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Second hand kids’ beds

Buy and sell pre-loved Billi-Bolli loft beds and bunk beds

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Floor bed in pine with wall of bars in Berlin

Offer 4575. Published: 26 March 2021, sold: 28 March 2021 (second hand bunk bed)

We (Berlin, Schöneberg) now, after 7 years, want to separate ourselves from our beloved Billi Bolli - bunk bed. It is, except a few scratches due to wild swinging, in good condition.

- Mattress size 90 x 200
- Pine, oiled
- 2 bed boxes with rollers
- Wall of bars
- Climbing rope with rocking plate
- Loss protection for the lower floor
- Steering wheel
(all original Billi Bolli)

We bought it in November 2013 with everything in it for 2008 euros and would now sell it for 900 euros.

It is still built in the children's room, but we would help with dismantling.


Dear Billi-Bolli team,

wow, that went fast. Our bunk bed was sold on the day of recruitment.
Thank you!

And greetings from Berlin :)

Floor bed in pine with wall of bars in Berlin (second hand bunk bed)

Ritterburg four-poster bed in Basel

Offer 4574. Published: 26 March 2021, sold: 28 March 2021 (second hand kids’ furniture)

We sell our beloved Billi-Bolli four-poster bed. The bed was bought by the first owner in 2017 in very good condition. With us it was little used, because the siblings preferred to sleep together in the other room despite their own rooms.

The bed is oiled from pine waxed. The two drawers under the bed are very spacious and ideal for storing toys.

The failure protection (the board in castle optics) can also be mounted on the other side.

The curtains and the sky have been sewn by the first owner and can be taken over freshly washed. They make the bed very comfortable, because you can close the bed so completely. More are available on request.

We sell the bed incl. curtain bars, 2 drawers, slatted base.
On request, we also add the little-used mattress free of charge (Prolana by Billi-Bolli).

Dimensions: Length: 210 cm, Width: 92.5 cm, Height: 164 cm, Love Area / Mattress: 80x200 cm

The bed is already dismantled, all boards are labeled and we give an illustrated construction plan.

Our price presentation 400,- Euro.

Only for self-collectors in Basel, Switzerland


Dear Billi-Bolli team,

just our four-poster bed bed was sold and picked up. Thank you very much for the great service with your secondhand page.

Greetings from Basel!

P.s.: Thank you for placing the corresponding note on the website that our bed was sold.

Ritterburg four-poster bed in Basel (second hand kids’ furniture)

Bunk bed/play bed with slide near Vienna (lying area 90x200)

Offer 4573. Published: 24 March 2021 (second hand loft bed)

Purchased at the end of 2012, pick-up disassembled in Vienna (Oberlaa)
everything oiled in beech
the bed has no signs of use and is as new

incl. original accessories:
2 crane beams outside
Slide for Midi 3 and bunk bed
Play crane
1 slatted base
1 playing floor
Holding handles ladder
Ladder protection (not shown in photos)
Bunk board 150cm
2xProtective board 102cm
2xBed box (incl. 1 bed box subdivision)
Flag red with bracket
Curtain rod set
if desired, we like to add the fabric roof, the curtains, mattress (green earth, was always used with wet protection pad), rope ladder, climbing rope and plain linen cloths, as we no longer have any use for this.

the total length incl. slide is 310cm
Width incl. crane beams 160cm
Height: 228 cm

Original invoice and installation instructions are of course available

New price: 2,775 €
Sell price: 1350 €


Dear Billi Bolli Team,

Our bed has already found a new owner.
Can you please put it on sold.

Thank you very much!

Bunk bed/play bed with slide near Vienna (lying area 90x200) (second hand loft bed)

Billi-Bolli bunk bed 90 x 200 cm beech oiled, Heidelberg

Offer 4572. Published: 24 March 2021, sold: 24 March 2021 (second hand bunk bed)

We bought our bed (including slatted frames, protective boards for the upper floor and handles) in January 2009.

These include (all wood accessories beech oiled):
2 bed boxes beech oiled on rolls for wooden floor
Swing beams, climbing rope and rocking plate
Baby grid set with slip shoots
4 upholstery cushions with blue cotton cover

If you are interested, we are happy to add the two "Prolana Youth Matrazen" free of charge. The bed is very well preserved and has the usual signs of use. We are a non-smoker and have no pets.

New price 2,282.00 € (invoice available - installation instructions also!) Removal can be done together if necessary, please only pick-ups.
Price presentation 840,00€


Dear Billi-Bolli team,
Thank you for adjusting - the bed is sold. I was completely surprised, within the first 24 hours came 5 requests and today we sold it.
E. Rösch

Billi-Bolli bunk bed 90 x 200 cm beech oiled, Heidelberg (second hand bunk bed)

High bed 90/200 oiled from pine in Otterndorf

Offer 4571. Published: 24 March 2021 (second hand loft bed)

Our daughter has grown out of her bed :-) We would like to give her old bed into new hands.

Very good (darkened) condition.

Accessories: ladder with 5 rungs, gallows, small shelf, curtain rod set, 3 portholes.

We bought the bed on 19.10.2010.
New price was just under 1200,-€
We had thought of 440,-€ sale price.

Location 21762 Otterndorf

Contact details

Anfragen gerne an 04751-4043642 oder an:

High bed 90/200 oiled from pine in Otterndorf (second hand loft bed)

Growing bunk bed 90 x 200 in the Frankfurt area

Offer 4570. Published: 23 March 2021, sold: 23 March 2021 (second hand loft bed)

For almost 10 years, our son used the great Billi-Bolli bed. Now it has to give way to a youth room. It was very much loved and refitted and expanded depending on age and interest.

We bought the bunk bed in November 2011 in beech oil wax treated with rocking beams and curtain bars and over time supplemented with the following accessories:

• large shelf, beech oil-waxed
• small shelf, beech oil-waxed
• blue curtains
• green curtains
• 3 Janosch images
• punching bag with boxing gloves
• blue cover caps full

Despite active and long-term use, the bed is in very good condition and has hardly any signs of use. We are absolutely convinced of the quality and have never regretted having bought a Billi-Bolli bed - not without reason each of our 3 children has had or still has a growing Billi-Bolli bunk bed!

The bed has not yet been dismantled, but is already waiting for its new owner. With a combined new price in the amount of a total of approx. 1600,- €, we would like to have 850,- €.


Dear Billi-Bolli team,

also our second bed was sold already 3 minutes after the offer was discontinued. Great quality!!!

U. Garcia

Growing bunk bed 90 x 200 in the Frankfurt area (second hand loft bed)

Half-height bunk bed, 90 x 200 cm, beech, treated

Offer 4569. Published: 23 March 2021, sold: 23 March 2021 (second hand loft bed)

Dimensions: L: 211 cm, W: 102 cm, H: 196 cm.

Accessories: Rocking plate beech, climbing rope, hanging seat with fastening, bed shelf, shop board and Adidas Junior Box-Pack.

Age: 6 years old, undamaged and in very good condition.

Buy price: 1690,00 Euro
Sales price today: 700.00 euro

Location: 24107 Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein


Thank you dear Billi-Bolli team,

we have already sold the bed.
You can please take it from the homepage.

Thank you and greetings

Half-height bunk bed, 90 x 200 cm, beech, treated (second hand loft bed)

Bunk bed-over-corner of beech

Offer 4568. Published: 22 March 2021 (second hand loft bed)

90 x 200 cm
incl.2x slatted frame, handles and protective boards for top

Dimensions: L:211 cm,W:211 cm, H:228.5cm

Flat rungs for growing bunk beds
steering wheel
Punching bag BOXY BÄR with boxing gloves

The bunk bed turns 8 years old and is in good condition. It shows of course some quirks, since the guys were often on the high seas.

New price: approx. 1800,-€
Price presentation: 900,-€

Location: 54309 Butzweiler

Contact details

Tel.: 06505912244

Bunk bed-over-corner of beech (second hand loft bed)

Seafarer's sloping bed made of beech white glazed in Nuremberg

Offer 4567. Published: 22 March 2021 (second hand Pitched Roof Bed)

We sell a sloping roof bed, 90 x 200 cm, ladder position A in beech incl. slatted base, playing floor and protective boards for the upper floor. The bed is white- Handle bars and rungs are oiled in beech waxed. Three berth boards are installed on the play tower. As an accessory there is a climbing rope and a steering wheel, also beech white glazed, both original by Billi Bolli. We bought the bed from Billi Bolli in September 2017. The steering wheel was purchased as a further accessory in May 2018. The bed is in very good condition and has only general signs of use. We paid 2,170,- € for the bed including accessories. We sell it for 1.400,- €. Invoices and setup instructions are still available. The bed is still built up and can be dismantled by us, but also together on request. It can be picked up immediately in Nuremberg.

The mattress and the bed boxes also shown in the photo are still needed and therefore not sold.

Contact details

Familie Templin aus Nürnberg

Seafarer's sloping bed made of beech white glazed in Nuremberg (second hand Pitched Roof Bed)

High bed in pine with slide, complete in white near Frankfurt

Offer 4566. Published: 19 March 2021, sold: 19 March 2021 (second hand loft bed)

Our daughter is flying – so we sell our wonderful growing Billi-Bolli bunk bed, white painted pine, 90 x 200, including slide and bunk board (first hand).

The bed is 7 years old and in good condition. The usual traces of use are present and must be visited (e.B. at the slide above, the paint is slightly broken off). There are no scribbles or stickers. We are a strict non-smoking and animal-free household.

Both openings (slide exit and entry ladder) have a parental control grille. Under the bed there are curtain poles. Swing beams in the longitudinal direction. The swing seat can be purchased (VB). We would give the mattress with us on request.

The original price at that time was around € 1,700,- original invoices are available. We would like € 850,- for the bed. Please only pick-up and self-mining in Friedrichsdorf /Hochtaunus (greater Frankfurt/Main).


Dear Billi Bolli team, the bed was already sold after 1 hour. Thank you again for 7 years of adventure bed....

S. Lüllau

High bed in pine with slide, complete in white near Frankfurt (second hand loft bed)

You have been searching patiently for a while now but to no avail?

Have you already considered buying a new Billi-Bolli bed instead? When you no longer need it, you too can use our successful Secondhand Page, completely free of charge. Thanks to the high resale value of our beds, you will get a good return on your purchase even after many years of use. For this reason, a new Billi-Bolli bed is, economically speaking, a very good investment.

Get a FREE hanging cave if you order a bed by May 2!

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