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Pre-owned kids’ beds and kids’ furniture

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Gullibo bunk bed sit-offset (Offer 417)

Published: 21 January 2010, sold: 22 January 2010 (second hand bunk bed)

We sell our original Gullibo pirate bed, No 123 + additional material for the cot (here are some parts missing)
For our children, it was wonderful sleeping and playground. The bed is in very good condition with the usual signs of use.
Dimensions: About width 100cm, length 200cm, height 220cm

All plans for the construction (right-/links over-eck/right-/left left side (pictured)) are in place.
Accessories and part of the offer:
-2 fixed play floors
-2 drawers
-1 sprout ladder
-1 steering wheel
-4 red plaid mattress parts (if desired)
-2 mattresses (if desired)
-Swing bar with climbing rope

It is no longer completely constructed, but as a single bed. For non-Gullibo eardeners, joint mining can take place to facilitate the construction.
The bed is located in Bregenz (Austria) on Lake Constance.
Price: €700

As this is a private sale, the sale is as usual without warranty, warranty or redemption obligations.


Thank you for working together smoothly. The bed is already sold and will hopefully bring Paul and his family as much joy as we do.
Many greetings from Bregenz

Gullibo bunk bed sit-offset (second hand bunk bed)

Oiginal GULLIBO Seerber Bed (Offer 416)

Published: 18 January 2010, sold: 28 January 2010 (second hand loft bed)

For many years our GULLIBO children's furniture has brought us a lot of pleasure. Now both children are grown out of the pirate age. That's why we offer everything for sale.
The bed is in good condition and knows normal signs of use. It was in a non-smoking household. The bed has been down for some time, the wardrobe is still standing. The furniture is set in a heated room.
Since this is a private sale, there is no warranty, warranty, guarantee or redemption obligation.

-GULLIBO sea robber bed with steering wheel and sail, beams for climbing rope (NP 1395,-DM)
-Game floor (NP 65,-DM)
-Foam mattress (NP 298,-DM)
-High bed desk, adjustable, 63 x 91 cm (NP 296,-DM)
-High bed shelf, 91cm wide, 40cm high (NP 159,-DM)
-Several extra pens and slats for conversion into a simple high bed (NP approx. 100,-DM)
-Wardrobe, solid pine, 2 cassette doors, 4 indoors, 1 rack, 120 x 180 x 60 cm (BxHxT) (NP 1489,-DM)

The furniture is located in Pliening near Munich. Pickup.
NP ca 1900,-€
VP 850 when picking up in cash


Our bed is sold!

Oiginal GULLIBO Seerber Bed (second hand loft bed)

GULLIBO Adventure Bed (Offer 415)

Published: 15 January 2010 (second hand adventure bed)

We sell our used GULLIBO adventure bed. It is in good condition with the usual signs of use.

For equipment:
Gullibo adventure bed in solid jaw, about 210 cm x 100 cm x 220 cm (LxBxH),
1 sleeping level, 1 level of play, steering wheel, 2 bed boxes, ladder, 2 swing beams and 2 protective grids.

Pick up in 61440 Oberursel, about 20 km from Frankfurt.
Price: 450 euros


... and is already sold. Thank you very much.

GULLIBO Adventure Bed (second hand adventure bed)

Gullibo Activity Center (Offer 414)

Published: 12 January 2010 (second hand kids’ bed)

I would like to offer a used Gullibo cot.
Activity center, Art-No. 205 with corner element above, art. no. 132
Complete with all beams, screws, long ladder, climbing rope and steering wheel.
Unfortunately, all Digiphotos are deleted and the bed is broken down (our son is 13 and no longer wants a cot!)
It corresponds to the enclosed sketch but without lower bed boxes.
The new price was approx. DM 2800,-. The wood is untreated and darkened accordingly. Also in the sleeping area some bars have been 'beauellied' with crayons. It is certainly not a problem to grind this.
Price presentation: Euro 850,-. Pick-up is possible directly in Hanover. The bed can be shipped in Germany for a flat rate of Euro 80.00.


Our used Gullibo bed, your offer No. 391, has been sold. Thank you for the opportunity to promote! Greeting from Hanover

Gullibo Activity Center (second hand kids’ bed)

Original Gullibo Pirate Bed (Offer 413)

Published: 12 January 2010 (second hand kids’ furniture)

We are selling an original Gullibo pirate bed - a great game - and sleeping room for children! The bed is in good condition with the usual signs of use.
Dimensions: width of approx. 100cm, length 200cm, height 220cm.

Accessories to it:
-2 fixed game shelves.
-2 drawers (one is missing in the photos)
-1 ladder.
-1 steering wheel.
-1 red Plaid sail roof.
-Swing beam with climbing rope.
. Accessories available on request, such as desk, Bookshelf...

The bed is 32584 wages, district of Herford (close to A2/A30), and is mined on the 8.1.

Price: €500.
Because it is a private sale, as usual is sold without warranty, guarantee, or take-back obligations.


Incredible--even one hour after publication of the advertisement the crucial call came. And even in our area! The bed is sold.

Original Gullibo Pirate Bed (second hand kids’ furniture)

Billi-Bolli high pirate bed 140 x 200 cm (Offer 412)

Published: 11 January 2010 (second hand loft bed)

Das Kinderzimmer unseres Sohnes soll umgestaltet werden. In diesem Zusammenhang möchten wir uns von dem schönen Billi-Bolli-Hochbett trennen.

Wir haben es vor 5 Jahren erstanden und würden es auf Wunsch gemeinsam mit einem Selbstabholer abbauen und verladen (3.Stock). Die Rutsche sowie einige Kojenbretter haben wir schon vor einiger Zeit demontiert. Das Bett ist in einem sehr gutem Zustand und weist keine nennenswerten Schäden auf. Auf der Rutsche befinden sich einige Aufkleber, die sich aber sicherlich annähernd rückstandsfrei entfernen lassen. Wie alle Billi-Bolli-Betten lässt sich der Aufbau noch variieren, d.h. Rutsche, Kletterseil, Regale und Sprossenwand können auch an anderen Positionen montiert werden. Dokumentation ist kpl. vorhanden.

Ausstattung :
Hochbett, unbehandelt, 140 x 200 cm
Lattenrost, Haltegriffe
Kletterseil mit Schaukelteller
Kleines Regal
Großes Regal
2 x Mäusebrett Verkleidung 140 cm/102 cm
2 x Kojenbrett Verkleidung 140 cm/102 cm

Der Neupreis betrug 1.560,- € (ohne Versand), unsere Preisvorstellung liegt bei 975,- € (Selbstabholung in Elmshorn bei Hamburg)


...das bed is sold!

Billi-Bolli high pirate bed 140 x 200 cm (second hand loft bed)Billi-Bolli high pirate bed 140 x 200 cm (second hand loft bed)

Billi Bolli sparse Loft bed (Offer 411)

Published: 11 January 2010, sold: 15 January 2010 (second hand loft bed)

Billi Bolli sparse high bed, rebuilt as a four poster bed.
Year: End 1999 condition: good.
Material: Waxed pine.
Mattress size: 90/200, incl. roll.

The bed can be rebuilt if necessary as a bunk bed with swing (cable and dish), the ladder is frontal. .

Price: 350 euro.
Location: 85435 Erding.

The bed is degraded with the buyer together, exists an assembly instructions.


...vielen thanks for setting. The bed was sold on Friday.

Billi Bolli sparse Loft bed (second hand loft bed)

GULLIBO Adventure Bed (Offer 410)

Published: 07 January 2010, sold: 08 January 2010 (second hand adventure bed)

We sell our used GULLIBO adventure bed with a heavy heart because our girls now get your own nursery and beds.

Gullibo adventure bed made of solid pine, 211 cm x 102 cm x 228 cm (Lxwxh), with slide 190 cm longer (they can be grown but also sideways)
2 bedroom levels 200 x 90 cm (with reinforced slatted frame without mattresses)-driven boom with hanging Chair, slide, steering wheel, 2 bunks, head with additional grab handles.

The bed has wear and is in good condition.
We have an animal-free non-smoking household.
The bed is mined with the buyer together, which is also helpful for building. We will assist with loading in the car (we live on the ground floor)

Location: Darmstadt.
Price: 930 EURO VB.
The bed can be seen of course before.


... thank you very much for your second-hand market service, the bed was sold within a day, and still interested for it call it.
Them continued success with Billi Bolli, and good health for the year 2010.

GULLIBO Adventure Bed (second hand adventure bed)

Climbing rope with rocking plate (Offer 409)

Published: 05 January 2010, sold: 06 January 2010 (second hand kids’ furniture)

We sell a climbing rope (natural hemp Art.-No. 320) with a suitable rocking plate (pine oiled Art.-No. 360K-02). Bought in 04/2008, very good condition.
Price €33 when picking up at 85622 field churches, on shipping as a package + €7.

Climbing rope with rocking plate (second hand kids’ furniture)

Che-Bolli pirate bed (high bed) (Offer 408)

Published: 22 December 2009, sold: 22 December 2009 (second hand loft bed)

Hello Billi-Bolli fans,
Heavy hearts we have to part with our super-great adventure bed pirate because of moves.
It is in very good condition and has only minor signs of use.

It consists of:

Bunk bed spruce 100 x 200 cm, honey paints oiled.
Include. 2 latte rust,
Protective boards with portholes for top floor.
Slide, ladder, fall protection,
Protective board for the bed below,
Curtain bar set for 3 sides, steering wheel,
Dolphin, seahorse and bottle train (new)

Orig. Construction instructions and list of pieces
The bed was purchased in April 2005 by us as a first-time owner
And was only used by one child to sleep.

New price was: €1400
Sale price: 850.00 when pick-up in cash

Pick up in 72793 Pfullingen, about 40 km south of Stuttgart
The bed is already broken down and accurately labeled and with
Orig. Installation


The bed has already been sold and also picked up! :-)

Che-Bolli pirate bed (high bed) (second hand loft bed)

You have been searching patiently for a while now but to no avail?

Have you already considered buying a new Billi-Bolli bed instead? When you no longer need it, you too can use our successful Secondhand Page, completely free of charge. Thanks to the high resale value of our beds, you will get a good return on your purchase even after many years of use. For this reason, a new Billi-Bolli bed is, economically speaking, a very good investment.

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