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Pre-owned kids’ beds and kids’ furniture

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Growing loft bed with climbing wall, spruce oiled (Offer 1319)

Published: 28 January 2014 (second hand loft bed)

We sell our growing Billi Bolli cot made of spruce with honey-coloured oil wax treatment. It was bought in April 2008 and is in good condition, although our daughter liked to use it many times. We are a non-smoking household.

The adventure bed has the mattress dimensions 100 x 200 cm, outside dimensions are L: 211cm , W: 112cm, H: 228.5 cm.
Our model has the berth board as a side part, with protective boards and handles for the upper floor. It was built up with ladder position A. In the meantime, we have implemented the slatted frame from top to bottom.

The following accessories are included:
• 1 small shelf, honey-coloured oiled
• 1 steering wheel, spruce honey-coloured oiled
• 1 climbing rope cotton
The highlight is a face-side climbing wall, spruce honey-coloured, with pr. Climbing handles; different routes by moving the handles possible.

The documents are completely available. The high bed is partially dismantled and has been used as a youth bed for a year.
The total price was 1344 € incl. delivery, we sell the bed including all the above accessories for
The bed is partially built up, on request also completely disassembled in 50968 Cologne and can be picked up there. We recommend that buyers do the final dismantling together with us, as the setup will be easier.

This is a private sale, without warranty, warranty or return.


Many thanks for the super platform that the resale opportunity offers. this worked quickly, the bed is already sold.
greet with kind greetings
h. hartmann

Growing loft bed with climbing wall, spruce oiled (second hand loft bed)

Growing bunk bed made of pine with long outer feet (Offer 1318)

Published: 27 January 2014 (second hand loft bed)

We sell our growing Billi Bolli crib made of pine with oil wax treatment. We bought it in March 2007 and it is basically in good condition. On the front bar you can see traces of the plate swing (see photo). However, this post could also be installed in the rear corner. In addition, there were some stickers on the berth board that were completely removed. What remains are slightly lighter spots that will darken.

The loft bed measures 100 x 200 cm, including a Prolana youth mattress 'Alex' (with special size 97 x 200 cm; so you can get the mattress better).

The adventure bed is in berth design and has the feet and ladder of the student high bed with flat rungs. The two crane beam supports are extended upwards (258 cm); this allowed the beam to be additionally fixed in the ceiling.

The following accessories are included:
• 1 small shelf for top, pine oiled
• 1 steering wheel (was dismantled after a few years, but works perfectly)
• 1 flag (with rod)
• 1 curtain rod set for 2 sides
In addition:
• 3 self-sewn curtains with rings from IKEA, so you can completely close the area under the bed with the curtains (see photo).
• 1 bookshelf with 4 floors and back wall, which I myself have subsequently made and installed on measure (built on the wall under the broad side), also pine, also oil/wax treatment (see photo)
• A large beanbag, in the same design as the curtains (on request).

The documents are completely available. On request, we can send more photos by e-mail.

The total price (excluding curtains, poles, beanbag and bookshelf) was 1610 €, with the accessories about 1880 €. We sell the bed including all the above accessories for 1050 €.

The cot is completely built in 67346 Speyer and can be visited there. We are happy to help with the dismantling. We are a non-smoking household.

This is a private sale, without warranty, warranty or return.


Ladies and gentlemen,
the above offer is now also sold. Thank you for your support and the opportunity to make such offers on the homepage.
Andreas Steffen

Growing bunk bed made of pine with long outer feet (second hand loft bed)Growing bunk bed made of pine with long outer feet (second hand loft bed)Growing bunk bed made of pine with long outer feet (second hand loft bed)

High bed with slide (Offer 1316)

Published: 23 January 2014 (second hand loft bed)

Since our son has grown out of the high bed age, we have to offer his beloved adventure bed for sale. We bought this growing high bed in 2006 and had a lot of fun in the meantime.

It is excellently processed and still looks great after 8 years. Of course, it has traces of usage corresponding to the age (if it is the wish to "reshape" the cot again, it is no problem to grind the bed and, if necessary, to oil it again), but is otherwise in perfect condition (no stickers and scribbles, non-smoking household).

- Billi-Bolli with growing bunk bed (oiled) incl. slatted frame (various construction possibilities as standard, midi, bunk bed or four-poster bed)
- Protective boards for upper floor with handles
- 3 berth boards (back, front and front)
- 2 curtain rods (for short and long side)
- Crane beams (e.g. for hanging chair, rocking plates, but these are not included in the circumference)
- Steering wheel
- Slide !!!

The sale takes place without mattress and decoration.

Purchase price 2006: 779 € plus shipping
Price: 690 euros

The cot can be dismantled together with the buyer on request, then the construction is easier later.

The adventure bed can be picked up in the Allgäu (87663 Lengenwang between Marktoberdorf and Füssen).

Info: 08364-1785

This is a private sale, so as usual no warranty, warranty or redemption claims are possible.


Hello dear Billi Bolli team,
the bed was sold on the same day.
Thank you very much and carry on like this ......

High bed with slide (second hand loft bed)

High bed in spruce (Offer 1315)

Published: 23 January 2014 (second hand loft bed)

External dimensions: L:211cm x W:102cm x H:228.5 cm
Ladder position: A
Mattress size: 97cm x 200cm
Spruce oiled
Cover caps: wood-coloured
Built September 2008, used from January 2009

1 Nele Plus Youth Mattress 87x200
(cotton kba, merino wool, latex, cover washable)
1 x bar with billi-bolli lettering
1 x climbing rope natural hemp
1x Rocking plate
1 x ladder with handle
1 x berth board 150 cm
1 x berth board 102 cm on the face side
1 x assembly instructions
1 x invoice

The bunk bed has been glued to a beam in the last six months, the stickers we have removed, good condition, normal traces of usage, naturally darkened.
Protective boards, screws, covers, etc. are complete.
Small boreholes on which the cot was attached to the wall (reusable, with angle)
On the inside of a berth board there is a small mirror tile (for grimacing cutting), but it can be removed.
Non-smoking household.
We were always very satisfied with this stable bunk bed.

The shelf in the background is fitted into our niche and cannot be sold with.
1. 2008 for clarity (still without a front-side berth board)
2. today, with all the crime drama scrimpers and swing

New price 2008: 1,380.00€
Price presentation: 950,00€ for pick-up in Munich
We are happy to help with the dismantling (this facilitates the construction later), but we can also dismantle the bed.

High bed in spruce (second hand loft bed)High bed in spruce (second hand loft bed)

Bunk bed (Offer 1313)

Published: 20 January 2014 (second hand bunk bed)

I sell my twins' well-preserved bunk bed with a heavy heart, as everyone now has their own room and the cot is no longer needed.

The Billi Bolli adventure bed consists of the bed, two slatted slats, a steering wheel, a swing and two drawers that fit under the bed. The bed is about seven years old and of course has a few signs of use, but is still very good at it, given its age.

The basis for the negotiations is EUR 400.

Bunk bed (second hand bunk bed)

Billi-Bolli roof sloping bed beech oiled (Offer 1312)

Published: 20 January 2014 (second hand kids’ bed)

Original Billi-Bolli sloping bed, beech, honey-coloured oiled, with crane beams and climbing rope.
Used, good condition, only small traces of use, complete with all parts and assembly instructions.
The perfect solution for rooms with sloping roofs (and of course without ;-)

Width 112 cm, length 211 cm, height center beam 228.5 cm, height outer beams 196 and 66 cm respectively.
Slatted slat slats 100 x 200 cm

The bed is about 7 years old and has cost around 1400 €. It has so far been used in two non-smoking households without pets. A mattress and the toys and decorations visible in the pictures are not included in the offer.

We offer the cot with crane beam and climbing rope for 990 €.

Location is near Hanover on the Steinhuder Meer, the bed is disassembled and must be picked up.


Thank you for the opportunity to do the sale through your site, in the end it all worked out very well and quickly.
Greetings from the Steinhuder Meer
Axel Wentzel

Billi-Bolli roof sloping bed beech oiled (second hand kids’ bed)Billi-Bolli roof sloping bed beech oiled (second hand kids’ bed)

High bed pine oiled (Offer 1311)

Published: 20 January 2014 (second hand loft bed)

We sell that loft bed of our son with slide tower and swing plate.
Purchased in August 2007 for 1495 € incl. shipping.

Total length with slide tower 271 cm, length without slide tower 211 cm.
Total height with rocking beam 228.5 cm, height without rocking beams 190 cm.
Depth without rocking beams 102 cm.
Mattress 200 x 90 cm and slatted base incl.

Small shelf mounted at the top of the cot. Ideal for alarm clocks, books, handkerchiefs or drinking. Curtain poles for front, left and right incl. curtains. Two self-built shelves for the slide tower.

Of course, the entire assembly instruction is kpl. available.
The bed comes from a non-smoking household and is in a proper condition.

Sales price 1000 euros.
No shipping.
Please pick up the bed in 32758 Detmold (NRW). We can then carry out the dismantling together or in advance.

High bed pine oiled (second hand loft bed)

High bed in spruce (Offer 1310)

Published: 20 January 2014 (second hand loft bed)

We want to sell a BILLI- Bolli adventure bed.
On offer there is a high bed, untreated incl. slatted slats, protective boards for the upper floor and handle. The cot is oil wax treated. In addition, there is a rocking plate & climbing rope made of natural hemp.

The adventure bed is from 2004 and was carefully built in a non-smoking & animal-free household. The new price was about 835€ incl. shipping.
The location is Edesheim,Pfalz.

The loft bed has already been dismantled and is waiting for a new owner from 350€ VHB.

warranty and withdrawal is excluded.


The bed has already been sold, that went really fast! Thank you for the opportunity to advertisert on your site.
This speaks to the super quality of your products.
We would ask you to mark the advertisement as "sold ..." Thanks in advance!
Best regards
Marc Oberhofer

High bed in spruce (second hand loft bed)

Gullibo pirate bunk bed (Offer 1309)

Published: 13 January 2014 (second hand bunk bed)

We sell our Gullibo Pirate bunk bed, which our children loved and played.

We have already bought it.
It is fully functional, nothing rattles or wobbles - but it is now in a really used condition.
Stickers were never allowed :-), the colored dots are already markings for dismantling.

The bed is fully "equipped".
2 original slatted frames, we can talk about the mattresses with anti-allergy protective covers.
2 huge original bed boxes that can accommodate all our Playmobil and doll equipment.
2 small original shelves (at the head end) and the rocking plate with rope we have bought children's furniture for our children at Billi-Bolli.

Steering wheel and canvas covering are available, not attached to the picture.

We are a non-smoking household without animals.

We do not know exactly the new price.
We are now selling the cot with all the additional components for 450.00 € to self-collectors, which we will of course help to dismantle.
We are happy to arrange a viewing appointment.

This is a private purchase, therefore no guarantee or warranty as well as withdrawal.


Hardly set, the bed was already sold.
We are delighted that our beloved bed will soon be welcomed into a new family.
For reasons of sustainability, we would like to thank Billi Bolli for the fact that the aging specimens will also find their place here.
The Weber family from Hamburg

Gullibo pirate bunk bed (second hand bunk bed)

Roof slanting bed (Offer 1308)

Published: 13 January 2014 (second hand bunk bed)

We offer our beautiful Billi-Bolli-roof-sloping bed with play tower & steering wheel, rocking plate and other extras.

The offer includes the cot including play tower with ladder (height of the vertical beams is 228.5 cm) The bed size is 90 x 190, the outer dimension in width is 102 cm.
As an additional equipment we have coloured berth boards in saffron money (RAL 1017) the steering wheel, play crane with climbing rope & rocking plate as well as a green-covered foam pad, so that you can make yourself really comfortable at the top! In addition, we have 3 mouse boards mounted on the headboard and on the wall as protection. Also 2 small wooden mice have hidden somewhere on the bunk bed :-)
The bed is in good condition from spruce with oil wax treatment. the
front beams is affected by the violent swinging over the high waves - however, a bit affected and would have to be processed a bit.

The total price in summer 2007 was for 1688 EUR (incl. delivery, original is available) Price now: 750 Euro.

Please only self-collector, 22941 Bargteheide north of Hamburg

Roof slanting bed (second hand bunk bed)

You have been searching patiently for a while now but to no avail?

Have you already considered buying a new Billi-Bolli bed instead? When you no longer need it, you too can use our successful Secondhand Page, completely free of charge. Thanks to the high resale value of our beds, you will get a good return on your purchase even after many years of use. For this reason, a new Billi-Bolli bed is, economically speaking, a very good investment.

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