed. The solution for children’s rooms with a pitched roof
Pitched Roof Bed →

The optimal play bed if the children’s room has pitched roofs. The watchtower is ideal for using it as a pirate’s bed, even in a small room.

from € 1,120.00
free shipping (DE), 📦 immediately available
Details: Pitched Roof Bed

Comfy Corner Bed. A loft bed with a cosy corner underneath
Comfy Corner Bed →

A loft bed with a cosy corner underneath. The Bed Drawer (optional) provides additional storage space. With accessories, this kids’ bed can easily transform into a pirate’s or a knight’s bed.

from € 1,311.00
free shipping (DE)
Details: Comfy Corner Bed

Canopy Bed. A cosy bed for teens who want to sleep on a low sleeping level
Canopy Bed →

This kid’s bed comes to life with an imaginative arrangement of curtains and fabrics, making it cosy and homey, even for adults… Kids’ furniture turns into furniture for teenagers and adults.

from € 741.00
free shipping (DE)
Details: Canopy Bed

Baby Crib. Versatile, convertible baby cribs and cots for the youngest
Baby Crib →

Our Baby Crib is a good long-term purchase because, unlike conventional baby cribs, it can easily be transformed into one of the other kids’ beds and will turn into a play bed with just a few extra beams.

from € 1,064.00
free shipping (DE)
Details: Baby Crib

Bedside Crib. For newborns up to 9 months
Bedside Crib →

The Bedside Crib for newborns serves as the perfect kid’s bed for the first 8 – 9 months. It can be connected to “Mum’s” bed, is height adjustable, and has a storage table for diapers, pacifiers, etc.

from € 215.00
Details: Bedside Crib

Low Youth Beds. Low beds for teens, guests, grandmas and grandpas, …
Low Youth Beds →

Four different types of Low Youth Beds are available. The youth beds can also be easily turned into one of the other kids’ beds later.

from € 412.00
free shipping (DE)
Details: Low Youth Beds

Bed for Parents. “We want one too!” – the Bed for Parents
Bed for Parents →

The bed for couples in the typical Billi-Bolli design and quality.

from € 884.00
free shipping (DE)
Details: Bed for Parents

Other Options. Pitched roof, play floor and other customisation options for our kids’ beds
Other Options →

Special adjustments such as Pitched Roof Step, Corner Swing Beam, Flat Rungs, or Play Floor instead of slatted bed base, …

Conversion Sets. Add sleeping levels or split up bunk beds
Conversion Sets →

Loft Bed to Bunk Bed, Bunk Bed to Low Youth Bed: For all kids’ beds, there are expansion sets available to convert from one type to another.

Finding the best cot

Healthy sleep is essential for your child's growth and development. High-quality cots make an important contribution to a restful night's sleep. When it comes to finding the best cot, different criteria matter. In addition to the room situation, age and size of your child, their preferences are of course also crucial. Because every child has different needs and their own and individual taste. Here, our cots are characterised by exceptional flexibility, stability and safety and are designed for a particularly long useful life. Discover our extensive range and be inspired by the wide range of opportunities offered by our cots.


What makes a bed for children?

Cots are the focal point of every children's room. Children need a restful night's sleep in a comfortable cot, in which they need a very special feeling of security. In addition, cots fulfil numerous functions: As cuddly sleeping places, personal retreats and comfortable seating, they are used by the little ones and put under heavy strain. It is also very important for little knights, princesses and pirates to transform their beds into enchanting game worlds. The requirements for material quality and safety, as well as on the functionality and changeability of the cots, are correspondingly high. After all, the bed should be customizable to the needs of the child and offer the same level of comfort over many years. With a Billi-Bolli cot, you are well equipped. Because we attach particular importance to high-quality workmanship, quality materials and the greatest possible freedom of design.

What types of children's beds are there?

In our shop we offer a wide range of long-lasting cots. Whether high or bunk beds, beds for toddlers, teenagers or playbeds – you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for here.
* Due to their elevated reclining surface, high beds are true space wonders. Under the sleeping place, the high bed can be equipped with a work desk or a seating area – ideal for small rooms and niches. Our high beds for children have a particularly high case protection and can be transformed into exciting playbeds in no time at all with our extensive accessories.
* Bunk beds are a further development of the classic high bed and offer plenty of space for two to four children. For maximum flexibility, we have designed bunk beds with different arrangements of the sleeping levels, creating the right solution for each nursery. Excessing in handy: With our conversion sets, the other cots from our range can be transformed into a bunk bed.
* In the development of our beds for babies and toddlers, the safety and well-being of the youngest people is paramount. Our classic cot with grids is a long-term purchase. Later, it can be easily converted into a growing high bed or a bunk bed with one of our conversion sets. This is how you enjoy our product for many years. The child grows, so does the bed.
* Climbing ropes, slides, steering wheel, climbing wall and other play facilities turn our cots into great adventure playgrounds where your children can play to their heart's content. With our extensive accessories, all the Billi-Bolli models can be transformed into individual playbeds for little princesses and knights, pirates or firefighters. Especially suitable as a playbed and adventure bed are roof sloping and cuddle bed beds as well as the growing high beds.

What is the difference in species?

Which of our cots best suits your offspring, we show you in our overview:

For whom?

Loft Beds

* our classic
* for more space in the smallest room
* also available as a half-height bed for children's rooms with limited height

* Loft Bed Adjustable by Age
* Youth Loft Bed
* Students' Loft Bed
* Low Loft Bed

* Children
* Young people
* young adults

Bunk Beds

* our space-saving solution for two or more children
* Combination options suitable for each child's room
* convertible and expandable as desired

* Bunk Bed
* Corner Bunk Bed
* Bunk Bed Laterally Staggered
* Youth Bunk Bed
* Both-Up Beds
* Beds for Three
* Skyscraper
* Bed Laterally Staggered for Four

* Children
* Young people

Play Beds

* individual design options with our extensive play accessories
* convertible and expandable as desired

* Pitched Roof Bed
* Comfy Corner Bed
* Canopy Bed

Expandable from all other models.

* Children

More beds

* Cribs and extra beds specially tailored to the needs of the youngest
* flat beds for children and adolescents
* the double bed for parents in typical Billi-Bolli look

* Baby Crib
* Bedside Crib
* Low Youth Beds
* Bed for Parents

* Babies
* Toddlers
* Children
* Young people
* Adults

What to look for when buying?

Important criteria when buying cots include:
* Material
* Size
* Features
* Security
* Accessories
* Environmental aspects

What material are our beds made of for children?

In our in-house workshop, we rely on high-quality solid wood from sustainable forestry. Pine and beech are used primarily. You can get our bed frames either untreated, oiled-waxed, honey-coloured oiled (pine only) or painted or glazed in colour.

Here you will find more information about our wood types and possible surface treatments.

High security and functionality

When buying cots, many parents ask themselves the question: What about age-appropriate safety for a cot?

Our cots can be individually secured with functional safety accessories such as safety boards, roll-out protection and grilles. This way your child is protected according to his needs.

Flexible size

In addition to safety, there is also the question of the optimal size when buying a cot: Our beds are available in different matrazines and are also customizable. You can also turn a fancy cot into a cool high or bunk bed.

With the right accessories to the playbed

With our accessories, a Billi-Bolli cot becomes an exciting play and fun paradise that invites you to play and discover creatively. Our shelves and bed boxes are particularly helpful for depositing and storing them. It is where the many small and large toys and books find their place.

Our innovative cots accompany your offspring from baby to young adulthood and can be flexibly adapted to every stage of adolescence. We offer you numerous possibilities with which you can design your desired bed individually according to the taste of your child.

More beds from Billi-Bolli

It's not just in childhood that a cosy place of sleep is needed for a restful night's sleep. Teenagers and parents also need a good bed. This is why Billi-Bolli offers additional beds such as various youth beds, a parents ' bed as well as a four-poster bed.

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Jodelnde Dosen
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Super freundliche Mitarbeiter, Produkt lang lebig und auf alle Fälle das Geld wert. Auch beim Wiederverkauf! Kann ich nur empfehlen
Stefan Scheib
05 August 2019
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Long time a lot of fun with the bed and very easy resale after almost nine years - absolutely recommended!!
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27 May 2019
When youre looking for furniture for your Kids what is sustainable and what grows with them than you're here at the best place. It's a little bit expensive but best quality and the service is customer oriented. We have a second hand bed for #Bigfoot and #Littlefeet and it makes them fun every day. I recommend this company.and it's products
Sabine Kirberich
04 May 2019
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Very durable and qualitatively really great beds, a good investment, since even the resale value is still great, would buy a bed there at any time, absolutely recommended!!!
Have used the bed for 7 years very gladly and sold it with a crying eye.