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Second hand kids’ beds

Buy and sell pre-loved Billi-Bolli loft beds and bunk beds

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Youth bed floor, pine oil wax treated, 100 x 200 cm

Offer 4392. Published: 23 November 2020, sold: 23 November 2020 (second hand kids’ furniture)

Because of moving I sell our Billi-Bolli youth bed floor. The bed is 8 years old and in very good condition. No stickers and no painting. We are a non-smoking household without animals.

The bed is already dismantled and is in the basement with my mother. The original invoice and the installation instructions are available.

Bedside table for top: Pine oiled
Includes slatted base, without mattresses

The bed can be picked up in 76534 Baden-Baden-Neuweier.
My price presentation: 503,-€
The new price 2012 was 995 €


Dear Billi-Bolli Team,

You can take the offer out again. The bed will be picked up on Friday.

Thank you and greetings
C. Brandl

Youth bed floor, pine oil wax treated, 100 x 200 cm (second hand kids’ furniture)

Cuddly bed pine oiled 80 x 190 cm with two small bed racks

Offer 4391. Published: 22 November 2020 (second hand loft bed)

The bunk bed with mattress size 80 x 190 cm, a small bed shelf and a bunk board for the long side (not in the photo, but available) we bought 3 years ago and painted it in-house with pure linseed oil.

A year ago we bought an extension set for the lower cuddly corner (with play floor, WITHOUT upholstery) and another small bed shelf (all in oiled/waxed).

The new price of all parts together (excluding shipping and excluding oiling in-house) amounted to a total of € 1278.00.

The bed is made of a non-smoking household and we have no pets. It is in very good condition and has only the slight optical flaw of some dents caused by the use of a hanging swing. We will be happy to send you some photos on request.

Based on The sales recommendation of Billi Bolli as well as a small discount because of the dents, we would like to add 890.00 € for everything together (as described above).

(On VHB you can also buy the 3 year old mattress

The bed is located in 76829 Landau in the Palatinate and can either be dismantled together or picked up in degraded condition.


Hello Billi Bolli Team,

the bed is sold!

Thank you for providing the online platform 😉

Cuddly bed pine oiled 80 x 190 cm with two small bed racks (second hand loft bed)

High bed with mattress size 80 x 190 cm from spruce oiled in Munich

Offer 4390. Published: 21 November 2020 (second hand loft bed)

We sell our well-preserved, growing Billi Bolli bunk bed. The bed is 6.5 years old, spruce oiled/waxed with mattress dimensions 80x190 cm (ideal for narrow niches). It has berth boards on two sides, the hanging chair and the mattress are available for free! Short central beam for conversion to a youth bed is available. Ladder left as well as right possible, sprouts growing along.

New price without hanging seat and mattress was 1130 €. We would like to have 620€.

The bed is currently built in 81549 Munich-Fasangarten and can be dismantled together.


The bed is sold!
Thank you and greeting

High bed with mattress size 80 x 190 cm from spruce oiled in Munich (second hand loft bed)

Various accessories made of pine in Jena

Offer 4389. Published: 20 November 2020 (slide for loft bed)

We offer various accessories to the beds, for which our children now consider themselves too big. The parts were purchased 03/2016 and are in used but very good condition. Both the original invoice (as well as a duplicate) as well as the setup instructions are available:

- Slide tower for long side, ladder position C or D, M-length 200cm, jaw untreated. New price: €280.-, Price presentation: €140.-
- Slide individually for height 4 and 5, pine. New price: €195.-, price presentation: €100.-
- Climbing wall, jaw untreated, external dimensions: height 196cm, width 90cm, thickness of the plate 19mm. New price: €230.-, price presentation: €120.-
- Climbing rope with rocking plate (purchased 2010) incl. swing beams in transverse direction
- Steering wheel (purchased 2010)

The last two posts we would give if someone completely removes the slide tower, slide and climbing wall.

ONLY pick-up in Jena (Thuringia), in the middle of Germany: very good transport links to A4 and A9 (near Hermsdorfer Kreuz)


Dear Billi Bolli Team,

Our set of accessories has just been picked up!
Thank you for this opportunity. So your ingenious parts can be fun in another nursery!

Another nice Christmas season
Family Hammerl

Various accessories made of pine in Jena (slide for loft bed)

High bed 80x190 in Hennef

Offer 4388. Published: 20 November 2020 (second hand loft bed)

We offer our custom-made Billi-Bolli bunk bed with the lying dimensions 80x190cm and outer dimensions L 201 cm W 92cm H 228.5 cm for sale.

It is made of white lacquered spruce, has as an extra accessory a small shelf, a berth board and a steering wheel made of oiled beech.

The cover of the enclosed, custom-made foam mattress can be washed separately. The bed was loved and has some signs of usage.

We bought it again in October 2010. The purchase price at the time was 1519 euros. We would like to see EUR 600 for this. The bed stands in Hennef an der Sieg (near Cologne and Bonn).


Dear Bill-Bolli Team,

Our bed was sold at the weekend. Thank you for your great service. We wish you a wonderful Advent season.

M. Mrazek

High bed 80x190 in Hennef (second hand loft bed)

Cuddly-licking bed from beech oiled in Rosbach

Offer 4387. Published: 17 November 2020 (second hand loft bed)

We offer our bunk bed for sale. The bed was bought in 2013, at that time still as a bunk bed, which later resulted in two single beds, including this now for sale cuddly bunk bed. It was acquired in 2013 and was rebuilt in 2015 and is in very good condition. It is a bed of beech oiled. The bed includes a cuddly corner with corresponding matrazes and a bed box, a large bed shelf and a small bed shelf, as well as bunk boards for the short and long side of the bed. Rocking plates and climbing rope and associated carabiner can also be sold.

Assembly instructions are available.

The purchase price for the new purchases was EUR 2,369.00. We would like to offer it here for 1,150 Euro VB.

The bed is located in 61191 Rosbach v.d.H., about 20 km north of Frankfurt am Main. Only pick-up!


Dear team of Billi Bolli,

We sold the bed today. Thank you very much for your support!

S. Dangir

Cuddly-licking bed from beech oiled in Rosbach (second hand loft bed)

Bunk bed 100x200 cm in Osnabrück

Offer 4386. Published: 17 November 2020 (second hand bunk bed)

We sell our 11 year old double-floor bed (100x200cm) with a heavy heart, as our children have grown out of the bunk bed age. The bed is in good condition, there are slight signs of use.

The equipment of the bed in detail:
- Bunk bed, pine, self-oiled (is now honey-coloured)
- Size: 100 x 200 cm; External dimensions: 211 x 112 x 228.5 cm
- Crane beams
- Protective boards for the upper floor
- Fall protection for construction crawlbed bed below
- Ladder position A
- Curtain bar set for bottom (not on photo)
- Small shelf (fits between top bars; not on photo)
- Incl. 2 slatted frames

Our price is 590 €. (New price approx. 1100€ + cost own oiling)
Original invoice and assembly instructions still available.

Only pick-up possible. The bed is located in 49080 Osnabrück, in the immediate vicinity of the A30; Departure Hellern.


Dear Billi-Bolli team,

we have successfully sold our bed. Therefore, you can delete our scan.

Thank you very much!

Bunk bed 100x200 cm in Osnabrück (second hand bunk bed)

Bunk bed/skybed 80 x 190 cm from pine in Wanzleben

Offer 4385. Published: 16 November 2020 (second hand loft bed)

Sale Original Billi-Bolli high bed/heaven bed (pine, honey/amber oil treatment) 80x190 cm incl. slatted base, protective boards for upper floor, handles (beech handles), mattress, crane beams with rope and rocking plate and a small shelf for depositing. Since we have built the bed to the highest level from the beginning, the ladders and feet are from the student high bed. The bed is a true transformation artist. Our daughter got it at the age of 5 and it was used as a bunk bed and at the age of 8 to this day (she is now 13 years old) she uses the bed as a four-poster bed. All conversion and additional sets are original by Billi-Bolli also the curtain poles. The bed is 8 years old and will be free to pick up after 15.12.20.

Purchase price 2012: 1258 €. Only self-collection! Cost: 600 Euro!

All original invoices and setup instructions are available.

Contact details

Familie Kühne
39164 Wanzleben

Bunk bed/skybed 80 x 190 cm from pine in Wanzleben (second hand loft bed)Bunk bed/skybed 80 x 190 cm from pine in Wanzleben (second hand loft bed)

Bulleye boards, beech oiled

Offer 4384. Published: 16 November 2020 (slide for loft bed)

Bulleye themed boards: 1x for short side (full width with mattress width 140 cm), 1x short side to slide opening at position D, + corresponding protective board for lower area of fall protection (for mattress width 140 cm)
Sales price 80 €

About 6 years old - very good maintained condition see pictures.

Beech oiled waxed
Pick-up Hamburg Marienthal

Contact details


Bulleye boards, beech oiled (slide for loft bed)

Children's bunk bed, white lacquered pine, 90 x 190 cm

Offer 4383. Published: 16 November 2020, sold: 17 November 2020 (second hand loft bed)

Sale Billi-Bolli-Kinder-Hochbett, pine white lacquered, 90 cm x 190 cm, external dimensions L: 201 cm, W: 102 cm, H: 228,5 cm

With slide, berth board in front, protective grille for ladder and slide area, steering wheel, curtain rod with curtains, rocking plate and mattress.

NP: 2260€ incl. mattress, original invoice available
Price: 990€

1st hand, with assembly instructions. Still built up, can be visited ( Munich-Schwabing)


Dear Billi-Bolli team,
the bed is sold, you can re-enter the ad.

Children's bunk bed, white lacquered pine, 90 x 190 cm (second hand loft bed)

You have been searching patiently for a while now but to no avail?

Have you already considered buying a new Billi-Bolli bed instead? When you no longer need it, you too can use our successful Secondhand Page, completely free of charge. Thanks to the high resale value of our beds, you will get a good return on your purchase even after many years of use. For this reason, a new Billi-Bolli bed is, economically speaking, a very good investment.

Enjoy a € 50 discount if you order a bed by January 31!

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