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Second hand kids’ beds

Buy and sell pre-loved Billi-Bolli loft beds and bunk beds

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High bed beech oiled in Wiesbaden

Offer 4382. Published: 16 November 2020 (second hand loft bed)

We sell our son's loft bed after about 8 1/2 years.
At that time purchase price 1,855€
Price presentation: 800€

Bed dimensions 90 x 200 with slatted base (mattress can be added free of charge if desired)
External dimensions 211 x 102 x 228.5
Conductor position A (front right)
Flat sprouts, growing with them
Berth boards 150cm+ 102cm, steering wheel, small shelf
Play crane, rocking plate, climbing rope

Location 65191 Wiesbaden

We moved with the bed once; the picture is taken before the move. After the move we did not attach the crane, the swing and the berth boards, because our son had become too old for it. The bed is still being built up, but will be dismantled in the next few weeks.


Ladies and gentlemen, very important

we sold our used bunk bed today.
Thank you very much for this super service! Class!

Best wishes
S. and R. Gräb

High bed beech oiled in Wiesbaden (second hand loft bed)

2 bed boxes for bunk beds 90x200

Offer 4381. Published: 14 November 2020 (second hand loft bed)

We have now converted our bunk bed into two bunk beds and now unfortunately no longer use it for the two bed boxes, which have served well for a long time.

2 bed boxes oiled in pine, new price was a total of 260 euros. Invoice exists.
One bed box was ordered for mattress size 190 to make room for the ladders.

Price presentation: 70 Euro

Only pick-up. If necessary, I can send further photos.



the bed boxes have successfully changed hands today.
Thank you for the always so good support with all requests.

Yours sincerely
M. Kröll

2 bed boxes for bunk beds 90x200 (second hand loft bed)

High bed with amber oil treatment in Kiel

Offer 4380. Published: 13 November 2020 (second hand loft bed)

It is a bunk bed 90/ 200 made of spruce honey/amber oil treated with berth boards and crane beams from September 2008.

The bed is in a well-maintained condition, at that time purchase price about 1000 €, current resale price 340 €.

Location in Kiel/Altenholz.


Thank you the bed was sold.
Yours sincerely
N. G.-Schweda

High bed with amber oil treatment in Kiel (second hand loft bed)

High bed, beech oiled in Seeshaupt

Offer 4379. Published: 09 March 2020 (second hand loft bed)

Our Billibolli is looking for a new family.

It is the bunk bed beech oiled. Purchased in 2010. NP 1812€ WITHOUT the lower floor, which we have given away, because we only use it as a bunk bed. The conversion kit can be purchased at any time (from 321€) and grown directly, as the post of the ladder is already shortened.

On a short and a long side we have berth boards NP 127+ 102€. The lower side we have provided with curtain rods: NP 30€ and for the lower area we had a short and a long grid and a grid for the ladders in the upper area (jaw): NP approx. 250€+ 49€.

We would like to have 750€ for it.


Dear Billibolli Team,
Thank you very much our bed has found a successor and was sold (the grids would still be there).

High bed, beech oiled in Seeshaupt (second hand loft bed)

Both-top bunk bed made of beech

Offer 4378. Published: 11 November 2020, sold: 11 November 2020 (second hand bunk bed)

The two-top bed was initially constructed as a 3/4 offset variant, whereby the lower lying surface was divided by a baby grille as a baby cot and changing frame. Later, the bed was reconstructed as shown in the picture.

The bed with 2 lying surfaces of 90 x 190 cm is made of oil wax treated beech, almost 11 years old but still in good condition.

The bed is sold with the following accessories:
-Bunk boards up and down around
-2 small shelves for top and bottom
-2 ladders with round rungs and handles
-1 ladder grille
-1 baby grille, which divides the lower lying surface into a changing frame and a baby cot
-Steering wheel, swing beam and play crane
-incl. slatted slats and if desired 2x Nele Plus youth mattress allergy with Neem

The purchase price was € 3,150.00 (end of 2009). We would like to have 1,500.00 € for the bed.

The bed is still built up and can be visited. Further pictures can still be sent. Invoice and assembly instructions are all available. The bed can only be picked up.


Dear Billi Bolli Team,

that was unbelievable. Already the next day a family was interested in the bed and saturday evening it was already picked up.

Family Petzold

Both-top bunk bed made of beech (second hand bunk bed)

Bunk bed with swing beams from beech in Kirchheim-Teck

Offer 4377. Published: 11 November 2020 (second hand loft bed)

We sell our great bunk bed for 2 children that ours totally loved. But now that everyone has their own room, we have to sell it. The bed is oiled in beech and was always treated with care in our non-smoking and animal-free household and also re-oiled. The double swing bar is a custom order so that there is no dispute. The dimensions are 100 x 200. The bed is 9 years old, lower floor, curtain bars and parts for a higher sleeping position above are 5 years old. It has traces of use, but is in very good condition, no paints or glue etc. NP above all was a total of 2,500 €.

We have currently fixed the swing beam to 196 cm, but it can also be fixed to the crossbar in the middle of the bed at a height of 233 cm. The bed can be set up in all possible heights and variants. ladder position, etc.
Bunk bed with custom order
2x slatted base
1x ladder
2x Rocking plate
2x Rope
kl shelf
Curtain poles
Board for ladder backup so that smaller siblings can't climb up
all screws and screw covers (colour natural)

More photos can be found here.

The buyer should dismantle the bed himself so that he can mark the items exactly as they are set up at home.
VHB 1,200 €

The bed can be visited and picked up in 73230 Kirchheim-Teck directly on the A8 between Stuttgart and Ulm.

Contact details

, 0172 7115943

Bunk bed with swing beams from beech in Kirchheim-Teck (second hand loft bed)

Ship bunk bed in Berlin

Offer 4376. Published: 10 November 2020 (second hand bunk bed)

Since my children have grown out of their ship bunk bed, I would like to sell the beautiful bed made of spruce (honey/amber oil treatment, cover caps: wood-coloured), 100 x 200 cm, incl. two slatted frames.

• External dimensions: L: 211 cm, W: 112 cm, H: 228.5 cm
• Slide with pair of sliding ears
• Climbing wall with speckled Climbing handles, different routes by shifting the handles possible, attachment on the face side
• Berth boards
• Small shelves incl. back panel, 1x top and 1 x bottom
• Ladder with flat rungs, handles and ladder grilles
• Steering wheel
• Swing beams
• good condition

The bed cost 2,164 euros (early 2012), price disoffering: 980 euros
Animal-free non-smoking household


Ladies and gentlemen, very important
Thank you again for posting my secondhand offer on your homepage. I sold the bed and it's picked up today.

Best wishes
H.del Prado

Ship bunk bed in Berlin (second hand bunk bed)

Pine roof bed in Buchberg (Switzerland)

Offer 4375. Published: 10 November 2020 (second hand Pitched Roof Bed)

Because our son has grown out, we are now selling our Billi-Bolli bed. It is 8 years old and still in very good condition with only small signs of use.

Description: Sloping roof bed, 90x200cm, jaw untreated, incl. slatted base, playing floor, protective boards for upper floor, handles, external mass L:211cm,W:102cm,H:228,5cm, crane beams in the middle

Accessories: slide size MIDI 3, 2 drawers under the bed, small shelf at the head end, steering wheel, red sail, fishing net.

At that time purchase price: approx. 1600,- Euro
Price presentation: 800 Euro

Location: Hardlistieg 5, 8454 Buchberg, Switzerland

Contact details

, TEL. 0041 43/422 9273

Pine roof bed in Buchberg (Switzerland) (second hand Pitched Roof Bed)

Bunk bed 90 x 190, pine oiled-waxed, Berlin-Lichterfelde

Offer 4374. Published: 10 November 2020, sold: 10 November 2020 (second hand bunk bed)

Purchasing December 2014, very good condition.

I put the bed in this position in February 2015 and it's been there ever since. My son and daughter live in alternating models, so it was only half the time "in use". It was never glued or smeared with pens or anything else. No damage. Animal-free non-smoking household. Original invoice and installation instructions available.

• Bunk bed, 90 x 190 cm, pine oiled-waxed, incl. 2 slatted frames, protective boards for upper floor, handles. External dimensions: L 201 cm, W: 102 cm, H: 228.5 cm
• Bed box bed, 80 x 170 cm, pine oiled, extendable with slatted base
• Hanging seat CAD KID Picapau with climbing carabiner incl. 1.40 m cord for fastening, ash wood stick 70 cm, load capacity up to 60 kg

Buy price: 1,472 EUR (without shipping and mattresses)
Price presentation: 850 EUR

Only pick-up. The bed is still built up and can be visited in Berlin-Lichterfelde. Dismantling gladly by arrangement (either me or together with buyer). Packaging material is also still available.


Hello dear Billi-Bolli team,

that went really fast! Five minutes after the appointment, the family came forward and bought it a few hours after (after the visit).

Many love for the great service!
The Hübner family

Bunk bed 90 x 190, pine oiled-waxed, Berlin-Lichterfelde (second hand bunk bed)

Growing high bed beech - oiled-waxed - 100x200cm in Munich

Offer 4373. Published: 09 November 2020 (second hand loft bed)

We would like to sell our growing Billi-Bolli bunk bed (100x200cm) made of oiled-waxed beech.

It was purchased at the end of 2015 at a price of EUR 1,800.00.
It is in a top condition, has hardly any traces of use and no stickers or paintings.

- Slatted base
- Swing beams with climbing rope (cotton) and rocking plate
- Small bed shelf with back wall
- two berth boards (beech natural)
- flat ladder rungs
- Curtain rod set (not mounted)

Assembly instructions along with mounting auxiliary blocks as well as other screws and cover caps are available.

A mattress "Prolana Nele Plus" can also be delivered.

We are an animal-free non-smoking household.
The bed is still built up and can be visited in Munich.
Our price is EUR 1,100.00.


Dear Billi-Bollis

first of all, my best wishes for the new year - above all health!

I have been able to sell the bed in the last few days. Thank you very much and

Best regards
P. Köhler

Growing high bed beech - oiled-waxed - 100x200cm in Munich (second hand loft bed)

You have been searching patiently for a while now but to no avail?

Have you already considered buying a new Billi-Bolli bed instead? When you no longer need it, you too can use our successful Secondhand Page, completely free of charge. Thanks to the high resale value of our beds, you will get a good return on your purchase even after many years of use. For this reason, a new Billi-Bolli bed is, economically speaking, a very good investment.

Enjoy a € 50 discount if you order a bed by January 31!

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