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Pre-owned kids’ beds and kids’ furniture

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Billi Bolli bunk bed oiled from pine (Offer 1471)

Published: 12 August 2014 (second hand loft bed)

- with 2 slatted slats
- 2 mattresses ( 1x Prolana youth mattress "Alex" 87 x 200 cm, 1 x Nel plus youth mattress 90 x 200 cm)
- Billi-Bolli curtain poles for 3 sides
- 2 self-sewn curtains
- 1 berth board 150 cm
- Crane beams e.g. for attaching a hanging chair
- Assembly instructions and original invoice available

New price for the loft bed plus conversion kit for the lower bed: 1658,--€
The bed has traces of usage.
Price: 750,- €

The KInderbett should be picked up yourself. It is advisable to dismantle it together, because this makes reconstruction much easier.


Dear Mr Orinsky,
First of all thanks again for the great opportunity to set our Billi Bolli bed on your second-hand side!
Our bed has already been sold today and we hope the new owners are just as happy to own such a great bed as we were.
Greetings from Ebersberg
Family Klotz

Billi Bolli bunk bed oiled from pine (second hand loft bed)

Co-growing high bed (Offer 1470)

Published: 12 August 2014, sold: 12 August 2014 (second hand loft bed)

Billi Bolli sparse high bed, purchased new in March 2007. mattress size 90 / 200, pine protective boards for the upper level and handles untreated, including slatted base.
Dimensions: L 211 cm, B: 102 cm, H: 228.5 cm. head position: A. caps: blue.
2 bunk boards (front and front) orange lacquered.
Steering wheel, overhead crane beams and curtain rods.
The wood was treated with organic honey / amber oil last time two years ago.
The original price of this adventure bed amounted to €970,00 (the Bill can be presented). We offer this well-preserved cot with slight signs of wear for €600 to pickup in the area of Mönchengladbach (41812 Erkelenz). The original building instructions for the various heights are available.
At the time, this bed is built yet. On request we remove it like together with the buyer, so that the new construction can run smoothly.


Thank you for the great support! On the first day after publication reported the first interested party to which we yesterday successfully sold the bed.
The quality of Billi Bolli beds and the great service simply speak for themselves.
Many greetings.
Melanie Olejnik Spindler

Co-growing high bed (second hand loft bed)

Bunk bedover corner (Offer 1469)

Published: 12 August 2014, sold: 13 August 2014 (second hand loft bed)

Meine 13 jährige Tochter will sich nun nach langem Überlegen doch von Ihrem geliebten Hochbett trennen.
Dieses wurde im September 2003 neu direkt bei Billi-bolli Kindermöbel erworben und handelt sich um ein Etagenbett über Eck mit umfangreichem Zubehör.
2x Bettkasten
Kojenbrett vorne und Stirnseitig
Babygitterset: 6 Gitter
Babygitter für Leiterbereich
3 Delphine
Das Kinderbett und alle Zubehörteile sind geölt.

Originalrechnung in Höhe von 1498,91 Euro liegt vor.

Das Bett verkaufen wir nur an Selbstabholer. Es muss in 92275 Hirschbach (ca. 50 km von Nürnberg) abgeholt werden. Das Bett ist noch aufgebaut (bis auf das Schutz-Gitter).
Es hat normale Gebrauchsspuren, bei Bedarf können auch die Matratzen mit dazugegeben werden (VHB). Wir empfehlen beim Abbau dabei zu sein (dann geht der Wiederaufbau deutlich schneller!!!) und helfen dabei gerne mit.

Preisvorstellung: 800 Euro.


the madness.
the bed is already sold.
Thank you very much!.
Sonja Hartmann

Bunk bedover corner (second hand loft bed)

Baby twins for lower level at the bunk bed (Offer 1468)

Published: 12 August 2014 (second hand bunk bed)

We sell our baby grid set for 3/4 of the lying surface (REF. BG300) for the bunk bed 90 x 200 cm in pine oil.
It is completely unused and even still in their original packaging, our little girl is still with us in bed sleeping.
Therefore, we have made also no pictures. To the extent there are:
. 1 x 3/4 grid (removable, with 2 slip rungs)
1 x grid for face (screwed)
1 x grid over mattress (removable - SG bars)
1 x beams for grille mounting with 3/4 of the bed (only this bar was during Assembly of the bed already premounted)
1 x grid individually for front 90 cm, wall-side removable, from the outside foot up to the central beam.
1 x wall-side grid, removable by the chassis beam till SG-beams.
We have then paid €251 (date of purchase was the 27.04.13), the set is currently €241 free shipping.
We'd like to €200 for this.
. Pick would be the set in 64686 Lai Valley (Odenwald)

Growing bunk bed from beech, built in 2011 (Offer 1467)

Published: 12 August 2014 (second hand loft bed)

Due to the move, we would like to sell our Billi-Bolli-Hochbett in beech, oiled, with suitable accessories.
In order to have enough financial support for the renovation of our newly acquired home, we also part with a heavy heart from our still almost new high bed. But we promised our son that as soon as financially feasible he would get such a bed again, as it is the heart of his room and he would like to keep it. Since the cot is still relatively young and has been treated with great care, it has only minimal traces of use (no stickers, paints, holes of rice purposes, etc.). We therefore only part with this truly unique, multifunctional quality bed for cost reasons.

The purchase price includes: 1 bunk bed 90*200 cm + accessories (all beech, oiled, built in 2011).
The accessories include:
a wall of bars.
1 slatted slat,
Protective boards for the upper floor,
1x Handles,
1 swing plate,
1 climbing rope made of cotton,
1 steering wheel,
1 curtain rod set, for M-width 80 90 100 cm, M-length 200 cm, for 3 sides, 4th side stands on the wall.

Since the new price was €1,788.84 incl. shipping, our price tag is €1,188. Sale to self-collectors. Location: Schwülper (suburb of Braunschweig). We are happy to send more photos and the original invoice on request by e-mail.


Dear Billi-Bolli-Team,
the bed was sold at the weekend! Thank you very much for your support!!
Heartfelt greetings
Family Cervenka from Schwülper

Growing bunk bed from beech, built in 2011 (second hand loft bed)

Growing bunk bed made of pine (Offer 1466)

Published: 07 August 2014 (second hand loft bed)

Mein 11 jähriger Sohn hat sich nun doch dazu entschlossen sein geliebtes Hochbett aufzugeben und in ein "Jugendbett" umzuziehen. Schweren Herzens trennt er sich nun davon.

Das Kinderbett wurde neu in 2003 gekauft und in 2006 an uns weiterveräußert. Es ist auch noch zwei Umzügen noch super stabil. Es ist mit 100x200 cm etwas breiter, was meinem Sohn aber mit zunehmendem Alter entgegenkam.
Das Hochbett hat Gebrauchsspuren.

Hier die Details:

- Bett aus Kiefer geölt
- Geeignet für Matratzenmaß 100 x 200 cm
- incl. Lattenrost
- incl. 2 Vorhänge, siehe Foto
- incl. ein großes Regal
- incl. ein kleines Regal
- inkl. 2 Billi-Bolli Vorhangstangen sowie 3 selbstmontierter Vorhangstangen
- inkl. ein Kaufladenbrett
- inkl. ein Schutzgitter für den "Einstieg"
- inkl. ein Steuerrad (wobei hier eine der Spossen fehlt)

Die Matratze würde ich gerne behalten. Die Aufbauanleitung (bzw. das Übersichtsbild) ist noch vorhanden, ebenso die Originalrechnung.

Der Neupreis ohne Vorhänge und Schutzgitter lag bei 1200,- Euro. Ich hätte gerne wenn möglich noch 400,- Euro dafür.

Abholung des Bettes ist in Bad Vilbel (nahe Frankfurt). Das Abenteuerbett ist derzeit aufgebaut. Ich empfehle es selbst abzubauen bzw. beim Abbau dabei zu sein, das erleichtert den späteren Aufbau erheblich.

Growing bunk bed made of pine (second hand loft bed)

Bunk bed-over-corner with sloping roof (Offer 1465)

Published: 07 August 2014 (second hand bunk bed)

It is an adventure bed "Über Eck" , spruce, both cots 90x200 cm with sloping roof. Accessories: a small bed shelf, two Prolana youth mattresses.
Purchase price 2006: 1680 €
Price presentation: 850 Euro
Pick up in 46446 Emmerich


We sold our high bed at the weekend. Thank you for this opportunity on your homepage. The new purchase at that time was really worth it, our children had a lot of fun with it. Now the next children (and parents) can enjoy it for many years to come.

Bunk bed-over-corner with sloping roof (second hand bunk bed)Bunk bed-over-corner with sloping roof (second hand bunk bed)

Bunk bed (Offer 1464)

Published: 05 August 2014 (second hand loft bed)

we have to sell our beloved Billi Bolli bunk bed for normal or sloping roof, because our son now wants a new facility.

It has quite a lot of original Billi-Bolli accessories:

- Drawer with subdivision,
- Grid to protect against falling out for the loft bed,
- Page with peepholes
- 2 curtain rods
- 2 roll slats (orig. Billi Bolli) are there as well as the two matrazes (below as a day matraze with pillow).

It is top preserved and can be visited at any time in Munich Trudering.

Purchase price 2003: €1,290
Our price would be VB 949.- €.

Bunk bed (second hand loft bed)

Baby cot in beech, white lacquered (Offer 1463)

Published: 05 August 2014 (second hand loft bed)

Baby cot, 90x200cm, beech with babysitters (rods oiled)
External dimensions: 211 cm, W: 102 cm, H: 228.5 cm
Cover flaps: white
Thickness of the floorboard: 3.5 cm
Baby cot white lacquered
This includes a Nele Plus youth mattress 90x200

Instead of the slatted slat, however, there is a game floor in it, which we have also bought from you to another bunk bed. The condition is very good, tiny traces of usage are present, but really well preserved.

The cot can be converted into a loft bed at any time or you can upgrade to a double bunk bed

Total price in 2012 was € 1,657.00

The selling price we imagine is € 550.00. Only against self-collection and self-decomposition.

Location: Adelheidstr. 12, 80798 Munich

Baby cot in beech, white lacquered (second hand loft bed)

Very nice Billi-Bolli bunk bed 100x200cm, spruce - honey colors oil (Offer 1462)

Published: 05 August 2014 (second hand loft bed)

Our loft bed includes:
• Slatted slats
• Protective boards for upper floor
• Handles
• External dimensions: L 211cm, W 112cm, H 228.5cm
• Flooring: 2.5cm
• Cover caps: wood colours
• Slanted ladder for height 120cm, honey colors oiled
• Small shelf honey colors oiled
• Game board honey colors oiled
• Foam mattress blue 97x200cm, 10cm high, cover cotton, washable 40C
• Detailed setup instructions
• Original invoice can be submitted

We bought the high bed in May 2010 but could only use it for 9 months as we could not put it up again after our move. Now we have overcome ourselves to sell it.

The cot is in new condition and safely packed. I would like to add the mattress as it is in very good condition and was only used with protective cover. The mattress is specially made for these bed dimensions and does not fit in any other loft bed. I would also like to include the board. However, the acceptance of the mattress and the board is not a must.

The raised bed with sloping ladder and shelf cost 1189.- Euro. We would like to sell it for 750.- Euro as it has no traces of use and is in new condition.
The bed is packed safely and absolutely transportable. It can be picked up in 08541 Thoßfell. Thoßfell is located near Plauen in the Vogtland, near Zwickau, Chemnitz, Hof, Bayreuth.


Dear Billi-Bolli Taem,
we have already been able to sell our cot. Many thanks for your help.

Very nice Billi-Bolli bunk bed 100x200cm, spruce - honey colors oil (second hand loft bed)

You have been searching patiently for a while now but to no avail?

Have you already considered buying a new Billi-Bolli bed instead? When you no longer need it, you too can use our successful Secondhand Page, completely free of charge. Thanks to the high resale value of our beds, you will get a good return on your purchase even after many years of use. For this reason, a new Billi-Bolli bed is, economically speaking, a very good investment.

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