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Theme boards for our kids’ beds

Kids’ beds for young pirates, knights, flower girls, race car drivers and pilots

Our theme boards not only look good: Particularly with loft beds for children below 10 years of age, it is also advisable to close the gap between the upper beams of the high fall guard for safety reasons. We have developed lots of different theme boards for this purpose, which will also inspire your children’s imagination:

Special offer for the European Championship: Football field by the bed for only 200 € (instead of 310 €), as long as the German team is ⚽🏆 in the race Info →

Portholes for the pirate bed (Theme Boards)Porthole Theme Boards →

The porthole themed boards turn your loft bed or bunk bed into a real cutter. For little pirates and captains.

Loft bed or bunk bed as a knight's bed (Theme Boards)Knight’s Castle Theme Boards →

With our knight's castle themed boards, you can transform your Billi-Bolli bed into an imposing castle for brave knights and noble kings.

Princess loft bed or bunk bed (Theme Boards)Princess Theme Boards →

The loft bed as a majestic castle: With these themed boards, you can make your daughter's dream come true.

Flowers on the loft bed or bunk bed (Theme Boards)Flower Theme Boards →

Turn your bed into an easy-care flower or garden bed with flowers in your child's favourite colours.

Railway beds: the loft bed as a train (Theme Boards)Train Theme Boards →

All aboard, please! Locomotive, tender and sleeping car on the loft bed or bunk bed for little locomotive drivers.

Mouse beds (Theme Boards)Mouse Theme Boards →

For little mice: The mice-themed boards turn the loft bed or bunk bed into a cosy mouse den.

Tractor bed (Theme Boards)Tractor →

With our tractor with trailer, every day becomes a holiday on the farm. For small farmers and bulldog enthusiasts.

Take a look at our decorative accessories which you can use to design your bed and personalise individual theme boards even more – e.g. by glueing on our animal figures or by engraving the name of your child into the wood.