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Second hand

Pre-owned kids’ beds and kids’ furniture

Your kid’s bed is no longer needed? You are welcome to resell your used kid’s furniture and accessories directly on this highly frequented site. This is a free service for Billi-Bolli products that you originally purchased new from us.

If you would like to resell Billi-Bolli products that you bought pre-owned on this site, then we take a € 60 fee, which will be fully donated to our charity projects.

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  • The offers on our second hand page have been translated automatically and therefore may contain translation errors. We take no responsibilities for these errors or the misunderstandings arising from them. Please visit the second hand page on our German website to view the offers in their original language.

  • Billi-Bolli Kindermöbel is not involved in the resulting resales. Whether an offer is reasonably priced or not must therefore be determined by the interested party (see Resale price recommendation). Such an assessment cannot be derived from the fact that the item is placed on our Second hand page.

  • We take no responsibility for the information posted by customers about kids’ furniture for resale as we are unable to verify them.

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Growing adventure high bed for small sailors

Offer 3618. Published: 02 July 2019 (second hand loft bed)

Our children have grown out of the age of seafarers... so we now separate ourselves from our growing bunk bed
consisting of:
• a bunk bed 100 x 200cm, jaw untreated (was oiled by us with an supplied oil wax treatment), incl. slatted base, protective boards for upper floor, handles
L: 211cm, W: 112cm, H: 228.5cm
Ladder position A
Cover caps: wood colours
Flooring pims: 20mm
• Crane beams offset outward, pine
• Berth board 150cm oiled for front
• Berth board 112 on the face, oiled M-width 100cm
• Steering wheel, jaw oiled
• Fishing net (protective net) - used for the other end face as an additional fall protection/parapet replacement

(not included is the mattress)

The bed is generally well preserved and sometimes knows the usual signs of use (no scribbles, no stickers, just a few smaller dents in the wooden beam directly in the sleeping area).
Photos of these small traces of usage can be sent by email on request to document the small extent.

The bed was built at the end of October 2009 by us as first-time buyers and then only rebuilt in the sense of the growing height.

Due to the "overwidth" of 1.00m, the bed is safe and stable. Since we had not attached anything to the boom, from our point of view the attachment to the wall was not necessary.
We also found the width to be advantageous, as it can be read more relaxed comforting and reading with 10cm:-).
The bed is still standing and would be dismantled together with us and the buyer, which facilitates the later construction.
Only the steering wheel was dismantled a year ago, but is of course included in the purchase price with all necessary fastening materials (see extra photo).
Under the bed there is room to play. It is also possible to place a common mattress with 90 width in the lower space.

The purchase price without mattress and shipping costs was 1066-€, we would like to have 500,-€ (VB) for it.
The original invoice as well as the assembly instructions as well as all accessories are still available and included in the purchase price.

Will be a pet-free non-smoking household.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Additional photos can be sent directly by email on request.
A visit is also generally possible.

Location: Dortmund


Dear Billi Bolli Team,
Yesterday we sold our bed to a family whose son fulfills a long-awaited wish. We are especially pleased to be able to give it to someone who appreciates this bed as much as we did.
Contact with the buyer came within the first hours after publication via your site.
Thank you for your support with your service in selling!

The Feldhoff family

Growing adventure high bed for small sailors (second hand loft bed)

High bed growing (2nd hand)

Offer 3617. Published: 01 July 2019 (second hand loft bed)

Our son separates - now unfortunately - from his beloved Billi-Bolli-Hochbett 90 x 200 cm:

Jaw waxed incl.
• 1 original slatted base,
• 1 Schlaraffia mattress (01/2016; NP 399 Euro; lies down in bed),
• 2.5 furniture pallets (lying down in bed),
• 1 beanbag,
• 1 rainbow bow,
• Curtains.

We bought the bed (without mattresses and furniture pallets, incl. accessories above) in October 2013 from 1st hand for 550 euros also via this Billi-Bolli secondhand side and were therefore highly satisfied.
For the last year and a half our son has slept downstairs, which is why we have installed the furniture pallets and the mattress as a lower bunk bed. He slept very well on it. But it can be used, for example, just as well as as a cuddle cave.
Unfortunately, as can be seen in the photo, we could not stretch the rainbow bow due to space constraints, but we gave it back to the bed, as we bought it with him. The same applies to the beanbag and curtains.
The bed is in a good, used condition and has traces of use on three beams, but they have been "healed" (sanded and re-treated) and do not impede their use.
We are a non-smoking household without pets.

The bed has already been dismantled and is available for pick-up in room 72622 for self-collectors for cash.
The purchase price is 400 Euros incl. the above mentioned accessories. The assembly instructions are also included.
We would be very happy if everything would serve another child for many years to come and be as good as our son!


Live Billi Bolli Children's Furniture Team,

This afternoon we were able to hand over our secondhand bed to a lucky next owner who bought it for his young son.
Thank you very much for your support in posting our sales advertisement on your website!

Yours sincerely
Family Hoppe

High bed growing (2nd hand) (second hand loft bed)

Three-bed-over-corner type 2A, pine honey-colored oiled, 90 x 200

Offer 3616. Published: 01 July 2019 (second hand bunk bed)

Because our three children are now so old that each gets his own room
we sell with a heavy heart our ingenious BILLI-BOLLI triple bed:

Originally purchased in September 2012 as a two-person bunk bed, we expanded it to a triple bunk bed in September 2016.

• Three-person bunk bed over-corner variant type 2A
• Pine solid, honey-coloured oiled
• Mattress size 90 x 200 cm
• growing (lying heights are variable), expandable
• can also be mirrored (ladder left instead of right)

• Slatted grate made of beech (rolled up for transport),
• Protective boards
• Curtain rod set
• Swing beams
• Covers (wood-coloured)
• Assembly instructions
• Original invoices
• a bottle of sparkling wine (the bottle supplied by BILLI-BOLLI at that time is drunk, we provide adequate replacement)

The bed is in perfect condition (no "paintings" or stickers) and shows only the usual traces of usage. The wood is naturally darkened. The bed is still built and can be visited in Bamberg. Tackling the dismantling is welcome and may also help the new owner to make the construction in his own four walls faster. Alternatively, we can pass it mined. We are a non-smoking household and do not have pets. To self-collectors. Without mattresses and curtains.

Purchase price for the two-person bunk bed in September 2012: 1,553.00 euro
Purchase price for the extension to the triple bunk bed in September 2016: 844.00 Euro
Total: 2397.00 Euro

Our price presentation according to the sales recommendation of BILLI-BOLLI: 1,500,00 Euro


Dear Billi-Bolli-Team,

our beautiful bed has found a new family and will move soon.
Thank you very much for the great secondhand service! In a way, this is the icing on the cake at BILLI-BOLLI.

Agnes Brandner

Three-bed-over-corner type 2A, pine honey-colored oiled, 90 x 200 (second hand bunk bed)

Co-growing high bed

Offer 3615. Published: 01 July 2019 (second hand loft bed)

We sell a growing Knight's Castle high bed with a separate slide tower, which was much loved by our son.
We bought the bed -NEW- in October 2006 from Billi-Bolli. All parts are beech oil wax treated. The quality of
Billi-Bolli is undisputed and very durable. Quality about which we don't have to write any more!
The bed was only used by our son and is in very good condition (no stickers and not painted).
He preferred to sleep in his cave. It was built only once. The bed was dismantled after creating the pictures.
We are an animal-free non-smoking household.
The bed (including slatted base for top) has now cost EUR 2,250,00 without shipping including the knight's castle boards.
The Rtterburg boards are also on the back
Our price range is EUR 800.00. Sale to self-collectors. Sale as shown including slatted base - but without mattresses, pillows, blankets ...

We hope the bed finds a new adventurous castle dweller or castle dweller.

Outdoor dimensions knight's bed:
Width 209cm / height 190cm / depth 107cm
Gallows height 228
External dimensions slide tower:
Width 60cm / height 195cm / depth 54cm

The knight's castle boards turn the adventure bed into a knight's castle. For real kings and queens, robber knights and princesses.

Knight's castle boards on both sides

Price presentation EUR 800.00 for self-collectors

65321 Heidenrod


Dear team,
Thank you very much for the great service.
You can take the bed from your website, as the first order was received less than two hours later.
Thank you and kind regards, Family Matti

Co-growing high bed (second hand loft bed)

Bunk bed

Offer 3614. Published: 01 July 2019 (second hand bunk bed)

We sell the Billi-Bolli bunk bed 100x200 cm, H: 228,5 cm in spruce solidly oiled (art.-no. 231 F-A01, new price was 05/2010: 1543,99 € ). The bed is 9 years old and in good condition, with normal signs of use, including the following accessories:

• Climbing rope
• Crane beams
• 2 x bed box
• 2 x slatted base
• Assembly instructions

We live in a non-smoking household and do not have pets.
As a price we have imagined 770,00 €.
The bed is available for collection at 68519 Viernheim.

The original invoice, assembly instructions and all parts for the installation or conversion according to the different sizes or ages are available.
This is a private sale, so as usual no warranty, warranty or redemption claims are possible.


Dear Billi-Bolli-Team,
Thank you for the quick release of our ad!
The bed is already sold.
Yours sincerely
M. Place

Bunk bed (second hand bunk bed)

Co-growing high bed

Offer 3613. Published: 01 July 2019 (second hand loft bed)

Bunk bed with growing 90 x 190 cm, pine oiled

Now comes the youth room and the beautiful high bed has to come out!
The bed is in good condition.
(No stickers or paint)

Newly purchased at Billi-Bolli 2010

For self-de-removal by 2 people at pick-up.
Then the individual parts can be labelled as desired.

• Accessories: Climbing rope
Rocking plate
Steering wheel
Curtain poles
small shelf
Berthboards (2 pcs.)
Slatted slats
Climbing carabiner (fast rope removal possible)

Purchase price without shipping costs: 1,249€
Price presentation: gladly to be handed in for 620.- €
Location: 81825 Munich

Non-smoking and petless household.
invoice and setup instructions are available.


we have already sold our bed.
Thanks for the great secondhand service.
Greetings Miriam Modjesch

Co-growing high bed (second hand loft bed)

Co-growing high bed

Offer 3612. Published: 01 July 2019 (second hand loft bed)

We would like to sell our loft bed. It served us well and was a faithful companion, but now new times start ;-)

Growing bunk bed 100 x 190, pine white glazed from end of 2015 for sale:

We offer our Billi-Bolli from 1st hand for sale:

Jaw white glazed
Incl. slatted slats, protective boards and handles
Handle bars and rungs oiled in beech

External dimensions: length 201 cm, width 112 cm, height 228.5

Additional equipment:
- Small bed shelf, pine white glazed
- Climbing rope made of cotton, length 2.50 m
- Rocking plate beech oiled
- red sail

The bed is very well preserved except for a small scratch, is fully preserved for all conversion stages.

We have raised the bed only once one step.
We live in a non-smoking household and without pets.

The bed cost in the original price 1507,- €, we would sell it according to the recommendation of the experts for 1000,- €.

Interested parties can come by arrangement for a visit to the west of Cologne.

Co-growing high bed (second hand loft bed)

Bunk bed

Offer 3611. Published: 01 July 2019 (second hand loft bed)

We would like to pass on our bunk bed.

Bunk bed, untreated, 90 x 200 cm
incl. slatted slats, protective boards for upper floor, handle
Small shelf untreated
Acquired in 2003
Price €655.62

Extended with conversion set 621010F to bunk bed
with curtain rod set
Acquired in 2005
Price 166.-- €

Due to the still untreated condition
the bed can be prepared well if necessary.
It is in a normal state of use

As VHB we imagine 240 €.
Location is in Kraichtal.


Thank you dear Billi-Bolli-Team,
we have our bed today to a nice
Family sold.
Fam. Müller

Bunk bed (second hand loft bed)

Co-growing high bed

Offer 3610. Published: 01 July 2019 (second hand loft bed)

Due to the move, our daughter separates from her Billi-Bolli adventure bed in beech solid, oiled.
Purchased May 2014.

Other information:
- Bunk bed 90 x 200 cm
- Berth boards for a long and a short side
- small shelf
- Climbing rope made of cotton and rocking plate
- Curtain rod set, if necessary with curtains
The bed is in very good condition and is still being built up at the moment. Only to self-collectors.

New price was 1725,- €
Our VP: €1,100.00

We would also add the appropriate mattress "Nele Plus".
Our VP: €200.00
Look forward to your enquiries.
Location: Hamburg

The original invoice, assembly instructions and all parts for the installation or conversion according to the different sizes or ages are available.


Dear Billi-Bolli-Team,

Our bed is sold!
Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart!

Family Csepregi

Co-growing high bed (second hand loft bed)

Slide tower including slide

Offer 3609. Published: 25 June 2019 (slide for loft bed)

We sell our Billi Bolli slide with slide, solid in beech, oiled.
Purchased at the end of 2010, but only 4 years in use. 
(Wg. Separation and change of residence) . Stored dry ever since.

Is in very good condition. No color sticking with Eding and Co. or other quirks.. ;)
New price was at the end of 2010: 720.-€
VP: 290,-€
Location: Vienna

The original invoice, assembly instructions and all parts for the installation or conversion according to the different sizes or ages are available.

Contact details

Familie Bednarsch

Slide tower including slide (slide for loft bed)

You have been searching patiently for a while now but to no avail?

Have you already considered buying a new Billi-Bolli bed instead? When you no longer need it, you too can use our successful Secondhand Page, completely free of charge. Thanks to the high resale value of our beds, you will get a good return on your purchase even after many years of use. For this reason, a new Billi-Bolli bed is, economically speaking, a very good investment.
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