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Second hand

Pre-owned kids’ beds and kids’ furniture

Your kid’s bed is no longer needed? You are welcome to resell your used kid’s furniture and accessories directly on this highly frequented site. This is a free service for Billi-Bolli products that you originally purchased new from us.

If you would like to resell Billi-Bolli products that you bought pre-owned on this site, then we take a € 60 fee, which will be fully donated to our charity projects.

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  • The offers on our second hand page have been translated automatically and therefore may contain translation errors. We take no responsibilities for these errors or the misunderstandings arising from them. Please visit the second hand page on our German website to view the offers in their original language.

  • Billi-Bolli Kindermöbel is not involved in the resulting resales. Whether an offer is reasonably priced or not must therefore be determined by the interested party (see Resale price recommendation). Such an assessment cannot be derived from the fact that the item is placed on our Second hand page.

  • We take no responsibility for the information posted by customers about kids’ furniture for resale as we are unable to verify them.

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Billi/Bolli high bed, very good condition

Offer 1845. Published: 15 September 2015 (second hand loft bed)

Purchase price 2008: EUR 1,300, selling price: VB EUR 580

• High bed spruce, incl. slatted base, protective board for upper floor, handles,
• Wall of bars,
• Small shelf,
• Ktellter rope, natural hemp,
• Rocking plate,
• Youth box set
• Steering wheel,


Hello everyone

can you please remove our ad from the secondhand shop? The high bed would already be sold.

Thank you very much!

Heartfelt greetings,
Sanja Groseta

Billi/Bolli high bed, very good condition (second hand loft bed)

Bed box

Offer 1844. Published: 15 September 2015 (second hand kids’ furniture)

I sell an almost new Billi Bolli bed box with wheels.

Price presentation: 75 € (new price is 130€)

The measurements are:
B: approx. 90 cm
D: approx. 84 cm
H: approx. 23-24 cm, without wheels it is about 20 cm
Depth in the box: approx. 17 cm

The bed box is in very good condition. It was oiled with linseed oil varnish and painted with hard clear varnish at the lower corners.

Visit of course possible by arrangement.
Private sale. No guarantee. No liability.

Location is Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg

Bed box (second hand kids’ furniture)

Bunk bed 90 x 200 cm, beech untreated

Offer 1841. Published: 14 September 2015 (second hand loft bed)

incl. slatted slats, protective boards for upper floor, handles


L. 211 cm, W: 102 cm, H: 228.5 cm
Ladder position: A
Cover caps: blue

1 berth beech 150 cm, oiled for front
1 berth board on the face beech, oiled, M-width 90 cm
1 steering wheel, beech oiled

The new price incl. oil wax treatment amounted to 1,259.30 euros. The original invoice is still available. Sell price now: 750.00 Euro.

The loft bed for sale was used only by one child, has been treated with care and has hardly any traces of use (no paintings, stickers or or glued). The original assembly instructions as well as all screws, nuts, washers, washers and cover caps can be supplied.

The bed is still built and in use and is located in 84424 Isen (about 40 km east of Munich). It can be dismantled immediately after inspection and purchase decision.


Dear Billi-Bolli-Team,

Thank you for switching the ad. This is a great service. The bed has already been sold. The display can be removed again.

Gabriele Müller-Sieker

Bunk bed 90 x 200 cm, beech untreated (second hand loft bed)

Billi Bolli with growing bunk bed.

Offer 1840. Published: 14 September 2015 (second hand loft bed)

Approx. 10 years old New price approx. 1300,-

Traces of usage, stickers have been removed, underneath the wood is brighter.
The CD / bookshelf inside is included, as well as the "Knight's Castle Curtains"
Of course, the bed has traces of use (a few scratches, bright spots, etc)

The bed can be visited in the built-up condition, and dismantled here together...
(82178 Puchheim LK FFB)

I have a setup manual available digitally.
Questions will be answered gladly.


Hello Mrs. Eckert,

I have a buyer's promise.

The bed should be fetched the days.

Please deactivate our display.

Thank you for everything.

m.f.G.: Peter Kletzander

Billi Bolli with growing bunk bed. (second hand loft bed)

Growing bunk bed, 90 x 200 cm, pine oiled/waxed

Offer 1839. Published: 09 September 2015 (second hand loft bed)

We want to sell our much loved Billi Bolli cot as our son has reached teenage years. We are a non-smoking household and have no pets.
Our bed was bought by us in March 2011 and the new price was 1215 Euros.
It is a bunk bed 90 x 200 cm and is oiled from pine. It has front and side berth boards with portholes, which serve as fall protection. In addition to the bed, we have a steering wheel, a small bed shelf and a central swing beam to attach a swing or a beanbag.
The bed is in a very good well maintained condition. The bed has hardly any traces of use and was not covered with stickers.

We imagine a resale price of 800 euros.
The bed can be picked up at our place in Glonn, Ebersberg district.


Dear Billi-Bolli Team,
our Billi- Bolli bed was sold yesterday. Please remove our display from the sales board.
Thank you very much
Jeanette Schuler

Growing bunk bed, 90 x 200 cm, pine oiled/waxed (second hand loft bed)

Bunk bed 90 x 200 cm, pine honey colours incl. flat rungs

Offer 1838. Published: 08 September 2015 (second hand bunk bed)

Unfortunately, we have to separate ourselves from our Billi-Bolli bunk bed.

flat rungs
2 bed boxes incl. bed box subdivision
Kl. Shelf
Swing seat Chilly
Outroll protection
Curtain rod set for 3 sides
Berth boards for the front and end faces
2x Dolphin
2x Seahorse

The condition is above average, as the bed is at the second residence and little was needed. In 2014, the beam on which the swing hangs was renewed. There are no stickers / additional boreholes on the bed. The bed is built up, can be visited and should be dismantled yourself - then it is easier to rebuild - we are happy to help. This is a private sale, therefore no warranty and no withdrawal.

Total purchase price: approx. €1,713
Sell price: 695€
Location: Geesthacht


Dear Mrs Eckert,

Thank you for your help. Since the bed is now finally sold I ask you to take my offer out of the net.
Thank you very much

Thomas Brockmann

Bunk bed 90 x 200 cm, pine honey colours incl. flat rungs (second hand bunk bed)

Billi-Bolli Adventure bed over-corner 100x200 cm, spruce, untreated

Offer 1836. Published: 07 September 2015, sold: 10 September 2015 (second hand adventure bed)

We sell our Billi-Bolli bed over eck (new: 2009), both beds each 100x200 cm.
The bed is made of spruce, untreated, the outer dimensions are: L: 211cm, W: 211cm, H: 228.5cm
Ladder position C, cover caps wood-coloured, ladder with flat rungs.

- Protective boards for upper floor
- Handles
- Crane beams in the longitudinal direction
- 2x small shelf, spruce untreated

The bed is in good condition with normal traces of use. We want to leave it without mattresses, but with the original slatted bases. We are a non-smoking household, without pets.

New price: 1224 € (without mattress)
Sell price: 600 €

Original invoice and setup instructions are available. We are happy to help with the dismantling.
As this is a private sale, we cannot guarantee or take back.


Hello Mrs. Eckert,

our bed is sold.
Thank you for your help.

Greetings, A.Denk

Billi-Bolli Adventure bed over-corner 100x200 cm, spruce, untreated (second hand adventure bed)

Billi-Bolli bunk bed 100 x 200 cm, beech oiled

Offer 1835. Published: 03 September 2015, sold: 04 September 2015 (second hand loft bed)

Growing high bed incl. swing beams.
Newly purchased in 2004 (copy of invoice available) incl. curtain rod set for 3 pages, oiled.

Berth beech 150 cm, oiled for front
Berth board 112 on the face, oiled M-width 100 cm

Condition: used
twice set up and dismantled, rebuilt several times

Non-smoking household, no pets.
Different from the picture, the bed without a mattress with the original slatted base is offered.
Original price: 1,366.40 euros
Price: 480,- Euro

The bed is dismantled.
Pick-up in 91080 Spardorf


Hello Mrs. Eckert,

the bed has just been sold.

Many thanks for your help
with kind greetings

Fam. Rosenberg

Billi-Bolli bunk bed 100 x 200 cm, beech oiled (second hand loft bed)

Billi-Bolli desk, spruce oiled-waxed

Offer 1834. Published: 01 September 2015 (second hand kids’ furniture)

We sell our original Billi-Bolli desk in spruce oiled-waxed.

Width: 123 cm, depth: 65 cm, height: 5 times height adjustable from 61 cm to 71 cm.
The writing plate is triple tilt-adjustable. With milled compartment for pins, rulers, erasers, etc.
The desk was purchased in 2009.

The complete assembly instruction as well as all accessories are available.
The desk top naturally has corresponding traces of use and color differences due to light influence. However, these could be easily sanded.

The desk is already disassembled and can be picked up immediately.

No shipping.
Price: 40 euros
Location: 82256 Fürstenfeldbruck


Hello dear Billi-Bolli team,

the desk was also sold very quickly.

Thank you very much and many greetings

Nadja Lübeck

Billi-Bolli desk, spruce oiled-waxed (second hand kids’ furniture)

Side offset bunk bed

Offer 1833. Published: 01 September 2015 (second hand bunk bed)

We sell our side offset Billi-Bolli bed in the dimensions 120 x 200cm, which was purchased in 2009.
Outer mass: L: 307 cm, W: 132 cm, h 228.5 cm.
Ladder position A, cover caps wood-coloured. With swing beams.

The wood is beech oiled. The rungs of the ladders are flat.

• Fall protection
• Handles
• Climbing rope (natural hemp) with rocking plate
• Two bed boxes, one of them with bed box subdivision (divides the bed box interior into 4 equal compartments)
• Large shelf with rear wall (can be mounted under the bed in a space-saving way)
• Two small shelves with rear wall, which serve at head height to store smaller items
• punching bag BOXY bear (with boxing gloves and the BOXY bear teddy, which is still in its original packaging).
• Two mattresses "Nele plus Youth Mattress" (also purchased in 2009 by Billi Bolli) can be delivered free of charge. One of them was used very little.

The new price was € 2,600. The bed is in good condition and has normal signs of use. We are a non-smoking household and do not have pets. The assembly instructions are available. This is a private sale, therefore no warranty and no withdrawal. The bed is still standing. On request, you can be happy to be part of the dismantling.

Price: CHF 1'200
Location: 6005 Lucerne, Switzerland


Grüezi Ms. Eckert

Thank you again for your answer. The bed is now definitely sold (it was reserved) and was picked up yesterday. It all worked tiptop with the sale and the buyers are happy about the quality.

Kind greetings.
Madeleine Rebsamen

Side offset bunk bed (second hand bunk bed)

You have been searching patiently for a while now but to no avail?

Have you already considered buying a new Billi-Bolli bed instead? When you no longer need it, you too can use our successful Secondhand Page, completely free of charge. Thanks to the high resale value of our beds, you will get a good return on your purchase even after many years of use. For this reason, a new Billi-Bolli bed is, economically speaking, a very good investment.
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