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Second hand kids’ beds

Buy and sell pre-loved Billi-Bolli loft beds and bunk beds

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Slide tower with slide

Offer 555. Published: 17 December 2010 (slide for loft bed)

Slide tower pine, honey-colored, slide honey-colored oiled,
from 09/2008, very well preserved,
some creative traces of my children,
Original price Euro 560, price presentation: 350 Euro
for self-collectors (Berlin/Prenzlauer Berg)

Slide tower with slide (slide for loft bed)

2 Billi-Bolli bunk beds

Offer 554. Published: 10 December 2010, sold: 10 December 2010 (second hand loft bed)

Both cots are in good condition – only small signs of use.

Pine, honey-coloured oiled, mattress size 90 cm x 200 cm
With a slatted base, protective boards for upper floor
With berth board 150 cm in front
With steering wheel
With curtain rod set (for lower area)
I also have a set of curtains that I can give with me if I like them.

The pictures are not with the completely available accessories, as we had dismantled things like berth boards, steering wheel and curtains with the time/age of the children.

Original price per bunk bed was: EUR 809.00
The beds are 6 years old.

I would like to have: EUR 400.00
Only against self-collection in Munich - Harlaching.


... the beds were sold two hours after I hired them at you. Thank you for this great service!

2 Billi-Bolli bunk beds (second hand loft bed)2 Billi-Bolli bunk beds (second hand loft bed)

Floor Adventure Bed

Offer 553. Published: 06 December 2010, sold: 06 December 2010 (second hand bunk bed)

The adventure bed is 11 years old and has corresponding traces of use such as scratches, sticker residues and here and there a pencil stroke. If you take it something
but in the nu a chic bed and children's fun is guaranteed.
To the bunk bed there is a mattress base, a swing, a slide and steering wheel. The bed has already been dismantled and must be picked up by yourself. Purchase price in July 1999 converted to €1060.00. I would like €450.00 for the bed.
The bed is located in the Volpinistrasse in Munich - Gern.


Dear Billibolli team,
Thank you very much for the quick eradication of my bed. My phone is no longer standing still and I sold the bed within an hour.

Floor Adventure Bed (second hand bunk bed)

Billi-Bolli Adventure Pirate Bed

Offer 552. Published: 06 December 2010 (second hand loft bed)

- used and loved by 1 child
- Structure Midi 3
- Children's bunk bed 100 x 200 cm with slatted frame
- all spruce oiled
- low traces of usage, fun factor of hundreds of thousands
- Protective boards for the upper floor
- 2 side + 1 front berth board
- Prolana youth mattress Alex plus (as new!!!)
- Ladder + handles + door
- Climbing rope made of natural hemp + rocking plate
- (Captain' steering wheel
- 3 curtain rods for M-width 100 cm
- 3 opaque curtains in natural white, one of them with windows for puppet theatre or similar
- New price Sept. 2003 1,314 €

VB 1100 € at pick-up in the Munich area (85716 Unterschleißheim)

Billi-Bolli Adventure Pirate Bed (second hand loft bed)

Youth bed low bed type 2

Offer 551. Published: 03 December 2010 (second hand kids’ furniture)

Art.-No. 151F-01 Youth bed low type 2, spruce untreated, high
Side panels and backrest, incl. slatted base,
External dimension L 211 cm, W 102 cm, H 66 cm, mattress size 100 x 200 cm
(New price in 2008: EUR 367.00);
item no. 204F-01 removable bed on soft wheels,
Mattress size 80 x 180 cm (new price in 2008: 205,00 EUR).

Total purchase price 2008: EUR 572.00
Sell price: EUR 300.00 for collection in cash

The bed is located in 44789 Bochum.


Thank you for publishing my ad.
The bed could be passed on to an enchanting family.

Youth bed low bed type 2 (second hand kids’ furniture)

Gullibo bunk bed

Offer 550. Published: 02 December 2010 (second hand bunk bed)

Very well maintained Gullibo play bed. About 15 years old, but in good condition, not scribbled and glued, no chippings and additional boreholes, with natural wood patina. All fittings are original. The bed has been in use until now, with a sub-bed drawer and another 2m long beam.
The bed is already disassembled and ready to be taken. All beams of the bed were numbered and a blueprint drawn.
Non-smoking household - no pets.
Pick-up price cash 380 €. Pick-up in Munich private sale as usual without warranty, warranty or return obligation.


... I have sold my bed, please mark it accordingly.

Gullibo bunk bed (second hand bunk bed)

Gullibo bunk bed

Offer 549. Published: 02 December 2010, sold: 05 December 2010 (second hand bunk bed)

We sell our Gullibo adventure play bed (2 berths) as our children have grown out. The bunk bed was bought in the summer of 1999 and cost about 1350€ (non-smoking household). It is in very good condition, with the usual signs of use. In the meantime, we have procured additional parts, with the help of which it was also possible to make two independent youth beds. Unfortunately we forgot to take a photo before dismantling.

Model 100SX
Length: 210 cm
Width: 102 cm
Height: incl. gallows 220 cm
Lying areas: 90x 200

- Solid wood untreated
- Sleep slat slat top and bottom
- Steering wheel
- Gallows with climbing rope
- Sail in red
- 2 large drawers
- Ladder
- Original assembly instruction

Bed looks like on catalog picture, but sail in red, without mattresses
The bed is dismantled at our home in Hamburg. Pick-up on site.
We would like to sell it for 700.- Euro.
As this is a private sale only, the sale is carried out as usual without any warranty, warranty or redemption obligation.


... our bed is already sold. Thank you for the possibility to hire it with you.

Gullibo bunk bed (second hand bunk bed)

Cot/Youth bed, pine oiled

Offer 548. Published: 29 November 2010, sold: 01 December 2010 (second hand kids’ bed)

Children/youth bed, oiled jaw, 90 * 190 cm, incl. slatted base
Higher middle foot and protective beams in front
2 bed boxes
Steering wheel jaw oiled
Original oil wax treatment by Billi Bolli
Original invoice exists

The bed is in very good condition.

Buy price: 562,- Euro
Basis of negotiation: 100,- Euro
Munich area

The youth bed is stored in our cellar and is to be taken up on site for cash.
As this is a private sale, the sale is carried out as usual without warranty, warranty or redemption obligations.


... fantastic, the bed is already sold after two days. Thank you for the great service!

Cot/Youth bed, pine oiled (second hand kids’ bed)

ORIGINAL Billi Bolli slide with slide ears

Offer 547. Published: 23 November 2010 (second hand loft bed)

Unfortunately, we have to separate ourselves from our high-bed slide with slide ears, as we need the space.
Pine oiled
Top condition
Date of purchase 03/09
New price 266 €
Price € 150
pick up in Oberföhring/Munich


Thank you very much. Our slide has just been picked up.

ORIGINAL Billi Bolli slide with slide ears (second hand loft bed)

Gullibo Adventure Bed + Corner Element

Offer 546. Published: 23 November 2010, sold: 25 November 2010 (second hand bunk bed)

We sell our Gullibo adventure bunk bed with corner element.
It is in good condition, with the usual signs of use.
The play bed can of course also be set up in other variants, e.g. over corner or offset to the side.
Both floors have a playing floor, which by removing individual slats to a slatted base
can be repurposed. We have installed a few additional boards as storage or failure protection.
The bed is suitable for mattresses of size 90x190 cm.
Length: 200 cm
Width: 100 cm
Total height: 220 cm

In addition to the bed, there is a corner element.
Length: 103 cm
Width: 97 cm
It can be attached to the bed and has the possibility to insert a drawer.
We didn't build it, so there's no photo of it.
The photo from the Gullibo brochure shows one of many combination sme.
The original setup instructions are available.
- all beams and boards solid wood pine oiled
- Steering wheel
- Climbing rope
- small winch
- Sail (not original)
- 2 large drawers
- 2 play floors
- Corner element with slot option for drawer.

The decoration or mattress on display in the picture is not part of the offer.

The pirate bed is set up in Darmstadt and is to be taken up on site in return for cash.
Price: €660.00
We are a non-smoking household!
As this is a private sale, the sale is carried out as usual without warranty-,
Guarantee or redemption obligation.


The bed is sold. Thank you for your service!
I am sorry for all the many interested parties who have unfortunately run out of money.

Gullibo Adventure Bed + Corner Element (second hand bunk bed)

You have been searching patiently for a while now but to no avail?

Have you already considered buying a new Billi-Bolli bed instead? When you no longer need it, you too can use our successful Secondhand Page, completely free of charge. Thanks to the high resale value of our beds, you will get a good return on your purchase even after many years of use. For this reason, a new Billi-Bolli bed is, economically speaking, a very good investment.
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