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Pre-owned kids’ beds and kids’ furniture

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Conversion kit: High bed to bunk bed (Offer 3596)

Published: 13 June 2019 (second hand loft bed)

We sell our conversion kit "Hochbett > Bed" 90 x 200 cm.

The conversion kit was used for 4 years and comes oiled into beech, including slatted rust.

The bed is in very good condition with few signs of use. All parts are fully available.
Only at self-pickers-Wiesbaden site.
The bed will be in use until the end of August and will then be dismantled. A pickup date can then be arranged.
New price: 385 euros
Sale price: 250 euros


Familie McDade

Conversion kit: High bed to bunk bed (second hand loft bed)

Bunk bed (Offer 3595)

Published: 12 June 2019, sold: 20 June 2019 (second hand bunk bed)

Our two pirates slowly feel too big for a playbed, the nursery gets smaller due to moving and so we sell our bunk bed oiled in pine, 100x200 cm. We bought it directly in the spring of 2011 from Billi-Bolli. .


• Bunk bed including 2 slats
• Protective boards for the upper floor, handles, ladder in position A, rocking beams
• Fire brigade pole from ash
• Wheel of taxation
• Rocking seat Piratos of Haba
• Bedside table
• 2 bed boxes
• If you are interested, we are happy to discontinue the youth mattress Nele plus und/or the foam mattress blue free of charge, the latter only being used as a game mattress

The bed was used by 2 children and has normal signs of use-nothing that could not be rebelled and reoded with a bit ...;-) All accessories as well as the set-up instructions and the original bill are completely available, we are an animal-free non-smoking household. We would be very happy to find a new owner for this great bed here so that it can bring a lot of fun to other pirates or princesses!

The bed can be picked up in Mannheim.

Purchase price new: 2030 €
Our asking price: €900 VB


Dear Mrs Eckert,
Thank you very much for your support - we have sold the bed via the offer on your site.
Greetings from Mannheim,
Stefanie Walch

Bunk bed (second hand bunk bed)

Bunk bed (Offer 3594)

Published: 11 June 2019, sold: 30 June 2019 (second hand loft bed)

The original bunk bed by Billi-Bolli. Our guys had a lot of fun with it. Now they have grown up and will soon get their single beds.
The loft bed is 11 years old. Purchase price at that time 997€. The conversion (394€) to a bunk bed took place in 2014.

The bed size:
- inside 90 x 200 cm
- outside 102 x 210 cm
- Height approx. 230 cm
- Sleep height can be varied
- with slatted slats without mattresses

Wood is pine, honey-colored oiled

- Climbing rope natural hemp with rocking plate, diameter approx. 28 cm
- Steering wheel
- berth boards
- Curtain rod set
- fishing net
- Conversion set high bed to bunk bed with protective boards
- 2 x Small bed shelf (top and bottom)

Bed decoration is not included in the sales volume.

Only to self-collectors. (Munich)
Desired selling price: 700€

The bed can be visited by appointment.


Hello Mrs. Eckert,

we sold our bed on weekends.

Thank you very much
Jeannette Werner

Bunk bed (second hand loft bed)

Foam mattress (Offer 3593)

Published: 11 June 2019 (second hand kids’ furniture)

We have to hand in a new foam mattress.
Age 0.5 years, used about 1 day.
Measures 77 x 190 x 10 cm
New price €135.00
Releving to self-pickers for £65.00


Erich Schulz
44892 Bochum

Foam mattress (second hand kids’ furniture)

Bunk bed (Offer 3592)

Published: 11 June 2019, sold: 14 July 2019 (second hand bunk bed)

The bunk bed 90/200 beech, oil wax treated was purchased by us in July 2008 and has the following features:
2x Bed box beech, oiled
2x small shelf beech, oiled
1 x cojenboard in front
2 x cojenboard on the ground
1x Curtain bar set for 3 pages
3 x self-sewn curtains
1 x steering wheel beech, oiled
1 x Game Crane Beech, oiled
1x rocking rope hemp

The bed with the outer dimensions L 211xB 102xH 2228.5 cm, is in good used condition, without any significant defects and will bring many years of joy thanks to the great quality.
The bed has cost a new €2,450 and we would love to sell it to self-pickers for 1,200 euros. It is currently still built in Cologne and is welcome to visit.


Dear team.

the bed was picked up yesterday. Thank you for your support!

D. van der Hoff

Bunk bed (second hand bunk bed)

Colluming high bed including conversion sets (Offer 3591)

Published: 11 June 2019, sold: 14 June 2019 (second hand loft bed)

Our two girls have grown out of the beds, so we offer a growing high bed (pine untreated, oiled including slats and mattresses) for sale.
The bed was supplemented in stages. It was converted from high bed 220K (1 bed) via a side bed 62040k-01 (then 2 beds) with 2 bed box and finally (when there were two rooms) to a high bed and a youth bed low typ3. The first high bed is 11 years old, the second is 10 years old. The bed is in good condition and has the following original accessories: Protective boards (with mouse, dolphin and seahorse), steering wheel, small shelf, plate swing, 2 bed boxes. After the last renovation phase in high bed and youth bed, we sewed our own curtains for the high bed and hung on poles to the bed. There is also the "cave."
The bed originally cost £1708. We would like to have £85050 for it.
The bed is now available. It is dismantled and ready to be picked up in Offenbach am Main.


Dear Billi Bolli Team,

Thank you very much. The bed is sold.

Dear greetings
Christian Burgdorf

Colluming high bed including conversion sets (second hand loft bed)Colluming high bed including conversion sets (second hand loft bed)

Bunk bed (Offer 3590)

Published: 08 June 2019 (second hand bunk bed)

We sell our Billi Bolli bunk bed 100 x 200 cm, spruce Honig/Bernak fruit treatment, climbing wall, rocking plate, climbing rope, knight's burgboard, slatted grate, curtain rods and play floor, bought 2012, new price 1,900 euros.
Since a latte is broken at the slats and the ladder is split at the lowest level, we go 300 euros below the retail price recommended by Billi Bolli and would sell the bed for 800 euros. Otherwise, the bed is in a great condition and there is a lot of accessories, so you can build it up in many different ways and adapt it super to age. The playing floor is also very practical if only one child uses the bed, as you create so much extra space in the room. The climbing wall made for a lot of fun.


Familie Guhlmann

Bunk bed (second hand bunk bed)

Both top-over corner 2A (Offer 3589)

Published: 07 June 2019, sold: 11 June 2019 (second hand bunk bed)

The bunk bed (mattress size: 90 x 200cm) made of oil-grown spruce was purchased in October 2014 and has the following features:
• Bunk bed including two slatted rust
• with two crane beams
• Ladder positions at the head ends
• for both beds a kojenboard (porthole board)
• an additional bedside table at the end of the head
• Four curtain rods (head side and sides with ladders (1 x half length, once about 1.20m)
• 1x bottle train

The bed is in good condition and has normal signs of use.
The bed was purchased 10/2014 (4.5 years ago) at a purchase price of just under 2,500 euros at Billi-Bolli.
Price recommendation on Portal: 1,650 euros
Sale price: €1,500 FP to pick up in 77770 Durbach
A kl. Punching bag (£20€), a hanging chair (€50) or the flying lamp on the picture (£10) with for sale.

The bed is broken down, completely and dust-protected wrapped in bags and ready for collection including complete blueprint.


The bed is sold.

Both top-over corner 2A (second hand bunk bed)

Ritterburg-Hochbett growing 100 x 200 cm, beech oil wax-treated (Offer 3588)

Published: 06 June 2019, sold: 10 June 2019 (second hand loft bed)

We are selling the beloved co-growing Ritterburg elevated bed with a separate slip tower from our son, which we bought from Billi-Bolli in January 2007. All parts are beech oil wax treated. I don't think we have to write anything about the quality of Billi-Bolli and the longevity here!
The bed was only used by one child and is in very good condition (no stickers, not painted). It's been set up and dismantled twice for a move. We are an animal-free non-smoking budget.

After dismantling the slide tower in 2011, we also bought a Knight's Burgboard for the remaining side, so that a board can be attached to all 4 sides. For 3 pages we bought a curtain bar set. If desired, we are welcome to give off the curtain to be seen in the picture (is sewn out of fleece blankets ourselves). In addition, we bought a Kaufladenboard (100cm). However, our son never used this. The rocking plate has been a beloved detail at the bedside.
The bed (including slatted grate and protective boards for top) has cost new €245050(+ extra knight's castle €136€) and we'd love to sell it for £1200. It is currently still being set up in Wolfsburg. We will dismantle it by the end of June at the latest. Sale to self-pickers. Invoice and set-up instructions.
We hope the bed finds a new adventurous castle dweller or castle dweller.

Exterior: L: 211cm, B: 112cm, H: 228.50 cm, ladder position A
Location: 38446 Wolfsburg


Dear Billi-Bolli team,

Our bed has found a new castle lord! Thank you for the help!

Family neighbor

Ritterburg-Hochbett growing 100 x 200 cm, beech oil wax-treated (second hand loft bed)

Co-growing high bed with high fall protection at set-up height 6 (Offer 3587)

Published: 05 June 2019, sold: 18 June 2019 (second hand loft bed)

Hello dear parents or young self-users!

We offer our beloved and suitably treated high bed from 2008 for sale:

-Bed measurements inside 100 x 200cm
-211x112cm exterior
-261 cm total height
-Sleep height about 150 cm
-on request with matching mattress (bought separately)
-Beech oiled (gorgeous!)
-Kojenboards ("pirate optics")
-blue caps (maritime ...;-)
-Climbing rope and rocking plate
-Ladder (for assembly left or right)
-Extensive, detailed set-up instructions

Other accessories depicted in the picture are not the subject of the sale, nor is the child (now grown badly).

Non-smoking and petrot-free household.

It is possible to visit Eilbek in Hamburg Eilbek if there is genuine interest in buying by appointment. We are happy to assist with dismantling and transporting you to your vehicle. Cash or Paypal on collection.

The bed has cost €1663.5050.
If you have any questions, we are happy to be available!


Dear Mrs. Eckert,

Thank you for your support in this matter! Your product and our treatment, for many years, was able to convince a buyer from Hamburg to buy; The bed was viewed yesterday and taken straight away.
Thanks again and kind greetings
Kay Hidde

Co-growing high bed with high fall protection at set-up height 6 (second hand loft bed)

You have been searching patiently for a while now but to no avail?

Have you already considered buying a new Billi-Bolli bed instead? When you no longer need it, you too can use our successful Secondhand Page, completely free of charge. Thanks to the high resale value of our beds, you will get a good return on your purchase even after many years of use. For this reason, a new Billi-Bolli bed is, economically speaking, a very good investment.

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