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Second hand

Pre-owned kids’ beds and kids’ furniture

Your kid’s bed is no longer needed? You are welcome to resell your used kid’s furniture and accessories directly on this highly frequented site. This is a free service for Billi-Bolli products that you originally purchased new from us.

If you would like to resell Billi-Bolli products that you bought pre-owned on this site, then we take a € 60 fee, which will be fully donated to our charity projects.

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  • The offers on our second hand page have been translated automatically and therefore may contain translation errors. We take no responsibilities for these errors or the misunderstandings arising from them. Please visit the second hand page on our German website to view the offers in their original language.

  • Billi-Bolli Kindermöbel is not involved in the resulting resales. Whether an offer is reasonably priced or not must therefore be determined by the interested party (see Resale price recommendation). Such an assessment cannot be derived from the fact that the item is placed on our Second hand page.

  • We take no responsibility for the information posted by customers about kids’ furniture for resale as we are unable to verify them.

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Collumsing high bed 90 x 200 cm, spruce oiled waxed

Offer 1889. Published: 20 October 2015 (second hand loft bed)

Dear parents,
We would like to sell our original Billi-Bolli Hochbett.
We bought it in 2009 at the new price of €1399. It includes the following components: High bed (90x200 cm, outer dimensions L:211 cm, B: 102 cm, H: 228.5 cm) including slatted rust, roof slanted stage, crane beams, game crane, slanter, bousboard front and 2x stir-side, small shelf and steering wheel. All parts are spruce oiled. We can also sell the mattress on request.
The bed stood in the playroom and was more played than used for sleeping. All parts are intact. The bed was set up once and the connections were regularly checked and followed. Due to the ingenious concept, the bed can be set up variably.
The set-up instructions as well as all parts for a variable setup are still available and included in the offer! The bed remains seated until it is sold and can be visited in 35606 Solms/Hesse. The basis for negotiation is EUR 700 (plus mattress).


Dear Ms. Eckert,

The bed has already been sold! We would like to tell you that your second-hand portal is extremely customer-friendly and should be unique in this form. Even though we no longer have any of their products, we keep Billi-Bolli in the best memory and will recommend them wherever we can.

Thank you & best greetings from Hesse,

Christian, Daniela & Michel Schneider

Collumsing high bed 90 x 200 cm, spruce oiled waxed (second hand loft bed)

Bunk bed, 90 x 190 cm, pine honey coloured oiled

Offer 1888. Published: 20 October 2015 (second hand loft bed)

We sell our Cheap Bolli bunk bed as our nursery is completely converted.
Our girls loved her bunk bed very much, and even after the conversion to a single high bed, our youngest daughter really enjoyed sleeping in it.

A short description:
Measure: 102 cm wide, 201 cm long, 228.5 cm high (for a mattress size of 90 x 190 cm)
Material: Pine honey-colored oiled
Model: Classic low-cost golli bunk bed
Condition: Light signs of use, but stable and without a dellas scratch.
Accessories: Contrictain rods on three sides

We bought the bed ten years ago for 850 euros (original bill is still available) and moved once in that time. The down and construction has worked out smoothly. The bed is now set up as a single high bed, but all extra parts except a second slatted grate are available to use it again as a bunk bed.
Our price proposal is 350 euros.

We ask for self-collection in Munich. We are, of course, happy to help with the dismantling.


HI Billi Bolli Team,

Our bed is sold.
Thank you for this platform and the service.

Diana Louter-van Helvoort

Bunk bed, 90 x 190 cm, pine honey coloured oiled (second hand loft bed)

Half-high bed, 90 x 190 cm, beech oiled waxed

Offer 1887. Published: 20 October 2015 (second hand kids’ furniture)

Meanwhile we have 3 cheap gollis. But since the biggest daughter wanted to move into a youth room, we now have to separate ourselves from one.
We bought the bed in 2013 needed via the Second Hand page. It was built and rebuilt several times, which always went without a hitch. Of course, appropriate signs of use are available, but the bed has not been painted or glued. Stability is not compromised in the slightest.
201 x 102 cm outside measure for mattresses 190 x 90 cm.
Not all protective boards can be seen in the pictures, but of course they are available. A protective board on a short side has been replaced by a byboard. The cover caps are blue.
The bed has already been dismantled ready for loading, but as I said we have 2 other cheap Bollis, which are built up and can be visited gladly. The set-up instructions are there, of course.

New price today would be £1,282
We paid about €65050
Now we would like to have €500 for it.

Accessories are still available on request (prices by appointment):
-Ladder grille (we never used, was there)
-Steering wheel
-Curtain bars (we also noticed and never used them).

The bed stands at 56179 Vallendar near Koblenz.


HI Ms. Eckert,

The bed was picked up today and will now bring joy to its new owner!

During bed sales, the ladder screen is left. Maybe it will still find a new owner for 8 euros. We didn't use it ourselves, but got it for a second hand purchase. Shipping is possible for 6 euros.

Many greetings family rülke

Half-high bed, 90 x 190 cm, beech oiled waxed (second hand kids’ furniture)

Collating high bed 90 x 190 cm, spruce oil-waxed

Offer 1886. Published: 19 October 2015 (second hand loft bed)

After our sweetness has switched to a youth room, we want to sell our MITWACHSENDES HOCHBETT special measure 190 x 90 spruce oiled waxed by Billi-Bolli. It was acquired in 2006 for around €950. We would like to have €490 for this.

It was used more for playing than for sleeping, as our girl always liked to stay with us. Accordingly, a suitable Prolana biomatratze was also not used, which can be purchased cheaply for this purpose.
In addition, there is also a "monkey swing" free of charge, which is unfortunately glued with many stickers and curtain rods and curtains if desired. The bed has been rebuilt a couple of times and, according to age, has signs of use.

The bed is already dismantled for pick-up in Tyrol. Since we regularly go to Munich, it could also be passed in the Munich area.


Thank you very much, the bed is sold!

Collating high bed 90 x 190 cm, spruce oil-waxed (second hand loft bed)

Bunk bed, 90 x 200, pine untreated with slide

Offer 1885. Published: 19 October 2015 (second hand bunk bed)

Sell a nine-year-old Billi Bolli bunk bed with a related slide. It is an untreated pine wood including 2 slatted rust and 2 bed boxes.

The external dimensions are: Length: 211cm, width: 102 cm, height: 2228.5 cm

Kojenboard for the front to the ladder
2 bed boxes
Slide for build-up height 4 and 5, Pos. C

The purchase price was €1260. I would like to add €500 to this on a negotiation basis.
Location: Planegg


Number 1885 The bed is sold.

Bunk bed, 90 x 200, pine untreated with slide (second hand bunk bed)

Bunk bedside offset, 90 x 200 cm, spruce, oiled waxed

Offer 1884. Published: 19 October 2015 (second hand loft bed)

After a good 7 years, we unfortunately have to part with our Cheap Bolli adventure bed.
It is a bunk bed side-offset with oil wax treatment (L: 307cm, B: 102cm, H: 228.5cm), play floors instead of slatted rust. The lower bed (in the photo individually, since we separated the two beds a few years ago), can be installed around 1/2 outwards offset under the high bed.
The adventure bed has a kojenboard, steering wheel as well as a rope made of natural hemp and a rocking plate. The curtains were stitched by the tailor and are hung from original-Billi-Bolli curtain bars. Unfortunately, a curtain lacks a loop.
The bed has signs of use (e.g. small dents from the plate swing), but is technically and visually in good condition. We are a non-smoking budget.

The bed had a new price of about €1300 with accessories, we would like to have €675 (VP) for it.
It can be viewed near Karlsruhe/Heidelberg (76703 Kraichtal).
We ask for self-dropping and self-collection.


Dear Billi-Bolli team,

Now other children are happy about our adventure bed. So we sold it ... Thank you very much for hiring the offer!
Kind regards,
Daniela Ziegler

Bunk bedside offset, 90 x 200 cm, spruce, oiled waxed (second hand loft bed)Bunk bedside offset, 90 x 200 cm, spruce, oiled waxed (second hand loft bed)

Collumsing high bed 120 x 200 cm, pine honey coloured oiled

Offer 1883. Published: 17 October 2015 (second hand loft bed)

Dear prospective customers

We offer our daughter's beautiful Billi Bolli bed for sale.
The bed is relatively little used or played. Since our Lucie has been living in the attic for about three years and because you can unfortunately not put up the bed there. It has since been covered and alone in your old room, waiting in vain for someone to play with him again or sleep in it.

The mattress is also in good condition it has not been released anything even "other accidents" have not happened on it! It has never been rebuilt or anything else has been changed in the originality.

Various new wood replacement parts for possible conversions are also included. The original invoice is available.
100% non-smoking budget.

Here is a list of the equipment:

High bed, 120/200, pine honey coloured oiled
Including slatted rust, protective boards for top floor, handles
L: 211 cm, B: 132 cm, H: 228.5 cm
Cover caps: Wood

Kojenboard 150 cm, honey-colored, oiled for front
2 cojenboards 132 stir-sided, honey-colored oiled
Curtain stangensen honey-colored oiled, for 3 pages
2 small shelves, pine honey-colored oiled
Wheel wheel, pine honey-colored oiled
Nele plus youth mattress special measure 117 x 200 cm

The bed can be visited in Erding by telephone and picked up and taken with you immediately. (Tool available)

Then new prize: 1889,-Euro
Sale price 1,250 euros


HI Ms. Eckert

Many thanks for your help.
We have already sold our bed to a very nice family!


Fam. Biller

Collumsing high bed 120 x 200 cm, pine honey coloured oiled (second hand loft bed)

Bunk bed-adventure bed, 90 x 200, pine untreated, lots of accessories

Offer 1882. Published: 14 October 2015 (second hand bunk bed)

We are selling our original Gullibo bed because of the redesign of the children's room. The bed is older and the wood is darkened. There are signs of use, such as smaller scratches and mini cells, but no stickers or scribbles. You can set the bed on the side or build it up via corner, which we didn't do because of lack of space. All parts (beams and screws) are, of course, available. The bed has two huge drawers, in which you can really store a lot. We hand in the bed with a lot of accessories:

1 steering wheel
1 slatted grate
1 continuous playing floor below
2 bed boxes (drawers)
2 mattresses, 90 x 200 cm (one of which has never been used comfort foam mattress, NP €70)
1 hook with bottle pull mechanics from HABA (without image)
1 hemp climbing rope
1 small bed shelf with back wall of Billi-Bolli (top left with screwed reading light)
1 EKORRE hanging chair with air cushion from IKEA (Without Picture)

The bed has at the bottom of three sides boards to lean on, so that you can use the lower bed with corresponding cushions super as a sofa. We bought the bed used in 2013, unfortunately we can not provide details about the new price. The bed is well maintained, very solid and in good used condition. It is still standing in Wiesbaden and can be visited. Since unfortunately there is no set-up instructions, self-dismantling makes sense, we are of course happy to help with this. We are an animal-free non-smoking budget. The bed must be picked up in Wiesbaden/center (old building, 2nd floor).

We would like to add 600 euros for this, including all accessories.


Dear Ms. Eckert,

The bed is sold and picked up, thanks for setting on the second-hand side.


Bettina Kantzenbach

Bunk bed-adventure bed, 90 x 200, pine untreated, lots of accessories (second hand bunk bed)

Co-growing high bed & slide tower with slide oiled in spruce

Offer 1881. Published: 12 October 2015 (second hand loft bed)

We sell our growing high bed with the following accessories:
Lat grate, large shelf, rocking beams, climbing rope, rocking plate and curtain bar set

New price: 890 euros
Sale price: 450 euros

As well as the matching slide tower with slide
New price: 420 euros
Sale price: 200 euros

At the floor board of the tower, some wood is split off when turning out two screws. A screw could not be completely turned in when it was set up and the head was enveloped by us with a little adhesive mass, so that the children do not hurt themselves.

Bought in 2006 with normal signs of use. Animal-free and non-smoking household. The bed can be visited.


HI Ms. Eckert,
The bed is already sold. Could you please note this on your page.
Many thanks and beautiful greetings
Jeannette Schmitz

Co-growing high bed & slide tower with slide oiled in spruce (second hand loft bed)

Co-growing Billi-Bolli high bed 90 x 200 cm beech oil-waxed

Offer 1880. Published: 12 October 2015 (second hand loft bed)

We offer a growing Billi-Bolli high-bed 90 x 200 cm beech oil-waxed.
With ladder (including holding handles) slatted grate and nele plus mattress (ordered by Billi-Bolli)
Exterior L: 211 cm, B: 102 cm, H: 228.5 cm

Rocking bars for cotton climbing rope
Steering wheel
Curtain bars incl. Curtains (in yellow and orange)
Flag holder and flag

The bed stands in a room and can be visited at any time.
Original invoice and set-up instructions available.
The bed is in very good condition and now has to give way to a youth room. The bed was never glued or "painted." In addition, we are a non-smoking household and we do not have pets.
It was bought in July 2006 and has cost 1,727,--euros without construction.
For 850,--versus pickup (Munich) we'd love to sell it.


Thank you very much, the bed was sold today.

The Pentner family

Co-growing Billi-Bolli high bed 90 x 200 cm beech oil-waxed (second hand loft bed)

You have been searching patiently for a while now but to no avail?

Have you already considered buying a new Billi-Bolli bed instead? When you no longer need it, you too can use our successful Secondhand Page, completely free of charge. Thanks to the high resale value of our beds, you will get a good return on your purchase even after many years of use. For this reason, a new Billi-Bolli bed is, economically speaking, a very good investment.
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