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Second hand

Pre-owned kids’ beds and kids’ furniture

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Cheap bolli baby grid 139cm wide (Offer 288)

Published: 07 January 2009 (second hand bunk bed)

individually, oiled with 2 slip sprouts, for front for bunk bed between the ladder and corner posts including fastening parts and locking for quick attachment. Grid can be removed with locking without a tool within a few seconds. For a complete grid set, 2 grids are still to be purchased on the face (at that time 31 EUR). We want to keep them ourselves. Normal signs of use.

NP (2004): EUR 46 now for EUR 18 for pickup. Location: Dachau

Cheap bolli baby grid 139cm wide (second hand bunk bed)

Billi-Bolli with growing high bed (Offer 287)

Published: 20 December 2008 (second hand loft bed)

90x200 cm pine item No. 220
Honey treated amber

The bed is 3 years old and well preserved except for slight signs of use.

It consists of:
slatted frame
Steering wheel
Sick beams
Rocking plate with hemp rope
Rocking seat Chilly
1 additional protective board for the front (is not mounted on the picture)
Purchase board 90 cm
Kl. shelves

Building instructions are available.

The bed can be sold with mattress.

Price € 800.00 without decoration

Pick up in 38446 Wolfsburg

Billi-Bolli with growing high bed (second hand loft bed)

Che-Bolli bed boxes (Offer 286)

Published: 15 December 2008 (second hand loft bed)

After we have converted our son's sloping bed into a real high bed (Thank you Billi-Bolli for the simple conversion kit!), there is unfortunately no room for the drawers:

2 x bed box
-Pine oil wax nature
-about 2 years old
-good to very good condition (see photo)
-with a bed box subdivision (this means four equal compartments)
-Dimensions: B: 90.0 x T: 85.0 x H: 23.0 (or H: 20.0 without wheels)
-Four smooth rolls per drawer box are included
-Article number 300 and 302
- http://www.billi-bolli.de/index.php?action=zubehoer

Price: EUR 195,--(preferably self-collectors)

We are an animal-free non-smoking budget

Location: Greater Hamburg (we live south of the Elbe)

Che-Bolli bed boxes (second hand loft bed)

Knight's Breading Breading spruce (Offer 285)

Published: 09 December 2008 (second hand kids’ furniture)

Knight's castle board 90 cm, for front, unused, light pressure points
Knight's castle stone 102 cm, stir-sided, unused
Spruce, with oil wax surface

New price £165.00, now £110.00

These Knight's Burgboard boards are sold on behalf of the customer.
Since the customer lives in Austria, the boards are sent by us (or picked up with us), payment is made directly to the customer.

Knight's Breading Breading spruce (second hand kids’ furniture)

Original Billi-Bolli pirating bed (Offer 284)

Published: 06 December 2008 (second hand bunk bed)

In 2004, we opted for a high-sea pirate ship. We were often on the high seas and had

Enjoy the Billi-Bolli bunk bed.

Our boys now both get their own children's room and therefore we separate from our ship with a heavy heart.
We offer a used and well-preserved, super stable low-cost golli bunk bed with the following accessories:

2 drawer boxes (not original but still suitable ...)
1 wall shelf board (unfortunately not so recognizable in the picture)
1 crane (is broken down on the lower bed
1 steering wheel (above)
4 foam cushions (new covers make sense)
Protective boards for the top (pirate boards)
Protective grille for stairs above (to hang)
2 dolphins and 1 seahorse

Without mattresses,

The bed is located in Hemsbach on Bergstrasse (near Heidelberg) and can be picked up there. Descriptions no longer exist! Therefore, it makes sense for the bed to be dismantled by the buyer.

New price €1,700.00 (invoice still available)

We would like to have €950.00 left

Original Billi-Bolli pirating bed (second hand bunk bed)

rocking horse (Offer 283)

Published: 06 December 2008 (second hand kids’ furniture)

Stable execution, with mane and tail

New, instead of £98.00 now £75.00

rocking horse (second hand kids’ furniture)

Original Billi-Bolli with growing high bed (Offer 282)

Published: 02 December 2008 (second hand loft bed)

Whether as an adventure bed for romping or as a romantic bed for teen princesses ... Flexible as the beds of Billi-Bolli are, they take part in every change from childhood to teenage age. At almost 14 years old, our daughter now separates from her bed
Who protected them for 8 years.

The bed has normal signs of use and is well preserved, only our pet has immortalised itself on a prop because he also wanted to sleep in the Cheap Bolli bed. But since we also live in Ottenhofen, an exchange directly at Billi-Bolli is not a problem if necessary.

We sell needed:

1 original Billi-Bolli growing high bed, spruce oiled,

Various construction possibilities as standard, midi, high bed or four-poster bed (such as photo)
Including the following accessories:

Rust and Prolana mattress 90 x 200 cm,

Wheel, rope with rocking plate, curtain rails for 3 sides

VP: £500

Original Billi-Bolli with growing high bed (second hand loft bed)

Growing high bed, spruce (Offer 281)

Published: 24 November 2008, sold: 25 November 2008 (second hand loft bed)

With long feet of student high bed,
Honey/amber oil treatment,
Ladder on the front
Date of purchase 2005, 1 year in use
Protective boards for top floor
Kojenboards in orange
Pagiconcrated conductoris
Lat grate and mattress, 90x200cm
Curtain rod set and curtains

New price approx: 1,200 euros
Sale price: 650 euros

Growing high bed, spruce (second hand loft bed)

Original Gullibo Bed Model # 124 (Offer 280)

Published: 24 November 2008, sold: 25 November 2008 (second hand kids’ furniture)

It is with a heavy heart that we give off our great Gullibobett.
The bed is in good condition and has only slight signs of use.
It is offset by corner to build (optionally lower bed right or left), as well as can be built on top of each other.
-2 slatted rust with a mattress
-4 cushions (new covers)
-2 bed boxes
-1 steering wheel
-a gr. Beams with climbing rope
-Construction instructions

The wood is naturally darkened, non-smoking.
Pick-up at Steinbach/Taunus, 8 km from Frankfurt am Main.
Our sale price is €550.


The following day we sold our bed. Please take the ad off the internet.
Thank you very much

Original Gullibo Bed Model # 124 (second hand kids’ furniture)

Gullibobett (Offer 279)

Published: 07 November 2008 (second hand kids’ furniture)

The Gullibobett enchants your children's room with an adventure playground. Gullibo is the answer to boring and unsafe beds. Gullibo promotes your child's spiritual and physical development. A bed for adventurers and pirates that every treasure hunter is envied in. Whoever has space picks it up for the grandchildren.

Gullibo Activities Center # 205, September 1993
Custom order bed total 230 cm (+ 10 cm)
Including slatted rust, protective board and loading savior
90x200 cm mattress measure-without mattress
2 crane beams for climbing rope or rocking plate
1 climbing rope made of natural hemp, signs of use
1 sailing ship tax
1 ladder, right or left attachment possible
Maintenance good, normal signs of use, no stickers, wood heavily darkened,
In the meantime, it has been converted into a four-poster bed, so there are some additional screws (bracket f. curtain rods!)
More accessories can be obtained from www.billi-bolli.de

Price: £460
For self-pickers,
Location is the state of Brandenburg-
City of Hennigsdorf-Stolpe-Süd district (b. Berlin; North)
Bed has already been dismantled
Sale is made excluding warranty

Gullibobett (second hand kids’ furniture)

You have been searching patiently for a while now but to no avail?

Have you already considered buying a new Billi-Bolli bed instead? When you no longer need it, you too can use our successful Secondhand Page, completely free of charge. Thanks to the high resale value of our beds, you will get a good return on your purchase even after many years of use. For this reason, a new Billi-Bolli bed is, economically speaking, a very good investment.

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