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Second hand kids’ beds

Buy and sell pre-loved Billi-Bolli loft beds and bunk beds

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Original Gullibo bunk bed

Offer 389. Published: 04 November 2009 (second hand kids’ furniture)

We offer an original Gullibo bunk bed about 10 years old (i.e.
two lying surfaces) with ladder and climbing rope.
Unfortunately, we do not have a photo in a completely constructed condition, since my
Daughter recently applied for decommissioning to a 'normal' bed.
The bed is in very good condition. All uninstalled parts
have been stored dry. In addition, there is a complete
Construction instructions, replacement screws and nuts.
Pick-up in Munich-Hadern.
Because of the good condition we would like 560,- Euro for everything together.

Original Gullibo bunk bed (second hand kids’ furniture)

Gullibo bunk bed, bunk bed

Offer 388. Published: 04 November 2009, sold: 07 November 2009 (second hand bunk bed)

We sell our used Gullibo adventure bed.
The bed has normal signs of use.
Accessories: ladder, gallows with rope, steering wheel and two drawers.
Self-reduction and self-collection, by appointment. No warranty, no warranty and no return.
Price: VB.410.-Euro
Pick-up in Emsdetten

Gullibo bunk bed, bunk bed (second hand bunk bed)

Gullibo High Bed Model 232

Offer 387. Published: 04 November 2009 (second hand loft bed)

We sell our original Gullibo loft model 232 (210cm long, 102cm wide, 188cm high), which we bought 10 years ago directly from Gullibo. The original invoice for DM 1,298,-- (€ 663.65) is available. During the dismantling, we took various photos, which should make it easier for the future owner to set up. There are for sale:

- All bars with ladder on the side
- A slatted base
- Protective boards
- Screws and connecting material

The computer table shown in the photo is part of our offer. The bed is suitable for mattresses of size 90cm x 200cm. Both bed and table are in visually good condition (few age-appropriate signs of use), are natural and come from an absolute non-smoking household. The bed is already disassembled and can be transported well in a station wagon. It is now available for collection in Maisach (Lkr. Fürstenfeldbruck).

Sell price complete: € 350,--, only for pick-up


... our bed has been sold today and has already been picked up.

Gullibo High Bed Model 232 (second hand loft bed)

Gullibo Adventure Bed

Offer 386. Published: 29 October 2009, sold: 01 November 2009 (second hand adventure bed)

For space reasons we sell our Gullibo adventure bed, which has given our children a lot of pleasure. It was never a problem here if friends wanted to stay overnight. There was always enough space to sleep and romp. Especially the slide was a huge fun for the children. The bed has common signs of use, but is generally in very good condition. It has been dismantled for about 2 years, so unfortunately there is no current photo.

All bars
2 lying surfaces (latte nrost 90x200; Mattresses with blue checkered fabric cover still available)
1 ladder
2 drawers
1 steering wheel
2 sail
various foam elements
1 slide red

It is the Gullibo bed 100 with corner components at the top and bottom. The new price of the bed was about 4,000 DM. We offer the bed of self-collectors as described above with all accessories for 990 € for sale.

Since the bed is already disassembled, it can be picked up immediately in Melsungen (near Kassel).


We sold our bed today (01.11.2009) and hope that the new owners of the adventure bed will have as much fun with it as our children had it. It's nice that there's the secondhand offer on their side.

Gullibo Adventure Bed (second hand adventure bed)

Youth bed-high

Offer 385. Published: 26 October 2009, sold: 29 October 2009 (second hand kids’ furniture)

Since our cultivation is finished and the children no longer really want to be children, the beautiful bed is no longer necessary here. We all just had fun with this bed made of really good beech. The climbing rope with a plate has never complained about the many uncles and aunts as well as mothers or fathers who have settled here for the "Good Night Story" or even better occasions. Actually a bed for life...

To the technical data: The bed is 4 years old. We scrambled the bed directly with the wall, so it was never really twisted. It corresponds very exactly to the article number 271 of Billi-Bolli, but also has a climbing rope with rocking plate on the corresponding boom. We continue to use the mattress, the slatted frame is of course included.

As you can easily see now, the new price was about 1,000,- €. The bed is currently in 46487 Wesel, but is to be dismantled in the near future to make room for the father's study. We are very happy if you pick up the bed here and would like to get 650,- € for the bed.


Thank you very much for the very nice help in selling our bed. The bed was sold today. We can only recommend you in every respect.

Youth bed-high (second hand kids’ furniture)

Billi Bolli adventure bunk bed with berth board, steering wheel u

Offer 384. Published: 26 October 2009, sold: 28 October 2009 (second hand bunk bed)

We have our Billi Bolli bed in Switzerland and would love to sell it.
At the moment, the lower floor is out, but everything is there to put it back in, including 2 foam mattresses and 2 bed boxes.
The bed was bought new December 2004. Mass: 100x200cm, pine, honey-coloured oiled.
A construction instruction is available.

The bed is still built up and can be visited or picked up.


... the bed is already sold.

Billi Bolli adventure bunk bed with berth board, steering wheel u (second hand bunk bed)

Knight's bed

Offer 383. Published: 26 October 2009 (second hand loft bed)

Forget... and co, here comes the Ferrari under the beds! [Brand name removed from Billi-Bolli]

Whether burgfräulein or knight of the round table, here every child will find his very own "dream freedom", also as a play paradise with friends, or even just for sliding when it is cold outside.
The bed is hard to beat in terms of versatility and stability, even if "Dad" has to screw for a few hours, it is definitely worth it, so that nothing can happen to the "dwarves" and you feel safe as a parent.

I bought the bed last year, unfortunately my son could hardly use it almost never, so the bed is almost like new and has no signs of use, even the mattress has no stains, not even lying traces.

Finish oiled in pine (oil wax treatment) - bunk bed 90/200, the bed that grows with you!
Slip tower all oiled in pine
all sides knight's castle boards oiled
additional slanted ladder for midi 3 height (87cm)
Nele Plus 87x200 youth mattress (special size)
The pictures speak for themselves ! ! ! !

Sell price: 1,950,00 Euro Vb, I paid 2,282.80 Euros (invoice available)

Knight's bed (second hand loft bed)Knight's bed (second hand loft bed)

Billi Bolli Pirate Bed

Offer 382. Published: 26 October 2009, sold: 26 October 2009 (second hand loft bed)

Dimensions: L: 211cm, W: 102cm and H: 228.5cm

Our pirate bed is three years old. (Original invoice available - 1053.86 Euro) Unfortunately we have to sell it already, because our son does not want to sleep in the high bed.

The high bed made of spruce was treated with oil wax by the factory original.
To the bed belong the ladder with the handles, a large berth board, two small berth boards (front side), a steering wheel ( spruce oiled ) and the play crane ( spruce oiled, not shown in the picture). All protective boards available (some not shown in the photo).

It is in a visually good, unbridled state. Some places could be sanded off if necessary, as it has minimally visible traces of painting.

We are a non-smoking household. We offer the bed of self-collectors as described above with all accessories for 650 euros for sale.
It can be visited if necessary. Raum Wiesbaden, Frankfurt, Main.


Hello Mr. Orinsky,
I wouldn't have thought it possible... that it's so fast. I sold the bed. I think :) 5 min later)
So thank you very much.

Billi Bolli Pirate Bed (second hand loft bed)

Billi Bolli Slide

Offer 381. Published: 26 October 2009 (slide for loft bed)

For reasons of space and age (of the children) we separate from our Billibolli slide.

Length about 220 cm, material: spruce, oiled, the two screws for fastening are included.

The slide was in use for 6 years and was loved by our children and friends!

Price presentation: 55 Euro, pick up is the slide in Munich-Laim

Billi Bolli Slide (slide for loft bed)

Billi-Bolli-Pirate Bed, High Bed

Offer 380. Published: 26 October 2009 (second hand loft bed)

We offer our 6 year old and appreciated Billi Bolli pirate high bed (growing bunk bed) for sale.

- High bed spruce, oiled / waxed
- ladder ladder, ladder position "A"
- 4 protective boards
- Climbing rope
- Steering wheel
- Curtain rods
- Slatted base
- Conversion sum for guest bed
- Assembly instructions

The bed can also be converted into a guest bed. The required parts are

The bed is in a non-smoking household and has normal signs of use.

On one of the protective boards you can see the light shadow of wooden letters, name "ELIAS".
However, the board can also be mounted in reverse, so that the light shadow points inwards.

The bed is very well maintained. All screws, caps etc are available.
The bed can be easily picked up in a station wagon, as the rust is rolled in.

The bed is located in 8134 Adliswil near Zurich, Switzerland.

Price presentation: VB 650 € / 975 CHF.

As this is a private sale, no guarantee, warranty and redemption claims are therefore possible.


Also in Switzerland we could have sold the bed several times.
The bed quickly found a happy owner.
Thank you very much!

Billi-Bolli-Pirate Bed, High Bed (second hand loft bed)Billi-Bolli-Pirate Bed, High Bed (second hand loft bed)

You have been searching patiently for a while now but to no avail?

Have you already considered buying a new Billi-Bolli bed instead? When you no longer need it, you too can use our successful Secondhand Page, completely free of charge. Thanks to the high resale value of our beds, you will get a good return on your purchase even after many years of use. For this reason, a new Billi-Bolli bed is, economically speaking, a very good investment.

If you order a bed in beech book until May 23 you get 100 € discount!

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