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Woodland Loft Beds and Bunk Beds

Information on buying and extending a loft bed or bunk bed from Woodland

Woodland was a long-standing market competitor in the field of loft beds and bunk beds for children. The program at Woodland included children's beds made of pine and beech that grew with the child. For some time now, we have often received inquiries about whether our accessories and conversion parts are compatible with Woodland children's beds. On this page you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Can your accessories be mounted on Woodland cots?

Unfortunately, this is not the case in principle, because at first glance the Woodland beds resemble ours, but they differ in detail in terms of beam dimensions, screw connections, slatted frames, bed base guides, grab bars and other features. Woodland was an independent manufacturer with its own product specifications, which we don't know in every detail. Therefore, unfortunately, we cannot offer advice for Woodland beds.

However, accessories from us from the categories For swinging and Decorative Accessories can be attached, as they are independent of the dimensions of the basic construction. The steering wheel and steering wheel can also be mounted, all you need to do is enlarge a 6 mm hole on your Woodland bed to 8 mm.

Can you supply parts for the extension or conversion of a Woodland loft bed?

Do you already have a loft bed from Woodland or would you like to buy one used and are wondering where you can get parts for converting it into a bunk bed? We can offer you undrilled beams in thickness 57 × 57 mm, cut to length according to your specifications. You can make the necessary holes or grooves yourself. However, you have to carry out the basic considerations yourself; We cannot provide drawings for specific beams or beds as well as parts lists. We do not assume any responsibility for the safety and stability of the resulting structure resulting from the conversion.

Can you supply smaller spare parts (such as screws etc.) for Woodland beds?

We can supply you with suitable screws on request (galvanized steel, each incl. nut and washer). Unfortunately, we cannot offer other spare parts. We can only cut suitable beam parts in the desired length for you, see previous question.

Where can I buy a loft bed or bunk bed from Woodland?

To our knowledge, Woodland children's beds are no longer manufactured and distributed. If you still have a children's furniture catalogue from Woodland or would like to buy a new loft bed or bunk bed based on a product name from Woodland, you will find an overview of the names of the beds at Woodland and a corresponding, similar variant of Billi-Bolli in each case.

Children's beds from Billi-Bolli and similar models at Woodland

Children's bed by Billi-BolliSimilar model at WoodlandBed type
WinnipegBunk bed
MississippiBunk bed
MontereyBunk bed
CalgaryBunk bed
AmarilloBunk bed
Capt’n CookPlay bed